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Our dazzling program Alanya Paragliding is waiting for you if you would like to experience matchless feeling of flying! You will be able to soar like a bird over the coasts, crossing the slopes and enjoying the extraordinary beauty of nature with a madly-beating heart.

The flight is accompanied by a professional instructor, so all you need to do is jump off when it’s said so, and let the professionals make you glide in the blue sky smoothly and safely…

Sounds quite exciting, right?

What is included?

Free Hotel Transfer Service

What is not included?

Any personal expenses
Photos and Videos


What to bring with you?

Hat, Sunglasses

The Most Unique Sport Held in the Sky

Did you know paragliding differs from parachuting by including a jump-off from a special airplane? Yes, the ones who will paraglide should scatter from the top of the mountain and jump. It means, even the “preparation” session of this journey is quite thrilling and exciting!

After the jump, during the free-fall, the air flow surrounds your whole body and makes you feel as if you are not jumping down, but really falling off. Perhaps the most unforgettable part is this one. Then the slower and more “peaceful” part follows during which paragliders can observe the incredible landscape.

Paragliding is an official sport and various competitions are held in it. But you don’t need to be a professional paraglider to experience such intense emotions! You just need to listen carefully to the instructor –which surely you will, and follow his recommendations both before and during the flight.

We Never Trivialize Safety’s Importance

Alanya Paragliding activity will be led by an instructor who is fully in charge and control of the entire flight, as well as preparation and landing sessions. In other words, don’t be afraid and worry about safety; you’ll be a passenger in safety and comfort fully whose duty is to observe the landscape under his/her feet!

Before you start your flight, you will be told the rules of conduct and safety. You don’t need to have experience or special training to paraglide. But keep in mind that before jumping you will need to run quickly for 15-25 meters –so you definitely need some quick steps here! That’s why, you should be completely healthy and not constrained physically.

Also, there are age and weight restrictions: Your weight should be between 25 and 120 kg, and age 16 and 50 years.

Most Thrilling Experience You’ll Ever Have

After learning the required information, let’s talk about the most exciting experience of your life that awaits you…

Transfer will pick you up from your hotel in the morning and take you to the mountains of Alanya – Taurus Mountains, where the paragliding base is located. The platform from which the jump is made is at an altitude of 800 meters.

From this height, you’ll be able to see the entire coastline gathering the sea, mountains, sights, city streets, hotels and swimming pools up at a glance.

Enjoy the Sky with Alanya Paragliding

Soaring like a bird, leaving behind hustle and bustle of everyday life and valuing of each moment of flight, you’ll be filled up with intense emotions.

During the flight, the instructor will take photos and videos so as to make these precious moments unforgettable.

He knows the perfect angles and this talent of him will make the records quite lively, vivid and amazing.

Most likely, you will want to purchase these high-quality souvenirs after the land-off.

As a note here, the flight may vary in duration depending on wind and weather conditions; but paragliders usually stay in the air for at least 20 minutes.

Moreover, your flight will end with a land-off on the famous Cleopatra Beach.

Paragliding in Alanya is an unforgettable experience of freedom, energy and joy of life! So, treat yourself to this holiday and sign up for our Alanya Paragliding program very easily!

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Reviews About Alanya Paragliding

5.00 based on 5 reviews
6 July 2019

We already have some experience in jumping, last year we jumped in Kemer, this time we decided to jump in Alanya. Alania turned out to be very beautiful, although they did not fly so high – the height was only 800 meters. Another memory in our collection of Turkish travels. thanks

2 April 2020

Only positive impressions remained. Thank you so much for organizing, very satisfied.

26 May 2020

We rested in Alanya in early September. We decided on such an extreme – to fly on paragliding. The spirit was captured already at the start, when they ran away – the most incredible began. There was no trace of the fear of heights. I wanted the flight to last forever. The photos turned out to be very beautiful. We still show the video to our friends. Everything was wonderful.

8 August 2020

Due to the fact that the altitude is not so special, less than a kilometer, then flying is not at all scary, so this tour is especially suitable for beginners. I definitely recommend it.

2 September 2020

Great excursion! I liked flying like a bird over the whole city. The instructors are very polite, they will help, tell, and give prompts. In the future, I will also contact this company. Thanks!

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