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Our 5-star Alanya Fishing Tour is a great adventure in the sea, which will charge you and your beloved ones up thanks to the cleansing energy of nature, the excitement of fishing and good vibes around!

By fishing with us, you’ll have a great chance to enjoy the sea breeze, shining sun and the sound of the waves.

Moreover, you’ll be far away from the crowd, uproar and tiredness of the places and attractions that are filled with thousands!

While some fishing, some can swim and sunbathe. So, everybody is welcomed on our deck and well-respected to their preference:

Let’s sail altogether gladly!

What is included?

Free Hotel Transfer Service
Fishing equipment
Lunch or Dinner

What is not included?

Any personal expenses
Any Drinks

What to bring with you?

Swimsuit, Towel
Sun cream
Light Sweaters, Extra Clothes

A Cultural Way of Spending Peaceful Time

Fishing both as hobby and way of living is popular in Turkey since historical times, due to Turkey’s location –squeezed between 3 seas.

And Mediterranean coastline is considered to be one of the best places for this magical experience. You will understand the reason when you’re on aboard.

Experienced fishermen knowing the best places for fishing spots and secrets of fishing will teach you everything they know, even if you’re totally inexperienced.

And they will give you required equipment such as spinning rods, trolls, echo sounders, and teach how to use them. We bet you will not return to your hotel without a catch!

You should know that fishing in sea differs from fishing in shore, and it’s much better both as atmosphere and joy. Also, it gives you a wide-ranging variety of fishes.

Most often, tuna is caught here. Besides that, fishes like mullet, Dorado, sea bass and red mullet will be there!

Fishing in Alanya with 2 Timing Options

There are two fishing sessions in Alanya Fishing Tour, seperated as morning and evening, arranged every day.

You can choose the time that suits your preferences best. In both options, you’ll be picked up from the hotel and transferred to the port. Then, our lovely voyage will begin.

Fishing part of the trip lasts about 4 hours.

True Value for Money: Many Advantages in One Trip

This activity is totally worth-paying. But why?

Well, let’s start with its delightful lunch: As well as including fishing activity, the price includes a freshly-caught -fish lunch menu that will be grilled on the deck and soft drinks.

A small boat is used, so you can enjoy your time freely with your beloved ones, not disturbed by the crowd.

The captain of the boat will share his experiences and help you all the time. The catch is guaranteed!

The boat has all the necessary modern equipment, so your safety and comfort are provided.

It is not only a fishing tour, but also a boat trip!

Best Activity in Alanya for Families

Alanya Fishing Tour is the best especially when you grab your beloved ones, like family members.

This activity is suitable for everyone from 7 to 70. And especially children will be curious and exhilarated about it.

By taking them with you, you can make them love the marine life and sharpen their skills in fishing.

Moreover, guests not willing to fish can have a great time on the deck by swimming, sunbathing and enjoying nature.

It’ll be nice if they take photos of you, too!

So, if you like the content, book the trip online or contact us for further information!

(PS: The route might change on the tour day!)

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Reviews About Alanya Fishing Tour

5.00 based on 8 reviews
8 May 2020

I liked that this is a rather secluded tour from outside world, I do not like the hustle and bustle. And fishing also requires some kind of concentration, in my opinion. In general, I liked it very much, I recommend it.

1 June 2020

Been with my family on this kind of tour for the first time. Everyone liked it, even the children. All tools are provided by the host company. There are not very many people, because the boat itself does not allow the crowd to be immersed here. This is, of course, a big plus, especially for those who don’t like crowds. The tour is built in such a way that it is not just fishing, but also a boat trip, where you can swim and sunbathe. In general, we really liked it.

29 July 2020

I wanted to try something new and decided to choose sea fishing. There was a transfer, they gave us lunch, you don’t need any fishing rods with you, and it’s unlikely that you will have fishing rods in your room 😉 Do not forget to bring your swimwear and all that, because during a boat trip, the captain gives time to swim in the open sea. Thanks to the site “” for the service provided. I will recommend it to my friends if they are going to Alanya.

18 September 2020

I always take fishing because I really like it. But here I bought a tour from the excursionmarket for the first time, I was very pleased, henceforth I will buy tours only from you. Thank you.

24 July 2021

I liked snorkeling most of all. This is super-entertainment for children and those adults who are afraid to go diving, but want to see the underwater world. Turkey has such clear clear water that if you dive only with a mask and snorkel, you can still see the underwater world and its inhabitants. I definitely recommend it. I liked it very much.

13 August 2021

I, too, remember Snorkeling the most, especially since I did not plan to fish. It feels like you are swimming in an aquarium, because there are plenty of lured fish swimming around you. In short, yes, a cool lesson, I advise. Thanks.

2 September 2021

I liked everything 🙂 I went with my daughter, this is just entertainment for the child: try fishing with a fishing rod, diving with a mask, snorkel and fins. And it’s not scary at all. We swam right in the open sea, this, of course, cannot be compared with ordinary beach swimming. As for the details, everything went exactly as described on this site: a transfer is provided, equipment for fishing and snorkeling, too, there was lunch. I especially liked the fact that there were not so many people. If the opportunity presents itself, I will buy the tour another time and will definitely recommend it to my friends.

15 April 2022

Although this tour is positioned as an opportunity to fish and dive with a mask, I still wanted to touch on the opportunity to walk on the high seas on a yacht with a small company of other people. The route of the yacht runs past the coast of the peninsula, as well as past the famous Cleopatra beach. A couple of times the yacht stopped so that we could swim in the open sea. Well, fishing and snorkeling are also beyond praise, of course. I recommend.

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