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Thanks to Antalya Manavgat River cruise, you will be able to escape from the tiredness of the city life, and to have a peaceful time by floating over the Manavgat River which is one of the most significant natural beauties of Antalya.

Approximately for 3 hours, you will be uniting with the mixture of blue and green and enjoying the landscapes that you will see along the river.

Of course, there are more than sailing; and if you are already interested in this daily excursion, you can read the further paragraphs to learn about the details step by step.

What is included?

Manavgat Bazaar Free Time
4 Hours Boat Cruise
Free Hotel Transfer
Guiding Service
Full Insurance

What is not included?

Personal Spendings

What to bring with you?

Sun Glasses
Comfortable Shoes

Manavgat River Cruise from Antalya 

At the first step of our Manavgat River cruise, since we know that you want to have a relaxing experience, we will not tire you and therefore, in the morning, we will pick you up from the hotel that you stay.

The vehicle that we use is fully-equipped and very comfortable; thus, until we arrive to Manavgat (a district of Antalya, also where our river cruise starts) you will not have to face with bad weather conditions such as the hot weather; and the insufficiency of the design of the vehicle:

We will provide the best to guarantee an enjoyable ride for you.

River Cruise

When we arrive to the Manavgat River, we will start the main event of our Antalya Manavgat River cruise by entering the boat and sail.

It is hard to describe the things that you will see during the cruise. Yet, as a spoiler, we can say that you will need a camera, since you will want to record or capture them all!

You are right to do so: There will be amazing scenes of nature such as the turquoise water, shades of green among the trees along the riverside; also, the fish farms and boatyards which will ornament this painting-like view.

Moreover, if you are lucky enough, you will be able to see river turtles.

If you want to observe them all in a more relaxing way, you can use the spacious deck of the boat and enjoy the warmth of the sun all over your skin.

In a nutshell, for 3 hours you will please your eyes, mind and soul at once.

The Break

Only a unique place for a break could suit a landscape which looks like a piece of heaven; therefore, we will stop for a while where Manavgat River unites with the Mediterranean Sea.

At this point, you will be able to swim at the fresh waters of the place, to sunbath to stock vitamin D or get tanned and surely, to immortalize the view by a camera.

This break of river cruise will make you feel peaceful, relaxed and satisfied.

Free time in Manavgat

After we are done with greeting the nature, we will get prepared and get on the bus to get to Manavgat. Here, you will be able to shop and travel as you want for a couple hours.

As an amusing event, on Mondays and Thursdays, traditional bazaar of Manavgat takes place in there and it is a perfect point to learn how to bargain, from the masters.

If you are not interested, you can only shop to buy gifts or things that will remind you beautiful Antalya and Turkey when you return to home.

Also, by using a shuttle, you can reach to Manavgat Waterfall, one of the must-see places in Turkey, famous with its incredible view.

The End of the Cruise Tour 

After exploring Manavgat and its beauties, we will get on the vehicle which is comfortable, safe and fully-equipped, and we will take the roads to arrive to Antalya.

In the boundaries of Antalya, we will take you to your hotel and at that point, our Antalya Manavgat River cruise program will end.

Surely, if you like the program, you can book it online safely, or you can contact us to learn about it more. Also, you should remember that we provide various tours in various places that are considered as the best traveling points of Turkey.

Thus, do not wait for to join us to explore Turkey in an enjoyable and professional way!
(PS: The route might change on the tour day!)

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Reviews About Antalya Manavgat River Cruise

5.00 based on 2 reviews
24 May 2020

I really liked the boat trip along the river, as it was a calm and interesting journey. Thank you for this tour, I will definitely contact you again.

21 July 2020

At first we doubted whether to go or not, but after reading the reviews and tour description on this website, we went and believe that we did the right thing. It was a good trip. I liked the organization very much. Everything was at a high level. They took us from the hotel in the morning, about 10 o’clock. Sometimes in the reviews they write that it is better to come on our own, but I don’t think so, because in that case people only see the waterfall, but we got a whole excursion and we saw a bazaar in the city of Manavgat and even were able to bargain there :))) We also swam in the cleanest bay. The yacht is big and clean. I liked the waterfall too, everyone comes here – both tourists and locals. A popular place, I recommend it. In the evening we were taken back to the hotel.

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