4 Days Cradles of Civilization Turkey

We all love travelling especially to places we have never been before. And instead of listening to what they say, how about you make a point of visiting that place and see it for yourself? Every year, spare some days and visit a new place; you will be surprised at what the world can offer.

In case you are wondering where to travel to, we got your answers. We give you the opportunity to travel to various places in Turkey ensuring you leave with the best memories. We provide a four days tour to some of the most popular tourist attraction sites in Turkey. If you are travelling by bus, you will be required to catch a night before bus to Ankara or an early morning flight if travelling by plane.

On the first day, we will visit the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations and the Mausoleum of ATATÜRK in Ankara. If you are a lover of history, then these two places in Turkey’s capital will excite you. The Anatolian Civilizations Museum has a unique collection of artefacts such as the sculpture of Kubaba (main goddess belonging to the Palaeolithic period), sculpture of Dionysus (god of wine) and the Goddess Kybele Relievo symbolizing fertility and abundance just to mention a few. At the Mausoleum of ATATÜRK, you will learn more about Atatürk’s revolution, his life, and accomplishments as well as how his legacy still lives on many years later. We will then proceed to Cappodacia for dinner and accommodation via the Salt Lake.

On the second day, we will tour around the glorious city of Cappodacia. We will first visit the Citadel of Uçhisar which is a natural rock that happens to be the highest point in the region. From the top of this castle, you will have a magnificent panorama of the surrounding area. We will then visit the Göreme open air museum and the Devrent Valley where you will see the amazing fairy chimneys. We will also visit the underground city of Kaymaklı, Paşabağ (Monks’) Valley and Avanos before calling it a day.

Early in the morning on the third day, we will leave Cappodacia for Konya, city of the “Whirling Dervishes”. On our way, we will also visit the 13th century Seldjoukian Sultanhan Caravanserai before stopping at the famous Mevlana Museum in Konya. The museum is well known thanks to the mausoleum of Mevlana, the famous poet and philosopher. Dinner and accommodation will be at Pamukkale.

On the last day, we will visit the ruins of the ancient city of Hierapolis where we will see the Roman baths, Necropolis graveyard, Basilica, stalactites and unique formation of petrified calcium cliffs. We will then drive to Aphrodisias where we will see and learn more about the temple dedicated to Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Just before lunch, we will pay a visit to the Ionian city of Ephesus, the Roman Capital of Asia Minor, House of Virgin Mary and St. John Basilica.

After lunch, we will drive to Izmir for an evening flight or a night bus back to Istanbul.


Number of GuestBy PlaneBy Bus
Per Pax in Double€840€625
Per Pax in Triple€830€620

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