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Our exciting Alanya Horse Safari tour will be your favorite among all Alanya excursion we arrange if you love animals, want to connect to them and explore nature. Because in this program, these chances -decorated with magical landscapes and a very peaceful atmosphere, given to you.

And the animals we mentioned above are the noble and smart friends of humans for ages, horses, for sure! Moreover, we’ll visit an ancient city and small village in the mountains on horseback. In other words, our scenic route and interesting program will make your trip unforgettable! Thus, you should not miss it!

What is included?

Free Hotel Transfer Service

What is not included?

Any personal expenses
Any Drinks/Foods

What to bring with you?

Money for personal expenses
Comfortable shoes
Sunglasses, Hat

Inexperienced Ones are Welcomed, Too

The area in which our journey will start has a distance approximately 1 hour and 30 mins from Alanya by being located in Demirtas region.

And when we get to there, you’ll meet our crew and get a detailed information about the safety procedures, equipment, how to train horses and things to do or not to do during the ride.

Instructors who are also experienced riders will tell you everything you need, or wonder.

Thus, even if you have never ridden a horse before, you’ll be mentally ready to do so.

For the practical part, helmets will be given and you’ll be fully ready then.

Before taking to the roads, pay attention to instructor’s advices:

Your safety and comfort comes first!


Embrace the Cultural Living of a Turkish Village

We’ll take to the roads again on horseback, being eager to explore and learn!

Your enthusiasm will never fade. In fact, it will get more and more intense. Since along the way, we’ll be observing and admiring the sceneries that surround us.

Mountains, forests, lush greenery and blue shades of the sea will sharpen your desire for exploration…

The next stop of our horseback safari will be a Turkish village in which a warm atmosphere awaits you.

Locals will be there with their ready-to-pour-down hospitality and sincerity. They’ll welcome you and offer Turkish tea for a nice relaxation period.

With a delightful taste in your mouth, you’ll enjoy the nature, peace, twitters of the birds and charming landscapes.

And even this combination is not the only reason why you should join us: Horse riding has many advantages.

Loving Horses Can Heal Your Soul

Our horses are real professionals in their field, in terms of giving you an amazing ride and fun times.

All of them are calm, smart and well-trained. So there is nothing to worry about, even if you have no experience with horses at all.

Contrarily, they will reduce your stress and anxiety.

During the entire time of horse safari, you will understand how peaceful, valuable and fun is having a bond with animals! Feeling some love and friendship will make your soul fully content and relaxed.

Healing Power of Horses

Actually, in the last century, the therapeutic effect of horses and horseback riding on humans was recognized more:

Horseback riding strengthens muscles, improves posture and blood circulation.

In addition, communication with horses has a positive effect on the psyche, especially for children.

For example, hippotherapy is used in work with children with cerebral palsy and autism, as well as hyperactivity.

In a nutshell, horseback riding in Alanya is a pleasant and exciting excursion with many advantages.

Time will fly by, you will enjoy the nature and your time will be spent fully…

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