Alanya Dolphin Show

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Visiting Alanya Dolphin Park will fill you (and your beloved ones) up with incredible amount of joy, cheer and fun, thanks to the smartest and cutest animals of waters.

We’re talking about dolphins, of course… They will be there for you with smiling faces and and moving bodies.

Moreover, these lovely animals prepare a guzzling show for you, which will be evenly exciting for everyone from 7 to 70! And after the show, you will have a chance of taking a photo with dolphins…

The price of the excursion includes transfer from the hotel and back, as well as an entrance ticket to the show at the dolphinarium. Who can say “no” to that?

So, let’s learn more about Alanya Dolphinarium tour and its amazing features!

What is included?

Free Hotel Transfer Service
Entrance fee

What is not included?

Any personal expenses
Any drinks
Photos and Videos

What to bring with you?

Swimsuit, Towel
Sun cream
Hat, Sunglasses

Sealanya Dolphinpark: Where the Fun and Joy Meet

First of all, the show is held at Alanya Dolphin Park, which is a huge part of Sealanya Sea Park, twice a day -in the morning and evening.

Thus, you can choose the most suitable session for you.

And this entertainment complex is considered the largest interactive aquarium and zoo of marine life in Turkey by covering 5,000 hectares.

Besides its vastness, it is also quite comprehensive. In there, you can see a variety of marine fish, sharks, rays and others! Of course, the main attraction is the large, speciall pool hosting dolphins.

These animals practice the show regularly in there to conquer audience’s heart with their intelligence, cuteness and sympatry!

And you will be one of those lucky people.

Let the Dolphin Show Begin

Dolphins show will be performed for approximately 50 minutes by the loveliest animals of the sea, with the help of their professional instructors.

In other words, nearly for 1 hour, you’ll be observing these smart creatures’ talents of dancing, jumping and playing with hoops or balls.

You will be amazed at how smart, kind and obedient animals they are! They will definitely make you fall in love with themselves.

After that, if you wish, you can take a photo with the dolphins by paying fee, so your memory will remain for a very long time…

Applauds for You, Too

At the end of the show, dolphins will show you how they can applaud with their fins just like you, except the “fins”!

By doing that, they call on the public to adore and thank them. So, don’t forget to show your love and appreciation to them by applauding.

They will love it! If you are lucky enough, you can even hear their high-pitched laughter, too!

Dolphins love to receive the attention and love of the audience. And, of course, besides that, they will receive a reward for lunch or dinner in the form of delicious fish, thanks to your appreciation…

Join Us for a Cheerful Day in Alanya Dolphin Park

It is proven that communicating with animals has a strong beneficial effect on human health and soul.

In other words, by joining us and visiting Alanya dolphinarium, you will be provided with a plenty of positive feelings and uplifting mood.

In a nutshell, Alanya Dolphin Park activity is a fun and lovely event for the whole family.

It especially is perfect for children! On your own or with your beloved ones you can be our guest. You’ll not regret it!

The only thing you should do is to book it online easily or contact us for further information…

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