Fethiye Airport Transfers From Dalaman 2020

Fethiye airport transfers concern travelers who want to enjoy a lovely vacation in the beaches and bays of Fethiye. If you are one of those travelers, you probably want to dive into that dark blue sea as soon as possible; that is why, you may wonder how to reach the sea side quickly when you land to Fethiye Airport.

1-3 People Price: £ 35 (More Than 3 People Price: £ 40) The price can be applied with at least three tours/activities booking.

Only Transfer price one way is 40-45 gbp, round trip is 70-80 gbp

*You can pay as GBP, USD, EUR, TL based on the daily exchange rate.

Amenities: Mercedes Vito Mini Van, Free Wi-Fi, Insurance

The distance between Dalaman Airport and Fethiye city centre is only 60 minutes by private transfer. But the trip takes up to 2 hours by bus.

Easy Fethiye Airport Transfer Reservation

    Where is the nearest airport to Fethiye?

    Fethiye Airport TransfersFirstly, contrary to what is generally known, there is no airport called “Fethiye Airport” in Mugla province.

    The nearest airport to Fethiye is Dalaman Airport and the distance from Dalaman Airport to Fethiye is 45 km.

    Thus, here come the next questions: How to get from Dalaman Airport to Fethiye? What are your options and what are the differences between them?

    To learn all of them and have the chance to make comparison, you can read the guide that we have prepared for you.

    Get a Transfer Service from Dalaman to Fethiye

    Combine the speed and comfort with moderate prices to create the fourth option: Getting a transfer from Dalaman Airport to Fethiye.

    In a car, there will be only you (on your own or with your family, friends etc.) and the driver. Also, your baggage will be safe, away from getting crushed by others’ during your ride.

    This is the general look of the transfer system; yet, there are many agencies that provide this service, and you may get confused about picking one of them. This is totally normal, since you try to make the best Fethiye travel pack; and with our help, you surely will.

    Pros of Our Transfer Service from Dalaman Airport

    To be able to have the best transfer service from Dalaman Airport to Fethiye, you can trust in our Fethiye airport transfers and vehicles. Indeed, you have many reasons to do it so; therefore, let’s see what you can expect from us.

    1) Forget about the exhaustion

    We know that you have arrived after a long time of a flight and you probably smolder to reach to your hotel to get rest a little bit. Thus, we will pick you up from the airport by our vehicle with comfortable seats and large interior design.

    During our 90-minute-ride from Dalaman Airport to Fethiye you can rest as much as possible without the noise of the crowd. Also, we have an air conditioner and free Wi-Fi to make you feel at home.

    2) Safety is first

    Speaking of the car, we should highlight the fact that what is more important than comfort is safety; to provide that, the monthly technical maintenance of our cars have been done. Also, you will surely have the insurance.

    3) 90 minutes mean 90 minutes

    When you land to Fethiye Airport, you will not wait in a line to get in a vehicle because of the crowd; or the absence of the driver.

    We have the sense of responsibility, and we will respect to the exhaustion that you suffer. At the exact time you want us, we will be there to pick you up and bring to your hotel.

    Thus, the duration of our ride from Dalaman to Fethiye will take approximately 90 minutes, as we promise.

    4) Easy to book

    To purchase the best Fethiye airport transfers service from us, you do not need to deal with endless policies; you can simply book it online from our website. Or, before booking, you can contact us to get more information, we will help you willingly.

    5) The experience

    We are a passionate travel agency that have a lot of experiences in this field. We unite these to create new destinations and services to make our travelers satisfied; that is why, we have many positive comments on our services, which you can use them as references if you need.

    How to Get from Dalaman Airport to Fethiye?

    Simply, there are four ways to arrive from Dalaman Airport:

    1. Muttas
    2. Havas
    3. The taxis
    4. Private airport transfer

    All of them are at your service. Nevertheless, you should know which one of them suits for your interests better.

    Your first option is to use MUTTAS

    It is a transportation system with a municipal basis. Vehicles of MUTTAS consists of buses. On the route between Dalaman Airport to Fethiye, there are other stops that allow the travelers to get off, and it approximately takes more than 1 and a half hour to arrive.

    The price of a seat is around 25 Turkish Liras. However, the cheapness comes with an intense crowd; and this, unfortunately, means the lack of comfort and quality of service: There are many complaints of the fulness of the buses.

    When it is considered that your holiday will probably be in summer, the most popular time period of this town, there is no escape from this misfortune. Thus, if your priority is to be comfortable as much as possible, MUTTAS is clearly not the best option for you.

    As the second option, Havas

    Havas is a system that means Airport System and it consists of shuttle buses from different districts of Mugla to the airport; as an example, from Dalaman Airport to Fethiye. Again, the price of getting in to Havas is around 25 Turkish Liras; and it is as popular as MUTTAS, unfortunately.

    In summer, this lovely city is a favorite destination of Turkey for both of local and foreign tourists, and this situation surely reflects to the beaches, bays, hotels, and of course, Havas.

    Addition to the crowd, this time, there is also extended period of time during the travel. The general complaint about Havas is the wasted time on the road, because it can take hours to get where you want to go. Therefore, if you do not want to junk any minute of your perfect holiday, you need to select an option which does not steal your time.

    The third one is taxi

    One of the most popular options of transportation all around the world is the taxi, and you can find many of them in Dalaman Fethiye Airport. This option is obviously more comfortable than being in a bus, or it is faster, because it goes directly to where you want.

    Yet, it will cost you a lot of money, especially when you calculate 45 kms; and you may want to save money to spend it later in restaurants, cafes, pubs, clubs, beach clubs or else.

    Surely, there is another option which is more economic than taxi, and also, capable of fulfilling your desires of being comfortable and fast.

    To conclude, to be able to start one of the best vacations in your life, you can trust our transfer service. When you get to your hotel with a comfortable, safe car and a sincere driver, you will feel the high success of your first step in your Fethiye journey.

    If you want to pursue this good outcome and satisfaction, you can also trust in us for planning the rest of your Fethiye vacation. For further information, you can always contact us without hesitation.