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Enrolling in Antalya Istanbul day trip is a perfect idea to add some new and brilliant colors of your painting of Turkey travel by combining two of the most popular destinations in Turkey: Antalya and Istanbul.

With a detailed and professionally planned route from Antalya to Istanbul, you will have one of the most matchless traveling experiences; and if you wonder why you should, we can say that Istanbul is the top location that must be visited in Turkey, at least once in a lifetime.

When you are already in the boundaries of Turkey, you can ornament your day with the wealth of the cultural and historical background of Istanbul with a daily Antalya Istanbul excursion which will provide a comfortable experience.

If you are interested in the idea, you can keep reading to learn about the details of the whole program.

What is included?

Transfer from / to the hotel
Air-conditioned vehicle
Flight ticket from Antalya to Istanbul
Flight ticket from Istanbul to Antalya
English – speaking guide
Entrance tickets (Harem in Topkapi Palace excluded)

What is not included?

Personal Spendings
Bosphorus Cruise
Lunch & Dinner

What to bring with you?

For a visit in the Blue Mosque, woman need to have scarfs, covered arms and legs
Comfortable clothes and shoes, headgears, sunglasses and cream; Money to pay for additional services

Daily Istanbul Tour from Antalya

Before starting our Antalya Istanbul day trip officially, there is a preparation session to be sure about there will be no misfortune during the tour.

Thus, firstly, you should absolutely not forget to bring your passport as you can guess. Secondly, make sure that you put sun glasses, sun cream and hat in your bag to protect yourself from the sun rays, since there will be a lot of walking.

Also, depends on the weather conditions, you may want to bring extra clothes, too. And lastly, do not forget to charge the battery of your camera or phone to be able to immortalize the beauty of Istanbul.

We will pick you up from the hotel that you stay in Antalya by our fully-equipped, modern, comfortable and safe vehicle in the early hours of the morning, and we will take you to the airport.

In there, you will meet our professional tour guide. After the meeting part, you will get on the plane and depart Antalya.

Blue Mosque

After the flight and arrival to the Istanbul, the first stop of Istanbul excursion will be Blue Mosque, which is famous with its interior design that is ornamented with shades of blue, the tiles and amazing lightning.

In there, you will feel the holiness, peace and the beauty in the architecture at the same time, which will full your soul with pleasing vibes.

Thanks to our professional guide, you will be able to learn about it more during the trip.

Hippodrome and the German Fountain

At the next step of our daily Istanbul tour, we will view the Hippodrome which locates in Sultanahmet Square and has been used by Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans as an area for chariot races.

Standing still for centuries, Hippodrome reflects the mixture of the different eras and cultures inside of the same structure, which is an amazing source for ones who are interested in architecture and history.

After that, we will visit German Fountain which is sent by Wilhelm, a German emperor as a gift to a sultan, Ottoman Empire and Istanbul.

What makes it unique is surely the capacity of being permanent for centuries, and of course, its lovely design which shows the characteristics of Neo-Byzantine style. Surely, you will have detailed information from the guide.

Free Time in Sultanahmet Square

Since Sultanahmet is an unforgettable place with its architectural content and the historical texture, you may want to purchase some souvenirs which will make you remember your Istanbul day trip and the outstanding structures of Istanbul.

Therefore, we will have a break and during this time period, you can visit shops, drink or eat delicious tastes of Turkish cuisine or observe the dynamic city life and people.

Significant buildings of Istanbul – Topkapi Palace

One of the most significant buildings of Istanbul, Topkapi Palace will be the next stop after the free time that you have enjoyed.

The glamour in its architectural lines and its gigantic size which is divided into many sections that are dedicated to different purposes will leave you speechless.

While you are learning the importance of it and the details of the chosen parts from our professional guide, you will also be able to please your eyes.

Spice Bazaar

After leaving the striking atmosphere of the palace, we will go to Spice Bazaar (also known as Egyptian Bazaar) to see various kinds of spices, or to shop if you want so.

Also, the design of the place is available for admiring the architectural structure and observing the livings of the local people of Istanbul.

Bosporus Cruise 

We will have a Bosphorus Cruise which is considered as a classical event for local and foreign tourists.

By paying an extra cost, you can join the voyage over the Marmara Sea. You will find the chance for observing the most significant buildings and places in Istanbul along the Bosphorus. In total, it will last 90 minutes.

At the end of our tour, you will be taken to the airport, and you will depart from Istanbul to Antalya by a flight.
After you land, we will pick you up from the airport and take you to your hotel; and at that moment, our daily Antalya Istanbul tour will end.

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Reviews About Day Trip from Antalya to Istanbul

4.67 based on 3 reviews
11 May 2020

Like many others, Istanbul was also my dream 🙂
I booked the tour while still in Italy, after arriving at the hotel I contacted the manager from “excursiob market” and paid online.
Picked up from the hotel at about 5 am and brought to the airport. At the airport we were met by a guide, took us to the counter, gave the necessary information and a guide who would meet us in Istanbul. The flight was almost without delay, flying exactly 55 minutes.
At the airport we were met by a guide named Volkan, from the first minutes it became clear that the person loves his job very much. He is fluent in English. As it turned out later, he studied and lived in New York.
With Volkan, we visited the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, the market and took a boat ride along the Bosphorus.
I had lunch and dinner included in the price, some did not. Lunch at a restaurant, chicken barbecue, pilaf, vegetable salad and a bunch of Turkish spices 🔥
Dinner was much more interesting, we were taken to a fish restaurant on a mountain overlooking the strait 😍
After Volkan took us to the airport, said goodbye to us, and we flew safely to Antalya.
In general, I liked everything, the only thing I noticed was that a city with such a scale and history could not be explored in one day.
Thanks to the guys from “Excursion market” for the excursion and special thanks to the guide Volkan 👍

22 June 2020

It was a great day. There was a transfer from the hotel. It was 10-15 mins late. Then the tour began. Guide was good, couldn’t even catch how we came to an end. Road was comfortable.

8 July 2020

A bit tired, but of course I liked it very much. I’ve wanted to visit Istanbul a lot, as I usually did not have to leave the airport during transfers in this city. We were also a little worried about how everything would go, but everything went just fine. The transfer was on time, they weren’t late. And the guardian angel during our entire trip was our beautiful guide named Mike. Thank you so much for this walk and for our love for the city. We will definitely come back again.

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