3 Days Tour Ephesus & Pergamum & Pamukkale (Hierapolis)

‘’Jobs fill your pockets, but adventure fills your soul’’. You will only discover the truth of this saying if you sum up your courage and finally decide to travel the world. Only then will you discover how much you’ve been missing and fill your heart with what it has been craving for. And that’s what we are all about; turning your dreams and wishes into a reality.

We give you the golden opportunity to travel and explore various places in Turkey for three days. You can already picture what it will be like, just touring and feeding your soul with new and exciting things. You can leave Istanbul by a night bus or you can choose to take an early morning flight. Our first-day tour will begin at the ever amazing Ephesus city.

For a moment you will breathe the same air and probably walk on the same soil as did the apostles of Jesus. Ephesus it’s such an important city when it comes to matters Christianity. It’s in this city that you will get to see the double church whose altar is believed to have been shared by Virgin and John the Apostle. It’s also in this city that you will see the last abode of the Virgin Mary. There also other historic sites that will have you picture how the Greco-Roman period was like.

On the second day, we shall leave for Pergamum. Pergamum is yet another Greek city rich in so much history that you will not want to forget your pen and notebook. You shall see Aesculapium which is a medical center that was built in the name of Aesculapius, the god of medicine. People would come here to seek healing and Aesculapius would reveal to them the cure through dreams. You will also see some of the oldest temples in regions such as the temples of Athena, Zeus, Trajan, and Dionysus. The temple of Athena was dedicated to the god victory and it’s the only lonic structure in the Acropolis.

We will also visit the gymnasium of the Youth, Agora, the Roman baths, the Great theatre, and the Pergamon Library.

Our tour will end by visiting the glorious city of Pamukkale. If you have only heard about the hot springs and baths with healing powers, you see them with your own eyes. Also referred to as the ‘cotton castle’, Pamukkale is that one place that gives you a breathtaking experience and you never have enough of what you see. You will see the striking cascades formed from the salts of the hot springs and you can also relax your muscles at the Roman baths. Just be sure not to forget your swimming costumes and sunscreen lest you miss the most fun bit of the excursion.

We will spend a good time walking and exploring around the travertine and the ruins of Hierapolis. We will, however, walk around the travertine barefoot for conservation purposes. You also will learn something about the temples, churches, the necropolis and the ruins of this ancient city.

And if your bet is as right as ours, your soul will have been well fed.


Number of GuestBy PlaneBy Bus
Per Pax in Double€665€460
Per Pax in Triple€645€445

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