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Our 5-star Alanya Green Canyon Tour is an amazing excursion in Alanya allows its attenders mixing to the nature, feasting their eyes upon Mother Nature’s decoration and of course, relaxing and enjoying the environment!

If you are a nature lover, shortly, you will love every second spent there. So, get your camera ready and visit the largest artificial canyon in Europe and the world!

What is included?

Free Hotel Transfer Service
Boat tickets
Entrance to Green Canyon National Park

What is not included?

Any personal expenses
Alcoholic Drinks
Photos and videos

What to bring with you?

Sun cream

What Does Make Green Canyon Special?

Squeezed between the mountains’ twisty rivers and coniferous forests, Green Canyon has always refreshing coolness even at the hottest days.

In other words, its breezes and chilly degrees are quite fine in terms of finding some places to get rest at the best way.

Moreover, during the excursion, you can enjoy the beauty of the Green Canyon on a panoramic platform, as well as you can go on a boat trip on the Green Lake and swim in its warm and crystal-clear waters.

In short, this tour will give you a lot of positive emotions, vivid impressions and beautiful photo shoots thanks to the picturesque landscapes, coniferous forests and shining waters.

Full Program of Alanya Green Canyon Tour Day

Alanya Green Canyon Tour program includes many steps due to aiming your day full of dynamism and fun:

  • Pick-up from the hotels
  • Arriving to the canyon, visit to the panoramic platform on the Green Lake
  • Stopping at the pier and transferring to the boat
  • Boat trip on Green Lake with swimming stops
  • Having a break to eat some delicious foods
  • Free time at the canyon during which you can go fishing and ride donkeys for an additional fee
  • Visiting two canyons at the same time -small and big canyons
  • Fun, relaxation and more await you!

Transfer Hours

Below, you’ll find the pick-up hours, specified with different districts and hours. For example from:

Mahmutlar: 7.30 am

Alanya (center): 8.30 am

Avsalar: 8.45 am

Okurcular: 9.00 am

Let’s Visit the Green Color’s Best Tones

After picking all of our guests up, we’ll head to the center of green color, provided by both lush jungles and their reflection on crystal-clear waters.

This place is surrounded by majestic mountains, creating an atmosphere of pure peace and tranquility. And this pleasure is available every time:

Assigned people protect the canyon from strong winds and bad weather by taking precautions.

Therefore, it is comfortable and pleasant to be here at any time of the year.

Perfect Ways to Admire the Nature Fully

Having a walk along the canyon or having a boat trip are both mesmerizing and breathtaking options.

This is a vivid adventure in the heart of nature that will remain in your memory for a long time and give you many new emotions.

By the way, even if it’s an artificial canyon, it has its unique naturality:

For example, during your walk along the rocky terrain, you can lift your head up and see an eagle at the very top of the mountain.

Just like you, it’ll be enjoying the turquoise waters of the lake.

The excursion on the boat includes several stops during which you can take pictures or swim in the emerald waters.

On the lake, true fishermen will be able to catch some chubby fishes if they want:

To sum up, there are plenty of ways to interact with the nature in Alanya Green Canyon Tour!

If you like the content, you can easily book this trip online or contact us for further information!

(PS: The route might change on the tour day!)

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Reviews About Alanya Green Canyon Tour

5.00 based on 2 reviews
3 April 2020

An incredible place. Everyone should be there. It turns out that this canyon is not the power of the hands of nature, but it was created by a man. It’s amazing how beautiful the place is. There are shops and a small cafe in the middle of the path, and a path is laid along the canyon. It is difficult to write anything, you have to go there and see by yourself. Thanks to everyone who was involved in this journey.

22 June 2020

It is believed that this canyon was built by the people themselves and it is the largest in the world among artificial canyons. Well, if you know the hard work of the Turkish people, then this is not surprising. I suggest everyone who is interested in these parts to be here. As they say, only mountains can be better than mountains. I bought this canyon excursion from this site. I’ll tell you how it works so that there are no surprises for you. Rather, there will be surprises, but all are good 🙂 The place is very beautiful. In the morning we were picked up by a transfer from the hotel, and brought back in the evening. It’s not hot on the canyon itself. We visited the observation deck, took pictures there. Then they put us on a boat and we moved to a boat on the green lake. There was a time to swim, so bring your clothes. A good impression left from the dinner, they served trout, which was caught and cooked in front of you! I highly recommend everyone to visit here.

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