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Signing up for our daily Alanya Pamukkale Tour is one of the favorite things of tourists who are fond of their intellect and cultural accumulation, wanting to see and learn about the world’s best and most important touristic places.

In Turkey, Pamukkale is one of the best examples of these places, by being a UNESCO-assigned world heritage since 1988. That’s why, they don’t want to end their vacation in Turkey without seeing this natural masterpiece.

If you consider yourself being one of them, you should be one of our guests. We will take you to Aegean coasts’ amazing touristic destination that includes ancient textures, healing thermal waters and best result of chemical reactions!

What is included?

Entrance ticket to Pamukkale
Entrance ticket to Hierapolis
English Speaking Guide
Free Hotel Transfer

What is not included?

Entrance ticket to Cleopatra Pool
Personal expenses
Any Drinks

What to bring with you?

Comfortable Shoes
Swimsuit, Towel, Sunglasses, Hat
Foods for breakfast
A bag for carrying your shoes

Let’s Take to the Roads to Globally Famous White Mountain

In case of signing up for our Pamukkale excursion from Alanya, we will start the day by picking you up like all guests.

Then, we will depart from Alanya, give several breaks on the road and finally reach to Denizli, a district of Turkey, where Pamukkale is located in.

Pamukkale, translated as “Cotton Castle” literally, will attract you even at the first sight:

Its enormous body covered in pure white –so white that it’ll be a little bit hard to not to blink for a while, will charm you. What makes it so unique is that this natural white color does not come from any snow;

it is about the chemical reactions. No worries: you’ll learn about it.

After taking our shoes off as a rule so as not to harm the natural form of Pamukkale, our barefoot walk during which you’ll learn a lot will start.

First Time of Meeting Travertines

Until we reach to the peak, we’ll enjoy a delightful walk, feeling the warmth of mountain covered with thermal waters.

And of course, we’ll see many of travertine examples with different widths and depths.

These natural formations look like gigantic steps of a stairway, or tiny balconies, and they are what make Pamukkale unique and special.

Since they are filled with thermal waters, you’ll enjoy a dreamy scenery that combines white with baby blue colors.

You will learn how they were formed through ages from our professional guide. Also, you can take photos of them or benefit from their curative thermal waters or muds.

Embrace Alanya Pamukkale Tour’s Ancient Side

In the second part of Alanya Pamukkale Tour, we’ll reach to the peak, wear our shoes back, and take a walk towards the Ancient City of Hierapolis.

This UNESCO World Heritage ancient world will definitely impress you very much!

Again, you’ll learn a lot of things about Hierapolis’s historical importance in world’s timeline, thanks to our guides.

While exploring ancient streets, temples, caves, gates, statues, famous theatre and more, this lecture will be more fun and effective!

Cleopatra Pool: Where Once a Queen Swam

Myths says once Cleopatra and her lover visited Hierapolis’s grand antique pool -that’s why it is now known as Cleopatra Pool now, and enjoy the health and beauty that come from these waters.

Some even say that Cleopatra’s beauty’s huge fame owes a lot to this pool.

Such water is capable of curing many diseases of the whole organism, since its effect in a complex way restores the functions of various organs.

This pool’s water is especially effective on the skin surface of the whole body.

Thus, you will notice that after bathing in it, your skin will become elastic, ruddy, rejuvenated and shining.

The antique pool of Queen Cleopatra will give you the most pleasant sensations while swimming in sparkling thermal water that resembles champagne.

In this historic pool with fragments of Roman columns, you can take a dip while enjoying the natural massage of your skin with fine gas bubbles! That’s why,  its entrance fee is worth-paying!

From White to Red: Let’s Visit Karahayit

At the end of Alanya Pamukkale Tour, we will visit the famous red-colored thermal springs of Karahayit.

Swimming in its thermal pools will significantly improve your health; fill you with vivacity and vitality.

Buying Souvenirs for Immortal Memories

In this tour, a visit to a winery is also planned. There you will be offered a free tasting of natural grape wines.

On our way, we’ll also visit a textile factory you can see and buy best samples of its products. In another shop, an Onyx souvenir factory, you will see excellent products made from natural onyx, a rock like marble.

To sum up, we’ll have a very dynamic daily Pamukkale excursion from Alanya which will be great value for money!

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