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Our 5-star Alanya Manavgat Boat Trip is capable of giving you a delightful trip in the heart of nature during which you will feast your eyes upon Mother Nature’s gifts.

Surrounded by tones of blue and green colors, you’ll cleanse your body and mind both on the deck and lands.

You’ll be able to enjoy sailing and hiking on a lovely path. During these amazing actions, don’t forget to breath the fresh air in, since you cannot find it in grey cities!

Now, let’s check the stops of our program so as to make you more excited!

What is included?

Free Hotel Transfer Service
Entrance fee for the park
Entrance fee for the waterfall

What is not included?

Any personal expenses
Any Drinks

What to bring with you?

Sun cream

Manavgat River: Twisty Tail of a Magical Waterfall

In Alanya Manavgat Boat Trip, we’ll visit Manavgat River, one of the  longest rivers in Turkey, with a huge fame.

It flows along a very picturesque area, creating a natural path that pleases tourists’ eyes.

It extends along enormous mountains, lush jungles and strikingly beautiful places.

Also, thanks to its norturing content, a unique flora and fauna have been formed around it.

To help making you know more about this amazing natural reservoir, we will take a walk in Manavgat National Park. Here you’ll see interesting plants, turtles and other animals.

Let’s See the Symbol of Postcard Pictures

The main attraction of the park and region is Manavgat Waterfall, doubtlessly, which is another stop we will have a break.

This waterfall is not only our relaxtaion point, but also famous image on postcard pictures in Turkish souvenir shops, righfully. There is no other gorgeous one like Manavgat Waterfall:

Even if its height is only 2 meters, its width is rouhgly 40 meters! Falling streams of water shimmer in all shades of blue and green, it even reflects off the lush greenery around.

Even if it is not a natural waterfall but a man-made dam, it still is quite spectacular.

There are observation platforms on both sides of the waterfall, making it possible to admire the view and have beautiful scenes for memory.

Visit to A Sacred Place

After arriving to Manavgat City, we will visit an ancient mosque, which is the symbol of the city. With its four 60-meter-long minarets, it proudly reaches to the sky and greet its curious visitors gracefully.

In front of the mosque, there is a special place for ablution before entering the mosque for prayer. And even this part of it looks very beautiful.

Also, thanks to its peaceful atmosphere and look, you’ll feel as if you arefilled up with harmony and peace.

Sailing to Where the Sea and River Meet

When our visit to the mosque ends, we’ll come aboard and enjoy a boat trip along the Manavgat River.

Being carried through the water by the currents of mountain waters from the top of the Taurus Mountains, we’ll be in ultimate peace.

Since the water in the river is very clean, there is a wide variety of fish such as trout, carp, mullet and seabass.

So, on the way, we will visit one of the trout farms located on the river bank.

Here comes the best part: At the end of the boat trip, we will arrive to the point where the river and the Mediterranean Sea mix each other.

During our break here, you can lie on the sandy beach, as well as you can swim in the mixture of salty and fresh water. Our crew will be on aboard to prepare a delicious grilled lunch for you.

Explore Manavgat & Grand Bazaar

At the end of our Alanya Manavgat Boat Trip, we will return to the city center of Manavgat.

And we’ll give you some spare time to enjoy it as you wish. As a recommendation, you should visit the large Grand Bazaar, where you will find everything from souvenirs and sweets to gold and antiques.

The shopping session will be delightful in there!
In short, you will be able to relax and enjoy the beautiful views and tranquility of the pristine nature with perfect swimming and wandering sessions.

By joining in our 5-star daily Manavgat boat trip, you’ll enjoy a day full of blue and green colors!

(PS: The route might change on the tour day!)

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Reviews About Alanya Manavgat Boat Trip

5.00 based on 4 reviews
6 June 2020

I rested in Alanya alone, the hotel was full with not quite English-speaking tourists 🙄 in one word it was very boring. I decided to diversify the rest, after a long monitoring, I decided to go to the Manavgat River.
I booked online through this site, it is very convenient and in general the guys are great, they suggested that and how and answered all my questions.
In the morning the bus arrived on time, without a guide, the driver explained that the guide would meet us on the ship. And so it was, guide Alice met us, explained where the toilets were on the ship, and so on. Throughout the excursion, Alice told what the stop would be, what we would see, what time it was.
We had lunch normally, it was fish, pasta, salad. I bought drinks separately.
After lunch, there was a stop at a unique place, at the same time it was possible to swim in the sea, in salty water, and in the river, in fresh water. From the shore, you can see the shades of the sea – blue, and the rivers – green. This is impressive 👍 The water in the sea is very warm, which cannot be said about the river)
After swimming, we were taken by bus to the waterfall. It was not the waterfall that impressed me anymore, but the strength of the current, at the same time beautiful and terribly scary.
There was also a stop at a mosque, but I did not go.
I advise you to take a tour, everything is super interesting, especially if it’s the first time. Special thanks to Alice for trying and brightening our day and to the employees of this website, who was in touch all the time, well done 🎉

21 June 2020

Everything is super, thanks excursion market for this tour. I recommend.

18 July 2020

The first time we were on such a journey. On a small, comfortable boat, we sailed along the Manavgat River, approached the waterfall. A very beautiful sight. According to the guide, it is not natural, it was created by someone. Looks impressive of course. Then we got to the city of Manavgat, where we visited an old mosque. Although we are not lovers of religious buildings, the mosque is interesting from a cultural point of view: it has four very high minarets, and inside is beautifully decorated. Then we boarded our yacht again and sailed to the confluence of the river and the sea. On the way we saw a fish farm – interestingly, I have never seen such a thing before. I recommend such an interesting tour to everyone. Thanks to its organizers.

21 August 2020

My family and I decided to buy this tour here on the site. We are very happy with the organization. First, we visited the Manavgat waterfall, in which there is clear and transparent water. There are 2 good observation decks. Around the green forest. The water in the river is calm, smooth, with very picturesque banks. There are fishermen with fishing rods on the banks here and there. Outside the city, along the coast, there are many hotels, each with a pier. But I was especially impressed by the place where the river flows into the sea. I liked it very much.

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