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There is no other tour like the Rafting Zipline and ATV Tour, which invites you to experience an unforgettable day rafting down the famed Koprulu Canyon River.

This perfect tour has three parts: rafting on the Koprucay River, ATV Safari and zipline! So you’ll never get bored of it! (Available from Antalya, Side, Belek, Kemer and Alanya.)

Now it’s time to learn more!

(Pregnant women and children under the age of 4 are not permitted to attend.)

What is included?

Free Hotel Transfer
Rafting Session

What is not included?

Any personal expenses
Photo and Video

What to bring with you?

Tank top (worn under the life jacket)
Waterproof (rubber) shoes
Swimsuit, Towel
Sunglasses, Hat
Dry clothes
Sun cream

Amazing Rafting Zipline and ATV Tour Starts

To begin our journey, Rafting, Zipline and ATV Tour, we will pick you up from your hotel in our well-equipped, attractive, and safe vehicle. Once you’ve been picked up, we’ll drive to the first stop on the tour.

We’ll arrive to the field after passing through some beautiful scenery and charming tiny settlements.

ATV Safari

Members of the working team will greet you kindly when we get on the field. They will next provide information and have a conversation about safety. After that, you’ll take a test drive. The trip will begin after this small check!

On the planned path, the ATV convoy will leave the area and head into the forest.

There’s a lot of flora, plants, and pleasant fragrances. Riding an ATV is a lot of fun! It’ll take an hour roughly.


We’ll transport you to a river where you can go whitewater rafting.

Professional crew will next greet you with a kind manner and begin to outline the activities that will follow. After mastering the basics, you’ll get in the boats and start rafting in Koprucay.

After the rafting session, the experience will come to an end. In your spare time, you can go swimming. Also you can eat gozleme and drink tea by paying extra fee.

Total route: 14 km.
Total time: Approx. 2 hours.

Afterwards, we’ll take the next part.


Above a canyon, a spectacular flying session… Gliding safely and comfortably through the greenery… Taking in the breathtaking views…

What are your thoughts?

The zipline will begin, and you will feel the excitement! Soar like an eagle and feel the wind!

We’ll take you to your lodgings when the whole Rafting, Zipline and ATV Tour session is over. Book the trip and have fun!

Shortly, this program is an amazing! The only thing you should do is to book this program online or contact us for further information!

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Reviews About Full Day 3 in 1 Adventure – White Water Rafting + Quad + Zipline

5.00 based on 16 reviews
7 March 2022

I liked everything, a cool trip on quadrics for those who are already tired of the monotonous rest. You can go once or twice.

10 March 2022

Tour for the whole day, there were a lot of people and we competed with other boats :)) Ours had an experienced instructor (or should he be called the captain?), who made us laugh all the way :))) Definitely recommend!

26 March 2022

I bought this tour because I wanted to try rafting at least once and because the price is cheaper than in a hotel. There is a shuttle, there were two stops for swimming and one for food. Who is also a beginner, do not be afraid, it’s cool.

4 April 2022

We rested in Antalya, in the Konyaalti region. We wanted to try rafting, but the price we were offered at the hotel seemed unreasonably expensive. Therefore, by googling, we found this site and decided to buy a tour here. And they didn’t fail. The price was cheaper, and the organization was on top. A transfer from the hotel was organized, and in the evening back to the hotel. This program takes a whole day. We rafted down the river, made two stops, during which we rested and ate. At the end we visited the Koprulu National Park. I advise everyone who will buy this tour to take some water, comfortable shoes, and a sealed phone case with them. Rafting should be in comfortable clothes, because you will be wearing a life jacket. But most importantly, do not forget to bring a good mood with you!

6 April 2022

Before that, I had no experience in driving an ATV. I don’t even have a driver’s license :)) But when buying a tour on this site, they explained to me that a license is not needed. Moreover, the impression was made that it is even easier to manage an ATV than, for example, a bicycle – due to its stability. Therefore, I decided to write a review for those who, like me, doubt whether to buy this tour.
I liked the organization of the tour: everything was perfect. For example, there are instructors at the beginning and at the end of the column, so no one gets lost or left behind. Everyone was driving at about the same speed along the road, surrounded by beautiful Turkish nature. We went around the trees, climbed the hills, and at the end of our route a surprise awaited us: we saw a beautiful mountain river and were able to refresh ourselves there.

11 May 2022

No special knowledge or experience is required to drive an ATV. Before the start of the trip, the instructor-guide showed us how to drive, where to steer, what to press. Everything is extremely simple. Then we passed something mini test, showed that we can handle the equipment and after that our journey began. There is no extreme. We got to the river and then back. I liked the tour. Thanks for the organization.

13 May 2022

My husband and I booked one ATV for two. We taxied in turn :)) It was a lot of fun, not scary and absolutely safe. Recommended.

16 May 2022

Don’t forget to take a dry change of clothes with you because you will get wet from head to toe 🙂 Dry clothes will be waiting for you on the bus you came on. Rafting is not difficult, on the contrary it was fun. I recommend.

21 May 2022

I liked it, I recommend it. I don’t know how to write reviews, I just wanted to say that these guys work well, to note this. Friends and I bought more sea fishing from them and were also satisfied. I put 5 stars.

25 April 2023

we weren’t sure about going on this tour because we thought it would be too much for a single day but it turned out to be great and it was exactly what we needed during our stay in turkey. beaches and swimming was really nice but we needed some sightseeing combined with action and this was really nice. all of the personnel was very professional and we felt completely safe during all of this exciting tour. my partner and I were taught everything we needed to enjoy the stuff like rafting because we never did it before so we didnt feel like strangers with other people who has done these things before. thank you for making our holiday great!!!

7 May 2023

I was just scrolling through the excursions on the website and this one caught my attention. i wanted to try new things and this was really nice. the transfer was comfortable and everyone I talked to was very polite. I had some difficulty riding the atv but the staff gave me some tips and it was very fun after i followed their instructions. rest of the tour went very smoothly too because they made sure everything went smoothly and I didnt have to worry about anything. the staff was so polite that I instantly felt like we were just friends hanging out together. perfect experience overall i give this 10 out of 10

11 May 2023

we came to antalya to have fun and had done all of the sea related tours. this was the only one that was different from rest of the tours and it was a great opportunity to see some unique places in antalya. me and my friends suggest this tour if you needd something diffrent from the usual stuff. we are currently on a tour around a few countries and we did similar tours in other countries but this was the best one we have done. the hospitality and professionalism of the staff really made this tour a lot better than it already is. dont hesitate going on this tour if you need something exciting

25 May 2023

I had to convince my friends to take this tour and in the end they all thanked me for finding this tour with excursionmarket. they thought this tour would be a drag but it ended up being really fun. we never thought about doing this kind of tour because we thought you had to be a professional for things like rafting and none of us had ever rode a quad bike before. we are very glad we dedicated a day to this tour because we just kept laughing and having fun during all of the activites. we recommend this tour if you are looking for something different during your vacation

25 May 2023

my husband wanted me to find something unique and i found this tour. I personally didnt think i would enjoy this but seeing how much my husband had fun really made my day. i am more of a sunbathing person but this tour made me enjoy a different experience. my husband cant stop talking about how much fun he had with the rafting and quad ride now. i definitely recommend this if you need to spice up your day

1 June 2023

i had an extra day to spend here and decided to give this one a chance after getting in touch with excursionmarket. i didnt really think about it before booking and i just felt like doing something random, something i didnt do before. this was really fun overall. you get to see a lot of different places you normally wouldnt see and also get to do fun stuff in these places. i had really nice customer service during the whole tour and they really helped with all of my questions. thank you.

5 June 2023

thank you excursion market for this really nice tour. I needed something I could do by myself and this was very fitting for me. I just wanted to do something different and this was really nice. I was kinda worried about being alone on this tour but the rafting part of this tour was a really fun group experience. I made some friends during the tour and we kept having fun for the rest of the tour. the zipline was especially breath taking and exciting. I recommend this if you are an thrill seeker. this tour involves activites that are very different from each other and it felt like three days fit into one. recommend this 100%

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