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Antalya Hot Air Balloon Tour promises you to provide the most matchless experience of your life… Over the horizon of Pamukkale, you will be enjoying the sight of the breaking dawn in a basket of a hot air balloon! Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Antalya Hot Air Balloon Price – 75 Euro

Along a whole year, whenever the weather conditions allow to do so, we organize hot air balloon tours in Pamukkale; and Antalya balloon tour is the way to join the event from Antalya.

Before getting into the details of this excursion, be sure that you will never forget that 1 hour of floating over the unique landscape of the “cotton castle”.


For future reservations, the price may change, please contact us.

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What is included?

Certificate & Champaigne Toast
Safety Briefing Before Flight
Balloon Fee
Pilot Fee

What is not included?

Food & Drinks
Personal Spendings
Transfer Fee (200€)

What to bring with you?

Sun Glasses
Comfortable Shoes

Hot Air Balloon Tour from Antalya

Before joining the Antalya hot air balloon tour activity, we suggest you to prepare yourself for a better experience.

For example, since we will depart from Antalya very early (3 A.M.), you may want to sleep early to get rest until the next day.

And when the day comes, you may prefer to wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

If you are afraid of height and want to try this unique experience anyway (or with the force of your family/friends etc.), make breathing exercises to be able to feel relaxed and do not forget that all of the crew of this organization is professional; thus, there is nothing to worry about.

Of course, do not forget to charge your camera or phone if you want to immortalize those amazing moments, which we highly recommend you to do so.

Before Hot Air Balloon Antalya

After picking you up (as single or as a group up to 6 people) by our comfortable and fully-equipped car at 3 A.M. from your hotel, we will take the roads to arrive Pamukkale, which is a must-see place in Turkey.

Next, after driving 3 hours, we will get there, meet the crew and get information about the process in details. In the dark, they will be preparing the balloons which will carry you to the sky and you can watch them to relieve yourself if you are too excited.

Again, the team is professional and organizing flights for years.
(PS: Children up to 6 years old can fly if the pilot approves. Please contact us about children 0-5 years old.)

During Antalya Balloon Tour

When everything is ready, you will climb into the basket and when everyone comes, you will start to rise.

The flames beneath the balloons will shine like the stars in the dark, and this is even nothing comparing to the mixture of the dawn and the beauty of Pamukkale.

For 1 hour, you will be able to observe this amazing combination and photograph it as much as you want: Antalya balloon tour is for ones who would like to please their eyes, mind and soul at the same time.

Landing Off & Celebration After The Balloon Tour

Surely, you would not want to land; yet, after 1 hour, you have to do so. However, do not get upset since there will be some good surprises for you: Like a toast with a glass of champagne!

In the landing field, we will celebrate this amazing session with you and also, you will be given a hot air balloon certificate to prove your bravery to others!

Free Time to Enjoy the Beauty of the Landscape

Even if the flight and the celebration end, you will have free a couple hours to enjoy the beauty of the landscape, walking along in there or swimming into the natural thermal water of Pamukkale travertines.

Also, the mud inside of these pools are good for skin if you would like to try out. If you like cultural and historical learning, you can visit Hierapolis which is an ancient city that is close to the field.

Our Antalya hot air balloon tour will end when your free time is over. Then we will return to Antalya after a 3-hour-ride.

Antalya to Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon

This service is also available in Pamukkale! We can arrange this amazing trip in Pamukkale.

Again, we’ll pick you up from Antalya to there and you will enjoy an unforgettable day.

This time, instead of viewing Cotton Castle, you’ll be viewing valleys, fairy chimneys and magical lands!Contact us if you are interested!

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Reviews About Antalya Hot Air Balloon Tour

5.00 based on 2 reviews
6 August 2020

Unforgettable emotions! I am so sure that your breathe will be taken!!! The organization was very good thanks to excursionmarket. For my part, I recommend that you dress for the weather and be in comfortable clothes and shoes.

20 April 2022

Hot Air Balloon experience was really amazing! So good and beautiful landscape! We were amazed that I was not at all nervous for the flight. Our pilot and his assistant, did a good job; liftoff was a breeze and landing was so soft.

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