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With Alanya Fire of Anatolia Show, you’ll watch a legendary dance troupe called Fire of Anatolia (Anadolu Atesi) which has been representing Turkey in 90 countries of the world for, for 20 years of touring. Now, you have a chance of watching this Guinness-record holder (we’ll talk about this later) and globally famous performers’ amazing show.

Since the birthplace of Fire of Anatolia is Antalya, this chance’s impressiveness level gets even higher: You’ll see them at their home, which means more emotions and captivating atmosphere will reveal!

Now, if you are ready to learn more, let’s check the details of this amazing show’s program.

What is included?

Free Hotel Transfer Service
Entrance fee

What is not included?

Any personal expenses
Any Drinks

What to bring with you?

Blanket or towel for the seats
Mosquito repellent

Approved by Guinness: Fire of Anatolia Sets the Stages on Fire

Now, it’s time for impressing news: Alanya Fire of Anatolia Show program’s gem, the dance team itself, got into the Guinness Book of Records twice:

The fastest dance performance in the world (over 240 movements per minute)

The largest number of spectators during the show (400,000 people)

Can you imagine the potential of their dance show?

Well, even only by checking the impressing facts above, you can easily understand that as soon as the mysterious and mesmerizing music begins, you will find yourself in a world of legends of choreography waiting to make you astonished!

Perfect Place for Perfect Performance: Aspendos Arena

Fire of Anatolia’s amazing show will take place in Aspendos Arena in Antalya, the famous concert venue that has the world’s largest stage.

And after you’re taken by a comfortable and safe transfer shuttle and enjoy a tasty dinner altogether, we’ll head to there.

Of course, performing on this stage as well as in different countries and continents with a perfect troupe requires special features:

Members of Fire of Anatolia go through a very strict selection session, which many dancers dream of passing it. Even if there are thousands of applications, the team has about 250 performers today.

And all of them are quite talented, for sure, capable of performing every move of their harmonious traditional folk and modern dances shows.

In addition to dance performance, in Aspendos, there will be a live orchestra with traditional musical instruments, a fire show and a parade of striking bright costumes.

It will be so unique and unforgettable that you’ll probably remember the name of Fire of Anatolia for a very long time.

Anatolian Touch on a Brilliant Performance

The main goal of ​​Alanya Fire of Anatolia Show is to acquaint viewers with Turkish traditions, history and legends; more specifically, to show Anatolian impact on Turkish culture from ancient times to the present day.

That is why, during the show, you will see more than 10 different dance shows.

These will be wedding traditions, whirling dervishes, great love stories and more.

Watching the dancers, feeling their emotions, losing your sense of time and getting involved in these stories will be very impressing experiences!

The repertoire includes two performances (for now):

“Troy” is a dance interpretation of the work of the same name by Homer, telling the story of Trojan War.

“Fires of Anatolia” is a show about the history of Anatolian region’s development.

You can choose one of which you want to see the most.

Best Way to Learn More about Mythology or Turkish Culture

If you want to learn more about Turkish history and traditions at the most entertaining, unforgettable and artistic way, then the ideal option for you is signing up for this unforgettable dance show!

Leave one of your nights in Alanya to attend this performance and see the shining stars of the stage.

At the end, you will be one of the lucky ones:

Up to today, more than 40 million people have seen these exciting stories and legends Anatolia put on the stage by Fire of Anatolia!

Here is a chance of spending a magical time with your beloved ones, feel the festive atmosphere and learn a lot about the culture of Turkey.

You will never forget this evening!

To be our guest, you can book the program online or contact us!

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