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Antalya Land of Legends, known as Disneyland of Turkey, is full of excitement and amazement in every season with its various activities.

Especially if you travel as a family or as a group of friends, this theme park is a perfect place to spend hours in it; since the laughter gets louder when it is shared with the loved ones!

Of course, in the boundaries of The Land of Legends, there will be a lot of laughter, adrenaline, fun and thrill.

Thus, if you want to add some special activities into your Antalya holiday, you can choose to join us to enjoy hilarious hours in The Land of Legends!

All water activities are unavailable until next summer due to the end of the season.

What is included?

Transfer from / to the hotel
Air-conditioned bus
Guide services
Enterance ticket to The Land of Legends
All slides
“Typhoon Coaster”
One hour dolphin show (11:30-12:30, 15:00-16:00)
5D movie

What is not included?

Personal expenses (souvenirs, photos e.t.c.)
All beverages
Other attractions (like swimming with dolphins)

What to bring with you?

Sun Glasses
Comfortable Shoes

Get Prepared for Joyful Day with The Land of Legends

Before beginning your Land of Legends tour, you may want to learn about the things that you should know.

For example, especially if it is summertime, you should not forget to bring your hat, sun glasses and sun cream to protect yourself from the harmful sun rays.

Also, to be able to have a nice time in Aqua Park section, you should have a swimsuit and towel, too. And lastly, get your camera and adventurous soul ready to make everything unforgettable!

To start tour, we will pick you up from your hotel by our fully-equipped, modern, comfortable and safe vehicle in the pre-scheduled time, and we will drive until we get to Belek, where the park locates in. Later, you will be able to explore the sections of The Land of Legends.

Adventure Park

With its 43 attraction units, Adventure Park presents the mixture of speed, height, dizziness, excitement, goosebumps, screams and laughter to its guests; thus, you may want to start exploring this section to flame your brave heart!

Besides from its beautiful outdoor design which is ornamented by trees and colorful flowers, in Adventure Park, you will be able to view people who have fun, and also, you will be able to be one of them.

From A to Z, the thrilling points are 5th Dimension (a 5D Cinema), Air Baloon Race, Carousel, Family Coaster, Family Swing, Finger Coaster, Flying Carpet, Hurricane, Power Fall, Race Coaster, Round the

World, Sky Fighter, Sky Walker, Sweet Swing, Tagada, Trampoline, Twister, Updown Loop, Hyper Coaster, Typhoon Coaster and Rodeo.

You can choose one or many of them to experience breathtaking moments. Therefore, let the games begin!

Aqua Park

Surely, the combination of the excitement and the freshness of the water is a good option to choose, and Aqua Park section of Antalya Land of Legends creates this union to multiply the fun that will you get.

With its 8 pools and 43 slides, the place is capable of giving you unforgettable moments which will crown your summer holiday in Antalya.

The things that you can do in Aqua Park is divided into 3 options: You can swim into 8 different, thematic pool which are Activity Pool, Infinity Pool, Jacuzzi, Lazy Float, Wave Ball Pool, Wild River and Wave

Shock Pool; you can enjoy sliding on various slides such as Abyss, Challenger, Deep Dive, Family Floats, Magicone, Sea Voyager, Space Rocket, Starship, Tower Falls and Windstream; and you can join matchless events which are named as Float Rider, Mermaid Cave, Mythical Journey, Shark Seatrack, Penguin Up Close, Dolphin Encounter, Dolphin Private, Dolphin Swim and Dolphin Up-Close.

As a note here, some of these events have limited time period to join in, thus, you may want to learn about the hours first. Yet, whatever you prefer to try, you can be sure that you will never forget those minutes.

Other Options

In Antalya Land of Legends, there are shops and restaurants, too, if you are interested.

Until our departure time, you can walk in the related area and view the crowd, buy things or eat delicious dishes and drink tasty beverages in those facilities.

Especially if you get tired of the dynamic sections of The Land of Legends, it may be a good way to get some rest and regain your energy in Shopping Avenue.

Since Antalya Land of Legends closes its gates in the afternoon, that is why, we will pick you up from there by our vehicle when you exit, and take you to your hotel. After you get to your room, you can lie on your bed with a smile on your face while you are remembering the amazing moments of your tour.

To diversify the experiences of your Antalya holiday, you can book this tour online, and also, you can view other tours in Antalya that we prepare for you professionally. In any case, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Reviews About Antalya Land of Legends Tour

5.00 based on 7 reviews
22 August 2019

We were really wondering about this place. We were worried that there would be queues, disorganization and all that. Nothing like this. Thanks to the travel agency and manager who was able to make this trip for us. No overlaps, everything is well-organized. The water park is in the top five, but of course there were a lot of people.

15 May 2020

Were with two children: one 8 years old, and the other 3. For the youngest one, price was free. The transfer arrived on time, did not have to wait with the children. This is definitely a big plus. The park itself is huge, there are many different entertainments for children. Especially our whole family remembered the dolphin show. Thanks!

29 June 2020

We’ve heard a lot about this water park and now we decided to go to this so-called Turkish Disneyland 🙂 Most likely, they call it that, because this water park really has a lot of entertainment. We stayed for there days and, it seems, did not fully see everything. I liked it very much. For the price – a little expensive because of the euro exchange rate. But in terms of price-quality ratio, it is worth the money. We definitely recommend it for the trip.

5 July 2020

Were with our twins for three years :-)) Children of this age are on free of charge. Inside the park, slides and entertainment are divided by age, weight, etc. So everything was safe for the little ones. There were a lot of impressions, they didn’t want to leave. Thank you very much for organizing, highly recommend.

24 July 2020

We went with friends. I liked it very much, but of course there were a lot of people. A very popular place. Safety and order in the water park itself is at the highest level. Thanks for organizing!

5 August 2020

If you are a thrill-seeker, then you definitely need to visit Land of Legends.
In the beginning I wanted to buy from our tour operator, but in the end I’m so glad that i bought it on this site.
In the morning we were picked up at 9.30 and at about 10.00 we were already there.
A very large area, many slides and people of all nationalities.
Because there are a lot of people, sometimes there are queues. You can solve this issue with Fast Track, it is expensive but convenient.
In addition to slides and pools, we got a dolphin show. There are many cafes and restaurants on the territory, so you won’t go hungry.
As a result, not regret, a lot of entertainment, with children in general, super.

8 August 2020

In terms of price and quality ratio – clearly 5 stars. I would put 10 on the organization 🙂 I
recommend. Thanks for the trip!

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