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Alanya Sunset Boat Trip, uniting the joy of sailing and enjoying the delightful views will make your evening totally perfect. You’ll not be overwhelmed by the hot temperatures, which might occur in daily boat trips, and still have a chance of swimming and enjoy being on the deck!

Get ready for a nice opportunity to swim in the rays of the setting sun, dine on board, and see the lovely places from the water. You will see the famous caves and grottoes of Alanya. And on the way back, you will the city sight and the famous fortress from the water under, under the shining stars in the dark night!

So, let’s learn more about this lovely trip!

What is included?

Free Hotel Transfer Service
Soft Drinks

What is not included?

Any personal expenses
Alcoholic drinks

What to bring with you?

Swimsuit, Towel
Hat, Sunglasses

Amazing Program of Alanya Sunset Boat Trip

Our 5-star Alanya Sunset Boat Trip will begin with a joy of sightseeing along the Alanya coasts. During this part, you will see the gigantic, famous fortress and the Red Tower from a different angle.

Also, you will see the old shipyard that was built in the 13th century.

Then, we will go by the caves of Phosphoric, Pirates, Clay and Lovers’.

What makes them unique is being visible only from the sea, so there is no direct access from the lands.

In other words, you will have a great opportunity to take beautiful photos in these interesting and mystical places.

If you are lucky enough, you can come across a couple jumping off a rock block 10 meters above the Lovers’ Cave.

As a myth and funny tradition now, as a proof of their great love, people in love climb the rock together and jump together!

Famous Beaches of Alanya

During the sunset voyage, we will also pass by the famous beaches of Alanya coasts such as Ulas, Pasa, and Cleopatra Beach.

You will see how beautifully they extend along, embracing delicate waves at the shores and waiting for their lucky visitors.

These beaches are the best for enjoyable swimming as well as sunbathing sessions!

Endless Fun on the Deck

In addition to the boat trip with beautiful views, some fun games and animation will be organized throughout the trip.

And this is very advantageous especially for families: If you sign up for the tour as a family, when you’re resting, your children can have fun by playing with the animators!

Pleasant beats of the music will play, and you’ll find the peace you’ve been searching for.

Then, this peaceful session will turn into something more energetic and fun: There will be a foam party and dancing session!

Delightful End of Alanya Sunset Boat Trip

Of course, since you’ll lose a lot of energy, we will prepare a delightful dinner serving your appetite very well.

During the dinner, you will understand why Turkish cuisine is globally famous!

So, if you want to crown the joy of your vacation in Alanya, join us for a nice day on aboard, accompanied with orange sky!

To do so, you can book Alanya Sunset Boat Trip online or contact us for further information!

(PS: The route might change on the tour day!)

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