2 Days Tour to Pamukkale Hieropolis and Ephesus Virgin Mary House

If you are look for an exciting and engaging activity that will also leave permanent memories in your mind, all you probably need is to travel. Get out of the house, explore the world and see the magnificent wonders of nature. We make your travelling dreams come true by providing daily tours to some of the most attractive places in Turkey.

We bet you can manage to squeeze just two days from your busty schedule and book a tour with us from Istanbul to Pamukkale, Hierapolis and Ephesus. You will make the choice of either taking an overninght bus from Istanbul or an early morning flight. On the first day, we will begin by visiting the glorious Pamukkale. Here, you will for a moment say thank you to Mother Nature for gifting the earth with so much beauty. If you think this place is overrated, just make a date and you will be the judge. It’s surprising how nature has its own ways of making this world such a colourful place.

At Pamukkale, you will have the chance to see the ever stunning thermal baths that are said to possess healing powers. And that’s not the catch yet. The hot springs here also form glorious cascades and terraces giving the whole place spectacular look that you will not want to take your eyes from it. The view of the natural cliffs made by the salts from the hot springs is simply breathtaking.

If swimming is your thing, don’t forget to come with your swim suit because the Romans pools will be waiting for you. At the ancient city of Hierapolis, you will enjoy learning some history about the city as well as walking and exploring through the ruins.

On day 2, don’t expect anything less. The city of Ephesus will take you back to the old times when the apostles were writing the Bible. Don’t forget that this is also one of the Seven Churches addressed by John in the book of Revelation. It’s a city rich in history especially for religion lovers. Among the things you will see here is the Marble Street, Odeon, temples, the Library of Celcius, the great theatre, double church, the Arcadian way and most importantly, the House of Virgin Mary.

The Marble Street is beautifully decorated with marble slabs and the Odeon is a theatre where meetings were held back in the 2nd century AD. Some of the temples in this city include; temple of Artemis, Hadrian and the Serapis. The Double Church is also known as the Church of Mary. It got its name from the popular belief that both Virgin Mary and Apostle John shared the altar of this church. The library of Celcius also has a good history and it also houses the tomb of the Asia Minor’s Roman governor, Julius Celsius.

And finally but definitely not least, we shall visit the last dwelling place of the mother of Jesus, the House of Virgin Mary. With that, you will be free to take an overnight bus or catch a flight back to Istanbul.


Number of Guest By Plane By Bus
Single €650 €440
Per Pax in Double €585 €390
Per Pax in Triple €565 €375

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