3 Days Tour Seven Churches of Revelation

If you want to know what early Christianity was like, this tour is for you. We will tour various places that will take you back to the old times of Virgin Mary and John the Apostle.

Our tour will start at Ephesus which is also known as Efes. Ephesus was a very important religious centre back then and is today a major tourist attraction site in Turkey. This city is important for Christians because it’s also among the Seven Churches that John of Patmos was instructed to write to. In our 3 days tour, you will get to visit all the seven churches including; Sardis, Philadelphia, Laodicea, Thyatira, Smyrna and Pergamum.

It’s only here where you will have a glimpse of Virgin Mary’s last days on earth. The house is located in a few miles from Ephesus city at Mountains of Solmissos. It is believed that St. John brought Mary her following the death of his son Jesus Christ. It’s on these mountains that Mary would later ascend to heaven in body and soul.

Later in the afternoon of our first day, we will go to Laodicea (Denizli). We will spend the night at Pamukkale awaiting more adventure come the following day.

After your morning meal on the second day, we will visit Pamukkale which is popularly referred to as the cotton castle thanks to the gorgeous terraces formed by the salts from the hot water springs. You will be amazed by just how striking nature can be especially when it’s combined with excellent and man-made work. Pamukkale neighbors Hierapolis which is an old city with amazing works dating back to many centuries ago. You will relish walking through the stunning ruins in Hierapolis.

It’s also in Hierapolis that you will find the tomb of Philip the apostle who was martyred. We will then head to Philadelphia (Alaşehir) which is one of the seven churches of Revelation and is actually the youngest. The church is still quite well preserved and you will get some details about its history.

After lunch, we will visit the Sardis (Salihli) church before moving on to see the capital of Lydia. Although the Lydian capital is in ruins, it still holds an important place when it comes to the Greek mythology. Just before dusk, we shall arrive at Thyatira which is referred to as Akhisar in modern Turkey. Thyatira is the fourth church mentioned in the book of Revelation and you will see the remains of the church. After that, we shall take a bus to Pergamom where you will have your evening meal and also some rest.

We will leave the hotel shortly after breakfast and tour around pergamom. This is yet another city that is rich in history of christianity. In the book of Revelation, John writes “I know your works, and where you dwell… where Satan’s throne is”. It is believed that the apostle was addressing the church in Pergamom. You will also see one of the most important medical structures where people came to seek treatment.

In the afternoon, we will drive to Smyrna, then to St. Polycarp Church after which we shall return to Istanbul by either bus or flight.

Number of Guest Plane Bus
Single €1385 €1130
Per Pax in Double €1000 €770
Per Pax in Triple €940 €720

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