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Hotel Transfer
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Enrolling in an activity-based tour such as Antalya swim with dolphins tour will crown your lovely holiday in Antalya.

To learn why, simply imagine yourself in an environment full of dolphins, one of the cutest sea animals of the world; the laughter and cheerful faces! You will be full of positivity at the end of the day surely.

Especially if you travel with your children, you may prefer to join the program to make your children meet animals by getting connected to them; this will improve the lovely bond between them and animals.

Of course, as an adult, it will be the same for you, too. You will feel the connection which will make you happy.

Therefore, let’s learn the details of the activity if you are interested.

What is included?

Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
Swimming Session
Full Insurance
Entrance Fee

What is not included?

Professional Photos And Videos
Personal Spendings
Food & Drinks

What to bring with you?

Sun Glasses
Comfortable Shoes

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PLEASE NOTE: It is not allowed to take photo while anybody is swimming with dolphins. If you want to watch them, you will be charged as 20 Euro per person. 

Are you ready for swimming with dolphins?

Before enjoying this lovely event, you should prepare your pack. For example, please do not forget to bring your hat, sun glasses and sun cream to get protected from the harmful sun rays.

Yet, you cannot apply the cream before swimming.

Also, people who are pregnant, under the influence of alcohol (in there), and children under 7 years old cannot swim with dolphins. (Children under 7 can only swim if their family permits and if they stay with their family.)

However, if you are not any of them, you can experience this awesome event as much as you want!

We will pick you up from your hotel at the pre-scheduled hour by our fully-equipped, comfortable and modern vehicle to start our Antalya swim with dolphins event.

After for a while on the road, when we get to Dolphins Land Park, your journey will officially start and incredible moments will be waiting for you.

During the Swimming with Dolphins

Antalya swim with dolphins event begins when the show ends. The participants such as you will divide into small groups, and then, one by one, everyone will have this precious chance to get interact with dolphins and swim with them.

Into the pool, you will feel the spiritual connection between you and your sweet companion, the dolphin, and will fill full of love. Probably, you will not want it to end.

By the way, there will be professional photography service and the photographer will be snapping amazing shots of you. Before leaving the park, you can purchase them to immortalize these moments.

Unfortunately, when the times up, you will have to say goodbye to the dolphins and we will pick you up by our comfortable vehicle afterwards, to take you to your hotel.

When we get there, our Antalya swim with dolphins tour will end, and you will be able to get some rest or plan new activities in Antalya for the rest of your day.

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Reviews About Antalya Swim with Dolphins

5.00 based on 3 reviews
30 April 2022

I attended with my wife and children, it was very enjoyable, my children loved it!!!! If you have any doubts, you should join without hesitation. Everyone should have this experience.

27 May 2022

At first I was very scared but dolphins are really human beings I didn’t know they are so soft the trainers encouraged me thank you for making this activity possible

1 June 2022

We swam with my baby, we got beautiful photos, it was a very good experience, at first I thought it was too expensive but it was worth every penny thank you for making our holiday better

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