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Alanya Altinbesik Cave Tour is very popular with tourists who want to see a natural landmark with unique features:

We will visit the largest multi-level cave in Turkey, inside of which there are:

  • Underground lakes,
  • Waterfalls,
  • Stalactites and stalagmites!

As if it is not enough, while we are doing that, we’ll be in a boat, wandering on the surface of the waters filling the cave. After this trip, we’ll visit small villages around and their local residents, and embrace their humble, warm and sympatric culture!

Get ready for a diversified and dynamic trip!

What is included?

Free Hotel Transfer Service

What is not included?

Any personal expenses
Any Drinks

What to bring with you?

Comfortable Shoes
Swimsuit, Towel, Sunglasses, Hat

Fresh Start with a Visit to Laurel Plantation

After picking you up by our comfortable vehicle, we’ll take the roads to the first stop of Alanya Altinbesik Cave Tour.

This place is perfect for photo shoots, since it is a laurel plantation area. So, all nature and plant lovers will be delighted:

There will be a lot of peaceful beauty and greenery around, as well as delightful aromas mixing to fresh air.

In these lands, not only laurel grows, but also thyme and lemur.

Thus, this fruitful and vivid landscape is simply created for amazing shots, specifically in the field of landscape photography, which is what we recommend you to do there!

Observe the Natural Beauties As Far As the Eye Can See

Next stop will be another photography stop with an amazing perspective due to its panoramic view upon famous Green Canyon.

This stop is the observation deck of the Green Canyon, an artificial reservoir over a natural reservoir.

Here, at an altitude of 1200 meters, you will admire the bright green water flowing between gorge’s enormous rocks.

It looks like a tableu! And as an interesting fact, the water has acquired a green color due to the abundant presence of special algae in it. So make sure having enough photos of it!

Embrace the Cultural Side of Turkey

After visiting these incredible places, we will take a break and visit a Turkish village.

Here you will see how friendly and hospitable the local residents are! Also, they’ll offer you traditional Turkish coffee along with sweets so that you’ll be able to gain your energy back.

Besides from its captivating atmosphere and look, Sarihacilar Village is famous for its ancient mosque, which is estimated to be almost 7 centuries old.

The building is well-preserved until today, and we’ll see adorning details and features of the mosque.

Altinbesik Cave: Deserves to be the Final Stop

Finally, we’ll head to the main and last destination of the Alanya Altinbesik Cave Tour: Altinbesik Cave itself.

The cave is located in a mountain and has a length of about 2 kilometers.

Along the way, there are many different types of natural formations blessing your eyes.

During the boat trip on the underground lake, you will come across mountain streams, picturesque waterfalls and lakes.

Of course, along with them all, you will be surrounded by bizarre textures of natural cave walls with stalagmites and stalactites.

There will be a lunch break while you’re listening to some interesting stories or myths about this natural reservoir, told by our professional and friendly tour guide.

Yes, you’ll be filling both your stomach and brain! In short, you will have an unforgettable day with us!

Join Us for the Best Altinbesik Cave Tour

Altinbesik Cave trip from Alanya is a journey that will show you another dimensions decorated by Mother Nature’s skillful hands.

For taking capturing photos, filing your body and soul up with amazing feelings and exploring delightful landscapes, you can book this tour online or contact us for further information!

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