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Our Alanya Demre Myra Kekova Tour is a one-day cultural trip to Turkey’s most ancient cities that are located closely each other which have evenly important places in the timeline of the most mystical eras that these lands witnessed. Get ready to travel in time: All together, including our professional guide, too, we will mix to the history.

Alanya Demre Myra Kekova Tour Price - 45 Euro

We will visit:

  • The Ancient City of Myra, where rock tombs and a Greco-Roman amphitheater awaits you,
  • Demre, the “lands of Santa”,
  • And Kekova the Sunken City, known as Atlantis of Turkey.

Also, during the entire journey, we’ll pass by incredible sceneries so that you’ll be able to take amazing shots!

Got excited? Well, you’ll die for signing up for the tour then, after reading below and learn the details!

What is included?

Free Hotel Transfer Service
Entrance ticket to Myra and Museum

What is not included?

Any personal expenses
Any Drinks

What to bring with you?

Sun Cream
Swimsuit, Towel, Sunglasses, Hat
Snacks for lunch

3-in-1 Trip: Alanya Demre Myra Kekova Excursion

Do you remember arcade games played via consoles inserting cassettes in? On these cassettes, titles like “400-in-1” used to be written. And it means, in only 1 cassette, you can find 400 games to play. Now, consider your one-day journey as a cassette and we will have 3 different “games to play” –places to visit: Enjoy your travel game labeled as 3-in-1!

Every place we will visit during our well-arranged Alanya Demre Myra Kekova Tour will take you to other dimensions: Some of them are full of Hellenistic textures thanks to their remains dating back to Roman Empire, while some reflect the Byzantine era that has quite important events and figures for Christianity. In other words, this tour sprinkles entertainment and a delightful historical-religious lecture into your heart!

Myra: Discover the History through Rocks

For a nice start after departing from Alanya and having a peaceful road trip in our fully-equipped bus, we’ll visit Myra. Famous for its rock-carved tombs, the Ancient City of Myra and its well-preserved tombs date back to Lycian civilizations. And these tombs are the best examples of Lycian wooden house architecture adapted into the rock tombs.

Besides their history –we’ll not go deep since our guide is willing to tell the entire story, Myra tombs’ looks are also quite impressive: They look like pouring down on the slopes of the rocky mountain. So, they create perfect scenery for photography.

In a few minutes’ drive from this city, there is another settlement: Demre. And we’ll head to there to provide you with mind-blowing facts and impressive sights!

Greet Santa’s Soul in Demre

Welcome to Demre, known as the death place of Santa Claus –yes! St. Nicholas, widely known as Santa, was born in Patara (another significant place in Antalya you should definitely see) and came to Myra as a bishop. Protecting the kids and being respected and loved so, St. Nicholas became Saint after his death, and he is still know as a cute, old man that makes children happy by giving them presents on every New Year.

In Demre, we’ll visit Church of St. Nicholas, which was built after his death and turned into a museum after many years. In there, we’ll learn some important details about him and get impressed through his warm heart and interesting life.

Also, you’ll come across tourists here who are into learning history just like you, and some tourists who are there for the pilgrimage: In Orthodox Christianity, Church of St. Nicholas is a sacred place. So, you are at the right place for a religious tour, too…

Embrace an Atlantis-Like Sunken City in a Boat

After visiting religious sites and seeing the landmarks in Demre, we will have a fascinating sea trip on a grand boat with a glass ground. Thanks to this special design, we’ll be able to explore the sunken city, which is located nearby the island of Kekova, in depths of Mediterranean Sea!

Remains in the depths creating a nuance with crystal-clear waters and impressing pieces of ancient buildings will feast your eyes. And our guide’s information will feast your brain, while you’re learning the importance and history of Kekova. Then, this combination will turn into a travel memory and remain for a long time in your head!

To sum up, our daily Alanya Demre Myra Kekova Tour is full of impressive places and moments that will make you adore Antalya even more. For further information, contact us, or book this tour online!

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