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3 meals
Hotel Transfer
On the Day
06:00 – 22:00

With the Antalya Pamukkale tour, unite the power of the shades of blues: The turquoise of the pools of travertines in Pamukkale and the dark blue of Mediterranean Sea that accompanies the sea sides of Antalya.
Moreover, this tour has no shopping so we will not waste our time!

What is included?

Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
Bus with Full A/C
Guiding Service (EN)
Full Insurance
Entrance Fees to Pamukkale
Entrance Fees to Salda Lake

What is not included?

Personal expenses (souvenirs, photos e.t.c.)
All beverages
Entrance fee for Cleopatra Pool

What to bring with you?

Sun Glasses
Comfortable Shoes

How do we start our tour from Antalya to Pamukkale?

In a day, you will see natural and various beauties of Turkey. To learn the detailed program, you can keep reading; at the end of the article, you will be surely convinced.

After driving for approximately 165 kilometers, we will arrive to Denizli, which contains the “cotton castle” in its boundaries, which waits for us; yet, before that, we will have a nice lunch that prepared with fresh and tasty foods.

Hierapolis is the one of the most important ancient city in Turkey

At the peak of Pamukkale, there is ancient city of Hierapolis, also known as “Holy City”.

It is claimed that the city has been standing still since 2nd century BCE; yet, the main characteristics are of it are from New Roman era.

After the conquered by Byzantine, it has become significant as being one of the haj centers of Christianity; because Saint Philip has been murdered here.

Therefore, you will able to breath in the dust of history and walk among the ancient ruins, theatres, streets, paths, columns, altars and caves.

Pamukkale Cotton Castle

In our dynamic “from Antalya to Pamukkale tour”, after finishing our trip in Hierapolis, we will start to walk along the mountain, which involves in famous travertines of Pamukkale.

The white, unique structure of the mountain comes from the combination of natural thermal water that flows inside of it, strong weather conditions and some chemical reactions.

You will enjoy the whole path bare foot, walking into the puddles and overflowing thermal water.

On our way, you should take photographs as many as possible, and also, you can benefit from the healthy white mud inside of the travertines.

Cleopatra’s Pool

By paying for an extra fee, you can have the chance for swimming into the ancient pool which have occurred naturally after an earthquake and flood of the thermal water.

The name of the pool, Cleopatra, comes from an ancient story: It is claimed that Cleopatra has come there and swim to get healthier and more beautiful.

Salda Lake

It is hard to say goodbye, especially to a beauty such as Pamukkale; yet, we will get to Salda Lake, another wonder of nature.

In Burdur district of Denizli, one of the cleanest lakes of Turkey will welcome us. And there, you will have 1 free hour to spend as you want to.

After traveling that much, we deserve eating delicious dishes and refill our energy; thus, will have a dinner in Denizli.

We will end our “tour from Antalya to Pamukkale”, after our dinner in Denizli; and we will take the road to return to Antalya.

In Antalya, we will drop you to your hotel and you will be able to remember lovely moments of today while resting.

If you like the content of our daily Antalya Pamukkale excursion, you can book it online and join us in our next trips!

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