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Hotel Transfer
On the Day
06:30 – 21:30

With All Inclusive Pamukkale Tour from Side, visit the Pamukkale’s stunning snow-white terrace, which is surrounded by crystal pure water.

This magnificent location is so stunning that it’s hard to realize you’re still in Turkey.

It is a national emblem and natural wonder of which they say, “If you haven’t gone to Pamukkale, you haven’t been to Turkey!” Here you will discover a program that is ancient, organic and wellness all at the same time.

What is included?

Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
Guiding Service (EN)
Bus with Full A/C
Full Insurance
Entrance Fees to Pamukkale
Lunch, Dinner

What is not included?

Any personal expenses
Photo and Video
Seat Not Guaranteed For The Infant
Cleopatra’s Pool Entrance Fee

What to bring with you?

Swimsuit, Towel
Waterproof (rubber) shoes
Sun cream
Sunglasses, Hat
Tank top (worn under the life jacket)
Dry clothes

Pick-up Time from Hotels

  • KIZILOT – 02.45
  • KIZILAĞAÇ – 02.45
  • TİTREYENGÖL – 03.00
  • SORGUN – 03.15
  • SİDE MERKEZ – 03.15
  • KUMKÖY – 03.30
  • EVRENSEKİ – 03.45
  • ÇOLAKLI – 04.00
  • GÜNDOĞDU – 04.00

Journey to Cotton Castle

A comfortable air-conditioned bus will take you up from your hotel early in the morning, and a day full of fresh experiences and emotions will begin.

We’ll enjoy a nice ride to the amazing places.

Pamukkale – UNESCO heritage

The Pamukkale National Park will be the first stop on our itinerary. The UNESCO World Heritage List recognizes this one-of-a-kind natural creation: snow-white travertines.

“Pamuk” means “cotton” in Turkish, while “kale” means “castle, fortress.” A huge earthquake gave birth to the “Cotton Castle” 400 thousand years ago.

Hot spring waters have enchanted the white pools known as travertines for centuries.

Even on hot summer days, such a picture is refreshing. And what stunning photos you’ll get against the backdrop of snow-covered terraces! You will have enough time to have time to visit all the local attractions:

White limestone travertines,

Ancient city of Hierapolis,

Cleopatra’s pool


Cleopatra’s pool

The so-called Cleopatra pool is located next to the travertine and is related with numerous tales. Swimming in a pool, according to one of them, is beneficial to one’s health.

So, whether it is or not, you must choose for yourself. The water in the pool and the travertines have a varied chemical composition and temperature.

It does not contain calcium, has a greater temperature, and is enriched with iron and minerals in Cleopatra’s basin. It can also be used internally in specified areas.

We recommend that you take a dip in the famed pool’s curative waters. According to legend, Mark Antony conceived of the idea and ordered the pool’s construction for his fiancée. You’ll feel as though you’re in a cup of soda as you step into the water.

The mineral water’s content is quite beneficial; it has a renewing and healing effect, and it may even be used orally. Sitting under the rivers of waterfalls can also provide relaxing times.

Ancient Hierapolis

The city was founded in the 2nd century BC and quickly became known for its hot springs. Hierapolis has been destroyed and rebuilt several times due to earthquakes and conquerors.

The local historical museum and the well-preserved old theater are also worth seeing.

A competent Russian-speaking guide will accompany you throughout the day and will be sure to offer intriguing historical facts as well as local stories and myths.

End of the Tour

When we see the places above, we’ll get back to Side, to drop you off hotels. So, you’ll be able to relax and remember this lovely day.

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