Our Group 3 Days 2 Night Ephesus and Cappadocia Tour from Istanbul will make your days in Turkey totally unforgettable! Why? Well, for 3 days, we’ll be exploring the most popular World Heritages in Turkey, assigned by UNESCO. You’ll feast your eyes upon antique relics while learning great stories about mythology, battles and wars.

Now, if you are excited enough, let’s learn the details of our tour program.

  • Starting From:€199
Free date change
No booking fees
Instant confirmation
Departure Pickup from your hotel
Departure Time
  • Tour Days:
  • Time: 3 Days .
What is included? Free Hotel Transfer Service
Domestic Flight Tickets in the itinerary with 15 kg luggage allowance – 8 kg for cabin
Lunch (Vegetarian and vegan options are available. Please specify before booking your tour.)
Entrance fees to the scheduled museums
Parking Fees
Professional tour guide
Accommodations at hotels for 1 night
What is not included? Any personal expenses
Any Drinks
Optional Tours
What to bring with you? Passports
Comfortable Clothes
Comfortable Shoes
Sun cream, Hat

First Day of 3 Days 2 Night Ephesus and Cappadocia Tour

The day will start when we pick you up from your hotel and take to the airport. The flight process will be done in there and you will take the plane to Izmir, where Ephesus is located. In Izmir, you will be welcomed by our amazing crew and the journey will start immediately!

After getting on the tour bus, we will head to the Ancient City of Ephesus, the great ancient Roman city which is well protected until today and still be able to represent the glory of warriors, Gods and Goddesses. Then, we will both observe its magical beauty and listen amazing stories thanks to our guides.

Places We Will Visit in Ephesus

In Ephesus, we will take a walk and see:

  • The Marble Street
  • The Odeon
  • Bouleterion
  • The Temple of Hadrian
  • The Trajan’s Fountain
  • The Mosaic street
  • The Agora
  • The Baths
  • The house
  • The Great Theatre
  • Harbor Street
  • And the third largest library of the Ancient world: The famous Celsus Library.

As you can understand, exploring the city will be a great pleasure in terms of learning about Roman relics through amazing monuments made by ancient people.

Next, we will visit Temple of Artemis (one of Seven Wonders of Ancient World) and House of Virgin Mary (where Virgin Mary spent her last days), which are located nearby Ephesus. After the visits end, we’ll go to the hotels in Kusadasi and get some rest.

Second Day of 3 Days 2 Night Ephesus and Cappadocia Tour

In the second day of group 3 Days 2 Night Ephesus and Cappadocia Tour, we will pick you up from your hotel and take you to the Izmir Airport. Then, we’ll take a flight to Cappadocia Airport. After landing off, you will be welcomed warmly by our guides and fan journey will begin! In this journey, we will explore the best parts of Northern Cappadocia.

Places We Will Visit in Northern Cappadocia

·         Imagination Valley

We’ll visit Devrent Valley (or Imagination Valley). It will amaze you because of having very unique fairy chimneys. We will take a walk among them and enjoy the perfect scenery. And of course, we’ll use our imagination to figure out what these chimneys look like. Fun awaits you!

·         Pasabag – Monk’s Valley

Next, we’ll head to Pasabag. Pasabag is famous for its serene environment and silent and captivating atmosphere. This sacred area is also believed to be monks’ isolation area once. When you see there, you will understand why people think so… Also, we are sure that you’ll get fascinated by the enormous mushroom-shaped chimneys in Pasabag.

·          Avanos

Next, we will visit Avanos Town. It is the center of the lovely district and very famous for pottery work. While we are exploring the local life here, you’ll have a chance to see amazing pottery works, buy them and observe the local life. We bet you will love the humble and sympatric atmosphere of Avanos Town.

·         Goreme  Open Air Museum

Lastly, we will visit the most popular area of Cappadocia that has UNESCO World Heritage approval: Goreme Open Air Museum… In Goreme open-air Museum, we’ll take a walk, explore ancient natural monuments and the marks of early Christianity on them. You will learn a lot of new things and expand your cultural accumulation thanks to our guides, too.

After having tiring but worthy times among gigantic fairy chimneys and rock-carved churches, we’ll go to our hotels and get energized for the following day.

Last Day of 3 Days 2 Night Ephesus and Cappadocia Tour

We will enjoy a delicious breakfast and get ready for the 3rd and last day of our lovely tour. When everyone is ready, we will get on the tour bus all together and head to Southern Cappadocia!

Places We Will Visit in Southern Cappadocia

We will start by exploring Red/ Rose Valley, which is where the color of rocks change in the lights of sunset or sunrise. Thus, it looks reddish during a specific time period. You will definitely love the sight. After taking a walk in there, we will visit Gulludere Valley, full of many interesting rock formations.

Next, we’ll visit an ancient Greek village called Cavusin Village. Gathering up old houses and churches of important Christianity figures such as Saint John the Baptist and Nicophoras Phocas, Cavusin is very important settlement. Moreover, the village is very special in terms of early we Then, we will go to Kaymakli (or Ozkonak) Underground City where the early Christians hid from warriors and lived under the ground. After exploring this city, we’ll get much “higher” and visit a natural castle at Ortahisar, which is called Uçhisar Castle. Lastly, we’ll see Three Beauties on the way to the airport.

At the end, we’ll take a plane to Istanbul. The transfer services will be waiting there for picking you up. When they pick you up and take you to your hotel, the journey is over!

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