Welcome to our page of Bodrum Boat Rental service, on which you can rent a boat at affordable cheap prices in Bodrum. Below, you can find our wide portfolio of private boats with different shapes and looks that we have delicately selected for you.

You’ll be able to sail to the bays around Bodrum on a daily or weekly basis. You can spend your time with your beloved in these bays. Or you can visit there on your own, in a boat you chose, and enjoy the isolation. Regardless of your preference, we have a perfect boat appealing to your Blue Voyage appetite!

Daily Boat Rental in Bodrum

You can rent a daily private boat for up to 30 people, and you can select the boat you want from the list down below according to the number of people. We made a rich portfolio that has also affordable prices.

Weekly Boat Rental in Bodrum

You can also choose Bodrum weekly boat rental service to have a pleasant holiday for days on the deck with your crew in beautiful Bodrum. Our boats usually depart for 7 days, from Saturday to Saturday. In this category, you can create your request upon the boat you would like to rent.

Boat Charter Information / Request Form

Information about the boats below is updated. You can fill out the form to get further information and price offer!

    Wide-Ranging Portfolio

    20+ Days / With Accommodation

    7/24 Customer Service

    Unlimited Service

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    Bodrum Boat 1 (SUK)

    Daily 5 capacity 2 cabin

    Bodrum Boat 2 (MOJ)

    Daily 5 capacity 2 cabin

    Bodrum Boat 36 (HAY3)

    Daily 12 capacity

    Bodrum Boat 35 (HAY2)

    Daily 12 capacity

    Bodrum Boat 23

    Daily 12 capacity

    Bodrum Boat 25

    Daily 20 capacity

    Bodrum Boat 16 (VLK)

    Daily 12 capacity

    Bodrum Boat 34 (HAY)

    Daily 12 capacity

    Bodrum Boat 32 (OGU)

    Daily 12 capacity

    Bodrum Boat 31 (HSN)

    Daily 12 capacity

    Bodrum Boat 29 (DVN1)

    Daily 12 capacity

    Bodrum Boat 15 (VLK)

    Daily 12 capacity

    Bodrum Boat 17 (VLK)

    Daily 12 capacity

    Bodrum Boat 13

    Daily 55 capacity

    Advantages of Bodrum Yacht Charter

    You’ve just checked the boats we have above, and probably liked them. Now, here you are, at the bottom of the page, searching for a good reason to rent one of them. Well, you are lucky that you actually have multiple reasons.

    Before giving specific examples, we would like to underline that we know price-performance balance is one of the key elements of the travelling sector, and we promise any of your choose will be great value of money. Because… Well, let us list the reasons down below so that you’ll be able to make your mind… So here are the advantages of Bodrum Boat Rental.

    Connect with Nature Where No One Else Can

    Greeting millions of local and foreign tourists every year, Bodrum feasts its visitors’ eyes on with its white houses adorning the hills, narrow rock-paved streets, flower-filled balconies, fresh air and sparkling sun. Wandering among houses with indigo beams and white walls, shopping in tiny boutiques, walking barefoot on warm sands and diving into cool waters are at the top of the to-do list in Bodrum.

    Yet, while the night descending, your exploration will probably be over and you’ll get to end of this exciting list. So, what’s next?

    At this point, we’d like to advise you renting a boat quickly on our page, and going to the harbor in next morning –or whenever you booked it on. Your 5-star companion which will take you to mysterious bays around Bodrum will be waiting for you in there! After getting on the deck and sailing, during which you’ll be in an ultimate comfort and peace, you will reach to the heart of Bodrum, isolated from the crowds and still full of stunning sceneries.

    Perfect Swimming Sessions

    Speaking of the crowds, number of people in a place does not only affect your mood, but also your comfort. For example, if you go to the beaches in Bodrum that are open to everyone, you’ll probably end up with bumping someone’s body at every inch in the sea, while trying to swim for a while.

    In a private boat trip, though, you visit islands, coves and bays that are only can be visited through boats, so only a few people is around. You can swim until you are out of your breath –be careful, though, and as free as a fish!

    Also, you can get a sweet tan on your skin in the sunbathing areas of the yatch, or sit in the shady parts and sip your drink. In any case, you will be completely comfortable.

    Treat Yourself

    Of course, a boat in which you will spend that much time should not only appeal to your body but also to your eyes. For this reason, we crowned our boat options with luxurious and rich materials and decoration.

    Your soul, mind and eyes will feast on the elegant curves of the boat as you sail to the blues, especially if you chose our special choices with incredible beauty. You deserve treating yourself and getting rid of the stress of the life.

    Best Bodrum Boat Rental Service

    If you agree with us on things we’ve just mentioned, we would like to invite you to a wonderful journey through our superb Bodrum Boat Rental service.

    We gather together years of experience, our friendly team, affordable prices and perfect boats up and present them to your liking. From now on, if you decide to benefit from this wonderful pack, all you have to do is to contact us!