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On the Day
08:30 – 16:00

With a full-day Antalya Jeep Safari  tour, explore the untouched natural beauties of Antalya for a whole day.

This daily excursion is dedicated to you if you are a nature lover and a traveler with an adventurous spirit; and probably, you are both of them.

If you are not, however, if you give this excursion a chance to make your day remarkable, you will be at the end of the day.

Because you will have a unique experience during on the way and at the stop points that you will remember for years. If you are ready to go, keep reading to learn about the whole program Off-Road Safari in Antalya.

Please note that all of our tours and activities include free pickup and drop off services for all participants.

As such, collecting all participants might sometimes take longer than expected causing delays regarding the start and end of our tours.

We kindly request all participants be ready for pickup and drop off by the shuttle service in the time frame specified here. 

What is included?

Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
Bus with Full A/C
Guiding Service (EN)

What is not included?

Personal Spendings
DVD And Photos

What to bring with you?

Sun Glasses
Towel and hat
Comfortable Shoes

Antalya Off-Road Safari Tour

Before enjoying this special Antalya Off-Road Safari event, you have a preparation session to have a complete fullfilment.

Firstly, since your health needs to be protected, do not forget to put your hat, sunglasses and sun cream into your bag: We will be travelling under the sun rays.

If this step is done, then, do not forget to bring your swimsuit and towel (or other equipment that you like to use while swimming) to guarantee to have fun fully.

And also, be sure that the charge of your camera and phone is full and they are ready to capture those incredible moments.

Before the Off-Road Tour

After picking you up from your hotel, we will drive to the beginning point of the daily Antalya Off-Road Safari tour.

In there, basically, the meeting session will be provided by your personal guide, and detailed information about the track, route, stops and the off-road that you will use is given by him.

Yet, before learning the details, you may want to know that basic information: The off-road is a 4×4 off-road vehicle, the capacity of it is for 4, 6 or 8 people; and the whole route is 140 kilometers.

With this amazing combination, and of course, with the ones that you love, you will have a great experience during your Antalya off-roadsafari.

Thus, let’s see what comes next.

Yumaklar Village

During the tour, we will pass by small Turkish villages and have the chance to get the traditional vibe of these humble lives.

At the altitude of 920 meters, we will stop at one of them; specifically at Yumaklar Village, and in there, you will learn about the life style, routines and information about the place. Surely, the sincerity will warm your heart while you are learning about new cultures.

If our off-road are full of fuel to move, we need ours, too! Thus, we will enjoy the dishes of a Turkish restaurant which will provide a menu for us that consists of grilled fish or chicken, salad and seasonal fruits.

If you know the fame of Turkish cuisine, you can easily guess how much you will enjoy your meal.

After this delicious break, we will be ready to hit the roads again!

The Off-Road Antalya Off-Road Safari

At the terrain of Taurus Mountain, we will drive and drive… Though valleys, rivers, forests and nature, we will be enjoying the combination of the powerful machine and powerful sights.

As a whole convoy, we will get pleased by this journey for hours.

Of course, we will take photographs as much as possible to immortalize these precious moments.

After a long time during on the way, this special break will make you feel like a brand-new person. Thus, listen the rattles of the waterfall, relax in the water and enjoy the whole view of the place.

After our time ends in Ucansu Waterfall, we will start driving to return and give back the off-roads. At the field, we will say goodbye to the instructors; and then, you will be picked by our fully-equipped car to take you to your hotel.

When you get there, you can rest and remember the matchless moments of your Antalya Off-Road Safari!

If you like the program, you can book it online; or if you have questions or Antalya other activities, you can contact us whenever you want.

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Reviews About Antalya Jeep Safari

5.00 based on 12 reviews
2 June 2019

The funniest and most informative excursion. We went with children, I liked everything very much, especially the children were fascinated 🙂
Be sure to take with you backup clothes and cash, preferably lira, the rate in dollars is very unpleasant.
The tour is very fun, the cars are mostly not new, but clean and well-groomed. Drivers are a separate topic 😂
In general, if you have a good sense of humor, you want to have fun and get a dose of adrenaline, then jeep safari is right for you 😎

8 August 2019

A small dose of extreme will not hurt anyone, I think 🙂 We bought this tour when we got tired of lying on the beach and wanted to have fun. Jeeps drove quickly, but without much dust, and they also poured water on each other 🙂

22 March 2020

We went in a big company with friends whom we met right at the hote :)))) It was cool, go, you will not regret it 🙂

6 May 2020

Fun and dirty, not without that :)) We went along the forest route, through the villages, I really liked the special observation platforms, where you can admire the landscapes and take cool photos. Everything’s cool, thanks.

17 May 2020

We went with our children, they just squealed with delight 🙂 It’s good that it was quite noisy, everyone was having fun, so our shouts of joy did not bother anyone)) Safe for children, I say from our experience. I recommend, there were only positive impressions.

24 May 2020

Among other things, it’s just fun. If you are ready to be entertained, then you will definitely enjoy this trip.

3 June 2020

I definitely recommend it. The price of the tour is cheaper than on the street and at the hotel. It was fun. The route is good, busy, wherever we have visited. Thanks!!

22 June 2020

And we rode and bought as they say) True, by the time we got to the bathing place, we were already all wet from the shootout with water pistols)))) In short, it’s a lot of fun. Thanks! ))

11 August 2020

It was a 5-star experience -so fun and exciting! If you want to see Antalya at the most exciting way, you should definitely join in this trip. And i wanna thank our driver -he was very kind and fun. The team and organization were perfect. Thanks for everything

11 October 2020

I liked everything very much! Jeeps are as good as new. The driver is soo funny, he amused us all. The views we passed by were just superb. I recommend. I give 10 stars out of 5 🙂

16 October 2020

I have never joined in a jeep safari but this, and now it’s my favorite trip! It was so fun that I actually regret that i didn’t re-joined it but i will be in Antalya next year and do it again. Everything was perfect: the crew, water fight,, places we visited and delicious turkish foods… i love every detail of this journey. If you travel as a group, you should especially give it a chance. It was fun!!

27 December 2020

I love the places we visited, the water fight, big jeeps and joyful breaks during the ride..! It was very fun, and we had lifetime experiences. It was the best Antalya tour that i had ever joined in. Thanks for everything guys, it was amazing..

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