No Food
Hotel Transfer
On the Day
2 Hours

Our amazing Alanya Buggy Safari is a thrilling excursion with a lot of muds, waters, fun, laughter and goosebumps!

Even if it is a nice way of pumping adrenaline in your veins, it still is quite safe with its fully-equipped vehicles, and peaceful by helping you getting rid of the stress!

In other words, you’ll hit two birds with one stone.

Also, we highly recommend you to view Alanya with a very unique perspective –inside of this weird vehicle with no doors and ceiling, covered in muds.

Then, the images you’ll have in your mind will be unforgettable.

So, if you want to have crazy memories of Alanya, let’s ride!

What is included?

Free Hotel Transfer Service
Required protective equipment

What is not included?

Any personal expenses
Any Drinks/Foods
Photos and videos

What to bring with you?

Swimsuit, Towel
Sun cream
Sunglasses, Hat

Best Vehicle for Best Ride: Greet the Buggy Cars

Alanya Buggy Safari, or more generally, the buggy safari concept and buggy cars might be unheard for you.

That’s why we’d like to give some information about them so as to make you more excited about it!

As an interesting fact, the first buggies were made from old Volkswagen Beetle cars that were produced with faults.

Then, the “Buggy” name’s progenitor derived the name “Buggy” from “Bug, little beetle,” referring to these lovely cars.

Matching well, right? Even if Buggy vehicles look quite sympatric, they were used in militaries for transportation both in America and Soviet Russia.

Comparing to ATVs, during which Alanya Quad Safari we use, Buggy vehicles are more compact and lighter.

Of course, this makes them more agile, and easier to control. Inside the buggy, there are 2 seats for the driver and passenger, so you can go on the route in pairs.

No Driving Before Learning

Although you don’t need any type of driver license to ride a buggy car, since it is quite simple and safe, and in our control, you’ll have an instruction part.

It’ll be given by our professional instructors, experienced in this field for years! You’ll learn the rules, safety procedures, things to do or not to do during the ride.

Then, the training part will follow: You’ll get your helmet and show how much you’ve learned during the instruction part!

We would like to remind you children under 16 can only take part as a passenger.  And we do not recommend this trip for pregnant women.

When everyone is ready after the training, we’ll take to the roads as a convoy and star our off-road adventure!

Amazing Route of Alanya Buggy Safari

Our ride will be quite fun, being full of natural obstacles, turns, dust and dirt! Yes:

You will get covered with dirt, dust and mud, and it will make this journey even more fun.

Yet, you might prefer to bring some extra clothes with you, in order to change them after the ride.

Besides its fun and dynamism, while passing by incredible natural landscapes, fruitful lands and lush greenery, you’ll have a chance of cleansing your body and mind.

In other words, you’ll get rid of the stress, boredom and tiredness during the ride and charge yourself up!

The Best Buggy Adventure in Alanya

As the best buggy safari supplier in Alanya, we created a rich content. For example, we will stop at some places with a perfect background for photography, while some are for swimming sessions thanks to the cold mountain rivers’ waters.

So, you’ll enjoy these free time periods as you want!

Our Alanya Buggy Safari lasts for 3-4 hours in total (the ride is 2 hours) and its every second is great value for money!

So, if you like the content, you can easily book this program online or contact us for further information. We are sure that you will love this trip!

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Reviews About Alanya Buggy Safari

5.00 based on 2 reviews
8 June 2020

Now it looks like buggies have replaced quadrics. A fun excursion and not expensive. They even made a transfer to us, although we were not that far away. I recommend. Thanks.

11 August 2020

We rode a buggy for two hours :)) The whole excursion, together with instructions, etc., takes about 4 hours. our son is 11 years old, he was allowed as a passenger. Helmets were given. I advise you to go.

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