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Far away from the crowd, noise and dynamism… Antalya Green Canyon boat trip allows you to find peace, calm your mind and soul by providing amazing scenes of the natural side of Antalya, and of course, the related information with it.

To get cleansed from the negative vibes, the tiredness, intense energy of people and the city life, you can enroll in the program and have lovely hours.

Surely, before enrolling in, you will want to learn about the details of the whole tour; thus, keep reading for further information.

What is included?

Free Hotel Transfer
Guiding Service
Swim Break

What is not included?

Personal Spendings

What to bring with you?

Sun Glasses
Comfortable Shoes

Green Canyon Boat Trip in Antalya

At the first step of our Antalya Green Canyon boat trip, we will pick you up from the hotel that you stay by our safe, modern and fully-equipped vehicle.

Then, after a comfortable ride that will last for approximately 1,5 hours, we will arrive to our first travel point: Oymapinar Dam Lake

Oymapinar Dam Lake

The fifth largest dam lake of Turkey, Oymapinar Dam Lake will be welcoming us to take photos with it.

Since the side of it is covered with various of trees, the gorgeous match of the green and the blue can be clearly seen and admired. Surely, you will be able to do them all, too.

Lake Cruise

After getting a little bit informed about the dam lake, we will move to the Green Canyon Lake, at where our lake cruise begins! Get ready to have an amazing experience at the center of the nature:

Green Canyon boat trip will provide you the chance of feeling alive, inside of a such a view that resembles an oil painting.

If you think we exaggerate, imagine the scene:

There is a clean lake which is also a habitat for various types of fishes; along the side of the lake there are wild flowers and trees, also, unique rock formations. Therefore, we highly recommend you to get your camera ready.

The Lunch

When we land, we will have a lunch to fill our stomachs with delicious dishes that are from the famous Turkish cuisine.

Besides the taste of these foods, surely, the restaurant which locates at the lake side will whet your appetite, too.

Free Time

When you refill your energy thanks to those tasty foods, you will be able to spend your free time as you want:

You can sunbath, chill, rest, swim into the lake, or have the related equipment to be able to enjoy different activities at the lake.

The restaurant provides equipment for fishing and canoeing; and you can use them to please your adventurous soul.

After the free time, we will sail again to return to the same point that we have departed; and the vehicles that will take you to your hotel will be waiting for there.

Thus, without getting tired, you will get on the vehicle and get to your hotel in Antalya.

By enrolling in this natural and peaceful daily Antalya Green Canyon boat trip, you can have an amazing day as our previous guests did:

We are sure that you will enjoy the experience. If you would like to participate other activities in Antalya, you can contact with us.
(PS: The route might change on the tour day!)

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Reviews About Antalya Green Canyon Boat Trip

5.00 based on 7 reviews
11 September 2019

We rode along the canyon on a good boat. Very similar to the Scandinavian skerries, only in a warm climate. A beautiful place, I want to go back there again. If possible, be sure to visit there. Many thanks to the Excursion Market team for this excursion.

30 April 2020

GreenCanyon is an unusual place, I have never seen anything like this before and, of course, I really liked it there. It makes me sad, for some reason I can’t attach a photo to the review, I made several gigs of amazing photos and videos. A very beautiful place.

7 May 2020

It was very good. Took some cool pictures, swimmed in a beautiful see. What else could I expect.

10 July 2020

Green Canyon is a national Turkish park with a man-made and at the same time natural monument. According to our guide, this canyon was formed thanks to the construction of a dam. However, even before the dam there were small lakes here. Therefore, now there is such a landform here. We rode on a small ship on its waters, passing huge rocks. A very interesting walk. While on the move, sometimes you don’t even know which side of the yacht to approach to take another photo 🙂 Very beautiful, I recommend.

9 August 2020

A huge reservoir somewhere high in the mountains.First, we were picked up from the hotel, in cool jeeps, with a funny driver 😂 The road took about an hour.
Then we were brought to the lake, where we boarded a ship. Beauty and beauty again! These places reminded me of a movie avatar
Goats on rocks, trees that grow out of water, rocks, greenery, etc.
We had 2 stops for swimming, before that lunch in a restaurant overlooking the canyon. The rest of the time the captain drove us along the canyon, and the guide told the story and legends. I liked everything very much!
The excursion is easy and not annoying, with awesome nature around. I advise!

11 September 2020

Fans of eco-friendly recreations should visit this canyon and swim in its green waters. Far from noise and civilization. And there are much more about this place that the guide will tell you. In general, I recommend to go, I was satisfied, thank you very much.

19 September 2020

A very beautiful trip. The Green Canyon is a completely quiet, calm place that pacifies with its nature. We rode a boat on its waters and it was one of the strongest impressions of the day. Thank you for this excursion, I liked everything very much.

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