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Antalya Altinbesik Cave tour allows you to enjoy the countryside of Antalya, the wonders of nature and cleanse your soul from the negativity, the effects of the crowd and noise.

You can leave the city life behind for a day and get ready to be under the influence of the charm of nature, sincerity of people, positivity and peacefulness.

The best part of Antalya Altinbesik Cave excursion is that we will be able to visit many places in a limited time; and this will surely diversify your travel journey in Antalya, Turkey. Thus, if you are a real nature lover, you may want to learn the details of the tour in the next paragraphs.

What is included?

Free Hotel Transfer ( Both Ways)
Professional Guiding
Boat Tour in Cave
All Entrance Fees
Full Insurance

What is not included?

Personal Spendings

What to bring with you?

Sun Glasses
Comfortable Shoes

Daily Altinbesik Cave tour from Antalya

Before learning about the stops and events, you should know how to get prepared to be sure that you have everything that you need!

For example, since there will be a lot of walking, you may want to prefer wearing comfortable clothes and shoes.

And lastly, make sure that your camera is ready to snap amazing shots during the tour, since we have the source for it!

In the morning, we will pick you up from your hotel by our fully-equipped, modern, safe and comfortable bus and our ride will start from then on.

In order to give you information about the places, there will be our professional and licensed tourist guide, therefore, the ride will be both entertaining and informative.

Avasun Village

The first stop of our Antalya Altinbesik Cave excursion will be Avasun Village.  It is located in the cliffs of Taurus Mountain.

This location will be suitable for breathing in the fresh air and enjoy the view.

After getting on the bus and going for a while later, we will stop again in order to enjoy the panoramic views of the famous Green Canyon and the Green Lake.

Both of these breaks in the stops will last for a short time, since we have many places to see!

(Ürünlü) Urunlu Village

After taking photos and videos of the views, we drive until we get to Urunlu Village.

This village is famous for its traditional unique houses, and we will be able to learn about their importance and the life in here.

Our guide will provide detailed information to you and answer your questions if you want to. For 30 minutes, we will be sipping our coffee inside of one of these amazing-style structures.

Altinbesik Cave National Park from Antalya 

Surely, the most exciting and wonderful stop of the tour will follow the Urunlu Village: Altinbesik Cave National Park.

The third biggest underground lake of Europe is inside of Altinbesik Cave, and welcomes us to be encharmed with its beauty, and we will not refuse.

By getting into a boat, we will enjoy a lovely boat trip in Altinbesik Cave, and be able to observe unique stalactites and stalagmites.

Altinbesik means “The Golden Cradle” in Turkish, and you will figure it out why. Thus, you may want to get your camera ready.

The Lunch in Ormana Village

When we please our eyes, soul and mind in the cave, we will move to our next stop, which is Ormana Village.

To the accompaniment of an unspoiled nature, we will have a lunch which is made of delicious dishes of Turkish cuisine. With our full stomachs and energy, we will get ready to visit the next stop of our Antalya Altinbesik Cave tour.

Sarihacilar Village

Being around the ancient Silk road, Sarihancilar Village has an important cultural and historical background.

We will spend our time in there by visiting a significant Ottoman mosque, and listening the story of the village.

Enjoy the nature and the surroundings of our last stop of the Altinbesik Cave tour, and do not forget to snap some shots.

During the afternoon, we will be dropping you to your hotel in Antalya by our comfortable bus. If you like our system and crew, you can always join us to explore Antalya, and also, Turkey.

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