Kusadasi Transfers From Izmir Airport 2020

Kusadasi Transfers from Izmir Airport is one of the most searched information by travelers who plan to have a nice vacation on the beaches and bays of beautiful Aegean sides of Turkey.

1-3 People Price: £ 35 (More Than 3 People Price: £ 40)

*You can pay as GBP, USD, EUR, TL based on the daily exchange rate.

Amenities: Mercedes Vito Mini Van, Free Wi-Fi, Insurance

The distance between Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport and Kusadasi city centre is only 60 minutes by private transfer. But the trip takes 2 hours by bus.

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    Where is the nearest airport to Kusadasi?

    Kusadasi Airport Transfer 2020 - Izmir Airport Transfer to KusadasiThere is no airport here like “Kusadasi Airport”: The nearest airport to Kusadasi is in Izmir.

    This holiday town, among them, with its natural beauty, golden sands and pure sea, has always been successful at getting the attention of the tourists; and that is why, transportation to Kusadasi is a very important issue.

    Since there are many ways to arrive, choosing one of them may be a little bit confusing and hard.

    At that point, you are lucky if you plan to visit of this tiny paradise, since we have a guide to help you about your decision by providing some basic information about different options of your road trip.

    How to Get from Izmir to Kusadasi?

    To get from Izmir to Kusadasi, you either need to land in Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport which locates in a field that 66 kilometers away, or in Bodrum Milas Airport which locates 125 kilometers away from Kusadasi.

    Of course, if you have a simple plan without other destinations, landing to Izmir is a better option. By the way, as a note here, it is a small town of Aydın, not Izmir.

    Yet, still, the distance is not that far. With buses, taxis, trains or private transfer system from Izmir airport to Kusadasi, you can get Kusadasi easily.

    If you compare all of your options, the most comfortable and fastest one is Kusadasi transfer from Izmir. Thus, let’s compare them all step by step.

    You can get to Kusadasi by bus

    First of all, especially in summer, there are many bus destinations that directly go to Kusadasi garage; yet, the seats of these vehicles are bought quickly and you may have to wait for other hours, and still, there is no guarantee that you will find your favorite place. Also, there will be some other stops until you reach the garage. Thus, there will be a certain amount of waste of time.

    Get a taxi

    Secondly, you can get in a taxi and arrive to Kusadasi; if you are willing to pay a lot of money. Since taxi is an expensive way of transportation in nearly all regions of the world, it will be the same in here, especially when you consider of 66 kilometers.

    Addition to this, due to the traffic or other elements, the driver has the right to change the direction, and this equals to pay more. If you value your comfort, there is a better option rather than taxi, which is called transfer from Izmir airport to Kusadasi.

    The train network

    Of course, before getting to the end, we have another way: The train network. Nearby the Adnan Menderes Airport, there is a metro station, and you can go by using transfer stations; firstly, you will arrive to Selcuk, a town of Izmir, and then you can use another transfer vehicle to reach Kusadasi.

    Get a Transfer Service from Izmir to Kusadasi

    Of course, you are free to plan your vacation as you want, yet, we suggest you to get a transfer service from Izmir airport to Kusadasi, provided by professionals.

    To be able to enjoy your amazing holiday as soon as possible, make a quick and comfortable start by arriving your hotel in a private vehicle to you or your group. Especially, if you specifically choose us, you will have more than you can imagine.

    Pros of Our Transfer Service from Izmir Airport to Kusadasi

    If you are confused about purchasing our transfer service from Izmir airport to Kusadasi, you may want to read the next paragraphs to learn why you should trust in us; and then, you will make your mind.

    The vehicle

    The car which will take you from Izmir to your hotel in Kusadasi is new, fully-equipped, safe and very comfortable.

    This means that you will not need to worry about the possibility of technical problems or uncomfortable situations which can be easily seen in crowded buses, trains or minibuses.

    Instead, you will sit back freely, watch the beauties of the city, or talk to people with you. Also, if you are happy with your silence, you can enjoy our free Wi-Fi connection in our car.

    The crew

    Our team which try to provide you at their best is trustworthy and sincere; thus, you can get information from them about the city, or something else, during your road trip. They will be happy to communicate with you.

    The policy

    Our priority is our guests. Thus, we try to make you happy as much as we can and that is why we combine comfort, safety, speed, sincerity with economic prices.

    We want you to enjoy your Kusadasi vacation and collect lovely memories in there. Therefore, we try to help you in every way we can.

    The references

    You may hesitate to choose us; since, to trust someone or something for the first time is always a hard thing to do. Yet, we have references that make us happy with their approvals, high rates or positive comments. These people have chosen our companion and have never regretted. Thus, you can get an idea by this general result.

    To conclude, we would like to help you to get you from Izmir to Kusadasi as comfortably, quickly, safely, economically and peacefully as possible; and we think that we will.

    Make your plans about Kusadasi, and let us get you closer to them. The only thing you need to do during our ride is to enjoy the environment and sight of this beautiful holiday resort.