Antalya Shopping Guide
Antalya Shopping Guide - Shopping Malls - Bazaars and More

While visiting the province of Antalya , many places will tempt you with beautiful shops, bazaars and streets dedicated to local crafts and fashion items.

Of course, knowing that Antalya hosts over 15 million people, it is obvious that the area has had to adapt and offer interesting shopping options for all tastes.

We recommend that you arrive with empty luggage and do some shopping in Antalya during your trip. To help you, we have created this complete Antalya shopping guide.

In our review, you will read all about shopping centers, the nearest bazaar, souvenirs and frequently asked questions regarding shopping in Antalya. Get ready and let’s start with the best places to shop.

Opening hours of shops in Antalya

In Antalya, shops are usually open from Monday to Saturday, and many are open on Sundays.

Supermarkets usually open at 9:00 am, other stores from 9:30 or 10:00 am. Supermarkets close no later than 23:00 pm, sometimes at 22.00 pm.

Regular shops often open very late, and often close as early as midnight, especially during high season.

Money exchange, Credit cards and ATMs

The Turkish lira is the monetary unit of Turkey. It is recommended to exchange currency or pay by credit card.

Cash is required to pay for public transport in Antalya, small shops and some markets or bazaars in Antalya.

Cash exchange points are located in the center of all beach resort towns in Antalya province. Some hotels, restaurants and shops also change money or accept foreign currencies.

The rate of exchange offices in Antalya is usually better than in restaurants, shops and hotels.

Turkish ATMs often charge a few percent withdrawal fees. It is recommended to use ATMs that are located inside ordinary Turkish banks. Please always use Turkish Lira as your transaction currency. Otherwise, additional fees may apply.

Markets and Bazaars

  • Dedeman Bazaar

Moving farmer’s market in Antalya. Farmers come to the market with their seasonal produce. There is a large selection of fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as dry fruits, spices and nuts. The market is open every Saturday.

  • Charshamba Bazaar

Covered market, which is located in a two-story building on Sharampol. The market is open on Wednesday and Sunday. The name of the market is translated as “environment”.

Initially, it worked only on Wednesdays, hence the name. On the ground floor there are grocery stores, where prices are lower than in neighboring stores.

In this market, you can find a large selection of dried fruits, various sauces and Turkish sweets. On the second floor you will find clothes, shoes and some household items.

  • Friday Market 

One of the most colorful markets “Altynkum” is located in the Konyalti region. On the market rows you can buy fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, honey and olives, fresh fish, various spices.

There is a large selection of clothes, which often have sales.

Is it possible to bargain at the Bazaar?

Unlike most countries, bargaining is popular and even desirable in many places in Turkey. Getting to the Turkish market, remember that there is a whole art of trading here.

Buyers and sellers experience the real joy of bargaining for the right price. A price reduction of 20-30% can be achieved with good negotiations. So don’t be shy or too pushy.

However, bargaining does not take place everywhere. In shopping centers, large stores and food markets, the indicated price applies.

What souvenirs can I buy for family and friends?

The most popular souvenirs from Turkey are food. First of all, of course, these are delicious Turkish sweets: Turkish delight, baklava, sesame halva, pishmaniye.

In local markets you will find a huge selection of spices and local natural cheeses without dyes and flavors.

Turkey is one of the top five olive producing countries. This country has a rich history and well-established traditions of growing olive trees and producing olive oil.

Olive oil brought from Turkey will be a pleasant and useful gift for relatives and friends. Turkish olive oil is a high quality product that will give you gastronomic pleasure and have a beneficial effect on the whole body.

In large supermarkets, small shops and markets, you can find many types of olive oil, designed for both frying and salad dressing.

We would like to recommend you some well-known olive oil producers: Komili, Selatin, Nova Vera, Domat, Ege Güzeli.

Another good gift option for coffee lovers is Turkish coffee. Among the local population and guests of the country, the Mehmet Efendi brand is the most popular.

Of the more durable souvenirs from Turkey, you can bring jewelry, dishes, hookahs, hand-painted ceramics.

You can find such products at the Central Market or at the Dedeman Bazaar, as well as in the shops of shopping streets.

Gulluk shopping street

Gulluk shopping street is located very close to the historical center of Kaleiçi. For shopaholics, this street is a real paradise.

Numerous colorful shops are located here and life is in full swing from morning until late evening. After successful purchases, you can relax in one of the cozy cafes.

Ishiklar shopping street

Another busy shopping street is called Ishiklar. There are also many shops on this street.

Popular shopping malls in Antalya for 2022

  • Mark Antalya

The shopping center is located in the heart of Antalya. Here you will find more than 150 different shops, which offer goods from local and foreign brands.

In Mark Antalya you will find a large selection of clothes, shoes, accessories, cosmetics and much more.

Also in the shopping center there is a cinema, several fast food restaurants, a playground with slides and a dry pool.

  • Deepo Outlet Center

    The mall often has sales on unsold items from Turkish brands. Sometimes discounts can reach 60-70%. The shopping center also has playgrounds and playgrounds.

  • 5M Migros

One of the largest shopping centers in the city, 5M Migros, houses about 130 stores of Turkish and international brands.

Also on the territory of the shopping center there is a cinema, a children’s playground, restaurants and cafes. 5M Migros is popular with locals and tourists in the Konyalti area.

  • Erasta shopping center

The mall has more than 140 well-known brand stores. Here you will have a great time with the whole family, as the mall is focused on family holidays.

On the territory there are playgrounds, an amusement park, a large cinema complex, slot machines and a gym.

  • Ozdilek Park

This shopping center has about 100 shops, 25 cafes and restaurants. The shopping center also has bowling and cinema halls, a large children’s area with animators and attractions.

During a trip to Ozdilek Park you will combine business with pleasure. The park around the shopping center and numerous entertainments will make your shopping experience less tiring.

Tax Free

In Turkey, there are different amounts of VAT on goods. For example, for cosmetics, glasses, accessories, ceramics, VAT is 18%.

For leather goods, textiles, clothing, carpets and footwear, VAT is 8%. Tax refund for purchases can be returned at the airport, provided that you bought goods in the amount of 118 liras for VAT -18% and 108 liras for VAT – 8%.

In a store that has a Tax Free Shopping sticker, you can fill out a special form that you present with the purchased goods at the airport upon departure.

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