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Our 5-star Alanya Turkish Bath session invites all of its guests to a delightful relaxation in a modern and authentic resort.

After spending a lot of energy and exploring the city, or before jumping into the lovely adventures in Alanya, you will need a delightful break.

So, we created this perfect option during which you’ll relax, release the mental and physical pain and cleanse your soul…

Are you ready to learn more about a thousand-of-years-old hammam tradition that comes from Ancient Romans to Ottomans?

Well, if your answer is yes, let’s learn more about the itinerary and make you even more excited!

What is included?

Free Hotel Transfer Service
Turkish Tea
Procedures in accordance with the session program
Towel, bathrobe and slippers are provided individually

What is not included?

Any personal expenses
Additional services
Photos and Videos

What to bring with you?


Energy Boost in Alanya Turkish Bath

You can choose anytime to attend to Alanya Turkish Bath, but the best choice will probably be the first days or hours of your holiday.

You’ll have a very fresh and dynamic start to spend your time in Alanya’s coasts in this way.

How it can be possible, you probably wonder. Let us answer it gladly and proudly:

One (or many) session in our Turkish Hammam will prepare your body for adventures that require mobility such as walking, hiking, swimming etc., improve your health and fill you up with energy.

In short, you’ll find anything you need to enjoy your days as an active tourist!

Improve Your Health in the Hammam: Benefits of Turkish Bath

Would you believe us if we say Turkish Bath in Alanya will not only make you feel more energetic, but also improve your health?

Yes, it’s confirmed that a hammam session has great benefits for the whole body; that’s why it is still popular even if ages has passed.

(Of course, to see its beneficial side, you should not have pregnancy or health issues that might be triggered by heat.)

Since Turkish hammam involves in special materials and techniques that are practiced by professionals, it gives you an exclusive treatment from your head to toe by:

Helping you getting rid of toxins and dead layers of your skin

Reviving your blood circulation –this might even contribute to reducing cellulite

Improving your respiratory system (due to exhaling in steam)

In short, a couple of hours in there will make your body healthier.

Get Even More Beautiful

We know that you are quite pretty or handsome, and now you can double it.

Since organic materials and special techniques will be applied all over your body, your skin will react it at the best way such as by showing its best potential.

It will get smoother and shining, by revealing soft pinky tones in it.

Also, since your skin’s pores enlarge and get rid of the dirt and toxins during scrubbing (kese) part, you will look more vivid!

Step by Step Alanya Turkish Bath

Now, let’s learn exactly how this process works.

Steam Room

The journey will start in a hot-air room which is an oriental version of a western sauna.

And this room is completely sheathed with solid panels of special types of wood.

You will sit in there and sweat a lot so as to make your body ready for the next part.

Menthol Room

The next step will be held in a menthol room, which is a kind of steam room.

You’ll be invited to the marble platform for a nice massage and peeling session which is done by using a special mitten with organic fibers.

In our hammam, all staff and masseurs have the highest qualifications of professions in their fields.

They will skillfully perform several types of massages for you. One of them will be foam massage during which you’ll be underneath thick foam of soap.

And then, a 30-minute aromatherapy oil massage by using natural olive oil of the first fraction of cold-press will be given.

This part will make your body cleansed and renewed with maximum nutrition and protection.

All of these steps contribute to a flawless and shining tan, as well as visible skin rejuvenation.

With enough amount and regularity of this process, even wrinkles disappear, and the skin acquires a healthy blush. To make it perfect, you can get an exclusive face mask which will greatly benefit your skin in its deeper layers at the cellular level.

And all of these massages are made by hand according to an ancient oriental recipe based on the composition of seaweed.

Relaxing Near the Pool as a King/Queen

After completing all of your nurturing beauty treatments, you can enjoy a swim in the outdoor pool or relax in the special area for resting.

There you will be offered a treat of fresh fruits, drinks and aromatic Turkish tea.

Additional services can be provided for you if you wish. These are special activities such as relaxing in the salt room and swimming in the Jacuzzi. Let us know if you’re interested in with those exclusive items!

Join in The Best Alanya Turkish Bath Session

To sum up, everything in Alanya Turkish Bath is organized in accordance with modern hygiene requirements and high level of hygiene.

As well as its safety, the session that you will have is also quite luxurious with its rich decoration and artistic mosaics. That is why, our hamam is very popular among tourists from various countries!

If you want to be one of those lucky people, you can book this event online or contact us for further information: You will never regret it!

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Reviews About Alanya Turkish Bath

5.00 based on 5 reviews
3 April 2020

Not bad: clean, I might even say sterile, good massage. I have never been in a hammam before, so I have nothing to compare with. But I liked everything, so I give 5 stars.

21 July 2020

To be honest, I thought that for this amount I would get some kind of Soviet public bath :)) But I received a real high-quality hammam with excellent massage and a polite crew. I recommend.

6 August 2020

Excellent hamam. We were here twice, it was bad that there was not enough time for the third :)) I definitely recommend it.

19 August 2020

We visited the hamam at the beginning of our stay. I don’t know where this idea came from at all. Well, as for the hamam itself, we really liked it. Then we wanted to go again, but, unfortunately, there was not enough time. The massage is very well.

9 September 2020

We rested in Xperia Beach in August, this is not the first time in Turkey, and each time, according to tradition, we go to the bathhouse on the first day of arrival :))
I checked the website and offers from excursion market while still at home in Minsk, and booked in advance.
Hamam is located not far from our hotel, we drove for 10-15 minutes. At the entrance, we met a girl, who gave us information about the programs, how much it costs, what is included, and so on.
We chose the standard program + additional massage. First we were taken to the sauna, then to the steam room, then to the room with the stone where we were washed, scrubbed, and into the massage room. All activities took about 2 hours.
As for me, this is the best hamam in Alanya for this price.

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