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Ahoy lucky pirates from all around the world! Did you know our Alanya Pirate Boat Trip program offers you a chance of spending the whole day offshore along with:

  • Amusing moments that will inspire both children and adults
  • Vibes unique to pirates
  • A grand pirate ship decorated perfectly
  • Delightful swimming spots
  • Eye-feasting landscapes
  • Delicious dishes and beverages?

Well, you do, now!

The pirate ship swimming in Mediterranean Sea for hours is now at your service with its amazing crew and itinerary. Take a seat and enjoy an exciting adventure full of secrets and mysteries awaits you!

What is included?

Unlimited non-alcoholic drinks
Free Hotel Transfer Service
Foam Show and Disco

What is not included?

Any personal expenses
Alcoholic Drinks
Photo & Video

What to bring with you?

Swimsuit, Towel
Sunglasses, Hat
Sun cream

Tour program of Alanya Pirate Boat Trip

In the morning of the tour day, after leaving your hotels, you go to the fort where Jack Sparrow is already waiting for you, and come aboard.

Then, as soon as other pirates like you are at the port, the ship starts sailing to the depths.

Alanya Pirate Ship Boat Trip has a route full of natural attractions such as caves, shores and worth-taking-photos corners.

Moreover, you will follow ancient footsteps of Queen Cleopatra on a beach named after her visit.

And of course, you’ll explore many options enriching your leisure time as you wish on the deck.

Pirates with Grumbling Stomachs

A pirate cannot do without an appetizing lunch, aye? We know that.

That’s why, at the middle of our journey, we will stop at the New Port to have a delicious lunch and gain strength for the second part of the journey, because our pirate boat trip is designed for the whole day.

No worries: our menu will be full of nurturing dishes, and you’ll get the energy you need for the rest of the trip.

Some Possibilities to Talk About

Speaking of our route, please note that visits to some stops such as mud cave, completely depend on the weather conditions.

Peculiarities of the ebb and currents at the places where we should have anchored might cancel the swimming session in there.

If it happens, you will be informed about it during our journey. But please do not despair:

our swimming program is prepared in such a way that no unfortunate can stop us!

Now, let us introduce other stops we have on our program that will excite you a lot!

Pirate Cave: Pirate Boat Trip’s Essential Stop

Much surprised that we’ll visit a cave called Pirate Cave, right?

Actually, you should be, because the name is not random.

According to legend, this cave contains countless treasures dating back to the time of the Roman Empire!

Legends say that some pirates hid looted items and treasures in the cave and brought their personal trophies.

During our time in there, we will give it a shot and try to find some of those untold riches all together.

Cleopatra Beach

Long ago, the legendary Egyptian queen visited Alanya and adored the local beauty and spent her leisure days having a walk along the white, smooth sands.

Thinking about her lover, country, reign and people, every step she took there reflects another part of her story.

As thoughtful pirates, we will respect her memories and crown her existence by exploring her story, wandering around and swimming in crystal-clear sea.

And untouched nature’s perfection will be upon us all the time.

Lovers’ Cave

The last stop of Alanya Pirate Ship Boat Trip will be the cave named after folk’s stories.

It has two versions and you are free to believe in each of them. For some, the name comes from its mysterious shape of the heart –and it appeals to logical people the most.

According to another version, however, in the last century, a couple in madly, agonizingly in love with each other -and hopelessly, we should add; hid in this cave, whose families tried to separate them.

You will learn the final of story on the deck: Emotional pirates will adore that!

Here comes the best legend about Lovers’ Cave:

If a couple jumps into the water holding hands and shouting each other’s names, they will live happily together.

If you don’t have a lover, though, don’t be sad, there will be a lot of people on the boat.

You can meet them, even jump into the sea together, falling in the depths as falling in love!

The Best Pirate Ship Boat Trip in Alanya

Let the warm weather, excitement and fun surround you:

Take a step to our deck and let us take you to the best swimming spots along Mediterranean coasts!

And don’t waste your chance of being a real-life pirate who will leave a nice day behind…

So, book our tour online or contact us for further information!

(PS: The route might change on the tour day!)

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Reviews About Alanya Pirate Boat Trip - Music & Dance Show & Foam Party

5.00 based on 4 reviews
22 May 2020

We chose where to buy an excursion: from a guide in a hotel or on the street with hands. It’s cheaper on the street, but it’s scary that they’ll deceive, but it’s expensive in the hotel. As a result, we found this website, it seems that the reviews are normal, we bought it and everything is ok, we did not regret it. The tour itself went well. Thank you, we advise you to buy it.

12 June 2020

We spent the whole day at sea, singing, having fun, laughing like children. We did not expect to see so many caves – each one was more beautiful than the previous one. Took photos wherever possible. The animators did not let me get bored even for a minute. We were satisfied. The guys are great fellows. Thanks for the rest.

18 July 2020

With friends we went to rest in Alanya. We chose to hang out on a pirate ship. Music, boat trip – what else is needed for happiness. We returned to the hotel in the evening. Thank you for organizing the excursion The bus was waiting at the specified time. Convenient and cheap, thank you

1 September 2020

We were in Alanya at the end of August. We were with my husband and son (5 years old). Of course, all the stay is built around our son – if he is resting, then we are all resting. Our choice fell on a pirate yacht. All the swimming, our son played in a team with animators, made new friends. We managed to spend a little time alone and enjoy the sea and the sun. Wonderful tour where everyone is resting. Definitely advised.

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