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Enrolling in Antalya Salda Lake and Lavender Gardens tour is the best way to spend hours in the most relaxing way if you are in Antalya.

Basically, it provides the combination of the natural beauty and delicate scents of an amazing flora in the same day, and it will definitely make your eyes, soul and mind peaceful. Also, we are not wasting time on the way, because there is no shopping!

Therefore, the only thing you should do will be to enjoy it as possible and take wonderful shots which will be good examples of a qualified landscape photography. Even if you are not a professional, the scenes in the tour will turn you into an artist: Get ready to be inspired!

What is included?

Free Hotel Transfer ( Both Ways)
Professional Guiding
Full Insurance
Entrance Fees

What is not included?

Professional Photos And Videos
Personal Spendings
Food & Drinks

What to bring with you?

Sun Glasses
Comfortable Shoes

Get Prepared for Antalya Salda Lake Tour

Before starting our daily Antalya Salda Lake and Lavender Gardens tour, there are some preparation steps to be completed to have a better experience.

First of all, to protect yourself from the harmful sun rays, make sure that you have a hat, sun cream and sunglasses with you. Also, depends on the season for sure, you should bring your swimsuit, towel or extra clothes.

Addition to them, get your camera ready to snap lovely shots of the Mother Nature and its ornaments, or else you will regret later! Thus, if everything -your eyes and nose, too- is ready, we can start the program.

Salda Lake and Lavender Gardens tour will begin when we pick you up from the hotel that you stay by our fully-equipped, modern, comfortable and safe vehicle in the morning, at the pre-scheduled hour.

In this bus, our professional tour guide will welcome you and during our way, he will give information about the tour and the related places.

Thus, we will drive until we arrive to our first travel point of tour, the Salda Lake.

Salda Lake

From Antalya to Salda Lake, there is approximately 2-and-a-half-hour distance, since Salda Lake locates in Burdur, which is not in the boundaries of Antalya.

Thus, after a while, we will end our informative and entertaining ride and get off the bus to be able to view “Maldives of Turkey”, Salda Lake.

What will strike you at the first sight will be the mixture of the turquoise water and the white sands, probably. How cannot it be? This image simply is one of the wonders of natural beauties of Turkey.

It is also peaceful and calming, since it is well-protected area, especially from the cars, noise and pollution.

Thus, you will not be able to get enough of it. By the way, if you swim into its full-of-mineral waters and walk around the lakeside, you will have unforgettable moments.

After spending some time near the lake, our excursion will continue with a delicious lunch in a local restaurant.

The meal will reflect the tastiness of Turkish cuisine, and it will provide the energy we need to spend in the next stop of our tour.

Kuyucak Village

In every year and season, Kuyucak Village is an attraction point of Turkey, and it is visited by thousands of people who adores the nature.

As being one of them, we will get to there as a next step of our Antalya Salda Lake tour.

The village is famous for its lavender gardens; therefore, we will be enjoying the amazing scene which is full of the shades of purple, and the delightful scents that wanders around.

In there, feel free to take a walk on the streets of the village, to visit the lavender fields and to shop from the shops which sell lavender products.

In any case, you will be full of positivity thanks to the view, also relaxed and happy.

Sadly, we will have to end our Antalya Salda Lake and Lavender Gardens tour after spending some time in Kuyucak Village.

Then, we will get on the bus which completely provides the service that you need, and we will take you to your hotel in Antalya.
The ride will be fun thanks to our guide.

When we drop you, though, our daily Salda Lake and Lavender Gardens tour will end, and we will say goodbye to each other.

Surely, we can get together again if you like your travel experience.

We prepare various tours which include in Antalya and other provinces; and different time periods. If you are interested in, you can contact us whenever you want.

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