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Antalya city tour with waterfalls and cable car is a perfect way to explore the city which is along the Mediterranean Sea at the south of Turkey. This city is dominantly famous with its contributions to the summer tourism in Turkey with its amazing bays, beaches and holiday resorts. Yet, it actually holds more than you can guess: It also both presents a cultural background and a lovely city life, and by enrolling in this Antalya city tour, you will be able to see it with your own eyes. Therefore, if you are interested in, you can read the following paragraphs to see the whole tour program in details.

What is included?

Visiting 2 Waterfalls (Duden-Lara)
Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
Lara Entrance Fee
Open Buffet Lunch
Guiding Service
Full Insurance

What is not included?

Cable Car Fee (+15 EUR)

Boat Trip Fee (+8 EUR)

Duden Waterfall Fee (+40 TL)

Personal Spendings


What to bring with you?

Comfortable Shoes
Towel and Hat
Sun Glasses

Antalya City Tour with Waterfalls and Cable Car

As the first step in our daily city tour, we will pick you up from your hotel by our fully-equipped tour bus which can provide the comfort that you need.

After arriving to the Old Town of Antalya (in Turkish, it is “Keçiören” district), you will have a free time to explore places, to observe the lovely city life and to taste various delicious meals of Turkish cafes and restaurants.

By the way, you can talk to your professional city guide to request some information or recommendations for travel points to improve your travel experience in your free time.

In there, you will be close to the famous Hadrian’s Gate, the Clock Tower and Yivliminare Mosque.

Duden Waterfalls

From the Old Town harbor, we will enjoy the mixture of the blue shades of the sea and the beauty of Antalya city.

Therefore, feel free to view this relaxing scene as much as possible.

After our voyage, you will be able to visit one of the wonders of nature: Duden Waterfall. And to view it with a panoramic perspective, the guide will bring you to the cliffs; there, you will be observing the 40-meter waterfall and listen the rattles of it.

This scene is like an oil painting and it will impress your soul. Thus, watch the coalescence of the waterfall and the Mediterranean Sea.

Aşağı Düden Şelalesi (Lower Duden Waterfall)

The source of the Duden stream, 14 km long, is located in the southern part of the Taurus Mountains. The Duden Stream divides into two branches at a point called the Dudenbashi.

The first branch, which is about 7 km from Antalya, is called the Lower Duden Waterfall, and the other branch, which is 1 km from Varsak, is called the Upper Duden Waterfall. Both of these waterfalls eventually lead to the Mediterranean Sea.

Be careful not to get confused because they have the same name. This one is on the beach and flows into the sea, while the Upper Düden Falls is located in the city center.

The Lower Duden Waterfall, of unique beauty, located in the Duden Park in the Lara district of Antalya, is a powerful water attraction that can be seen not only from the land side, but also from a boat on the water.

Yukarı Düden Şelalesi (Upper Duden Waterfall)

The Upper Düden waterfalls are located in the Varsak region, within the borders of the Kepez region. Upper Duden Waterfall is one of the best and most refreshing recreational areas, located about 12 kilometers northeast of Antalya.

It is a great natural beauty where you can breathe fresh air and enjoy the wonderful shades of green. It should not be confused with another waterfall called Lower Düden, located on a cliff facing the sea.

The caves behind the waterfall are very interesting formations. The cavities of the caves are like a window from which a beautiful view opens. You can even walk under the place where the waterfall flows.

Don’t forget to watch the waterfall from the cave. Sometimes you have to bend over in the caves and they can get quite wet. Therefore, it is important to be careful not to slip.

Visiting the Old City of Antalya

Then we will drive to the city center where you can enjoy a few hours of free time in Antalya Old Town or “Kaleiçi” as it is called in Turkish. In the old town there are many sights and interesting places.

Walking through the Old Town is a good opportunity to take beautiful photos against the backdrop of historical sites and the sea. You can also try traditional dishes at local restaurants or traditional Turkish coffee at nearby cafes.

In the Old Town you can also find some charming shops to buy some souvenirs. It is worth noting that the main tourist attractions and attractions of the Old Town of Antalya are within walking distance.

Antalya Cable Car Tour

As the last event in our Antalya city tour, we will offer you to get in to a cable car if you are not afraid of height. Even if so, give it a chance to enjoy the view of the city and take amazing photos of it.

You will be able to enjoy a trip that is above the roofs and lives. Even better. Thus, get ready to fly in a comfortable cabinet which will provide you a nice view and excitement.

The End of Our Antalya City Tour

After the cable car part of our tour, we will get on the bus for the last time and will say goodbye to the Old City of Antalya. At the afternoon, you will have arrived to your hotel to get some rest.

Of course, we do not need to leave each other; you can book this tour or other Antalya excursions in any time.

To learn more for activities, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Reviews About Antalya City Tour (Waterfalls and Cable Car)

5.00 based on 15 reviews
6 April 2019

This is the excursion that you should start your Antalya trip. We visited very interesting places, and especially the waterfall, which we wanted to see so much 😊
In general, for little money, they show you the main attractions, give you meal and take you to a boat ride. We were satisfied, very much!
Thank you Excursion market! If we once again find ourselves in Turkey, then we already know who to trust about the organization of our excursions 😘

8 April 2019

An interesting, eventful excursion. Usually I always try to buy sightseeing tours, especially if I visit the city as a tourist for the first time. Previously, I did not have the opportunity to buy from this company, but I was satisfied with the quality of service, so I decided to write a review. I liked that we were immediately put on a large comfortable sightseeing bus, that is, in fact, the excursion began immediately from the hotel territory. During the excursion I really liked the cable car ride. Throughout the excursion, we had an English girl guide with us, who tried very hard to interest us in the sights and this one she undoubtedly succeeded. Thank you so much, I liked everything very much.

8 July 2019

We specially ordered a city tour at the very beginning of our vacation. We looked at the city, noted for ourselves the places that we want to get to again and only then went to see a couple of sights on our own. I liked the organization, the excursion was not bad. Recommended.

6 August 2019

On this tour, I really liked the Duden waterfalls – a beautiful place with clean air and water. There are bike paths in the park that I even wanted to ride a bike. There are two observation platforms on the territory with a beautiful view. I recommend.

19 January 2020

This excursion is especially suitable for those who have not been to Antalya itself before, but had a rest only in hotels or outside the city. I really love city tours, because in one day you get an idea of ​​the whole city and then you can already find your way. Thank you, everything was good.

16 June 2020

Today we went on this city tour of Antalya… What can I say, everything was at its highest level, pick up from the hotel, travel around the city, all the interesting things, road of return… Tourists of the Club Falcon hotel are very satisfied and recommend everyone to visit this excursion with Excursion market!!! Most importantly, for a very, very affordable amount 😉 Once again, many thanks to!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

19 June 2020

If you want to see the old city and of course the waterfall, then be sure to go on this ciry tour. I went with my 7 years old daughter.
The cost is not high, the excursion is easy and interesting. All organizational aspects are considered, all without delay. I personally liked everything.

26 July 2020

One of the best excursions in Antalya!
We rested with my wife, because we wanted to see the city, we chose a city tour, and we don’t regret it at all.
A very rich and interesting program, and most importantly the guide’s work is super!
I recommend this tour to everyone, you will not regret it!

22 August 2020

Antalya’s nature and history are worth of exploring. Excursion Market team is very successful at arranging a good trip that shows the highlights, so you will be blessed by Antalya’s beauty. We joined in the tour as a family and every one of us loved it. Thanks for the tour, it was well-arranged, never ever a waste-of-time. We saw amazing things at once…

26 August 2020

A very interesting and full excursion at a very reasonable price. We were picked up from the hotel at exactly 8 am. As soon as we took our seats, the tour guide immediately began to tell stories. The guide is an English guy who lives in Turkey and is well experienced in the local culture, history and was able to get our attention with his knowledge and excellent presentation. My special thanks to him. Of course, I really liked the old town, which is called kaleici here. We bought some souvenirs for friends there. Thank you, we liked everything.

26 August 2020

Nice excursion, interesting. We even rode along the bay near Antalya, though not for long, about an hour. We saw the main city attractions. Thank you, I will recommend you to my friends.

14 September 2020

We actually preffered visiting Antalya for its beaches and shores but the city’s landmarks surprised us! They were very old but good-looking… Thanks to our amazing tour guide, we learned info about them and enjoy the trip very much -btw he was very fluent in english and fun person.
We like the tour, it was very interesting. I recommend it.

22 September 2020

We chose this Antalya city tour because of its cheap prices but never regret it. It was far beyond than our expectations and we are grateful for that. The driver, tour guide, actually everyone in the team was very polite. And we saw amazing places -my gallery was full after the trip lol. If you hesitate on joining in this trip: DONT! You will love it… thanks guys

16 March 2021

Most of all in this sightseeing tour, I liked sailing on a boat, so after my arrival I bought a trip on a pirate ship from the same guys and was also very pleased. So I definitely recommend it. Many thanks!

23 November 2021

Very informative guide Nazim was very punctual and put a bit of comedy into which was great. He had great knowledge of the city and visited main attractions. Unfortunately due to weather were just not Able to go on boat ride. Otherwise fantastic well worth the price ☺️

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