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Antalya Turkish Bath is an opportunity to experience a relaxing Turkish tradition which has deep roots that come from the ancient times, such as from Romans. From then to the current time, this tradition has succeeded to stand still; and of course, it is because of the fact that it is capable of getting people relaxed, cleaned, relieved and even cured. Thanks to its special techniques and the magical hands of the professional staff, ones who have tried it out wants to have it regularly. If you are in Antalya, for instance, you can be one of them by enrolling in daily Turkish Bath session; yet, be careful not to get addicted to it!

What is included?

Free Hotel Transfer
Scrub Massage
Foam Massage
Oil Full Body Massage(20 minutes)
Tea, Water

What is not included?

Personal expenses
All beverages
Additional services

What to bring with you?


Turkish Bath in Antalya

Before enrolling in the Turkish Bath in Antalya, please consider the fact that the hot temperatures inside of the Turkish Bath may affect you if you have a health issue; thus, you may want to ask your doctor’s advice first.

Secondly, even if it is a general advice, try to get hydrated your body before and after the program, by drinking water. And lastly, do not forget to put your swimsuit and camera in your bag for experiencing the activity to the fullest.

When you are ready, we will pick you up from your hotel by our comfortable and modern car at the pre-scheduled time, and we will drive for a short time to arrive to the center of Antalya, in where our “Hammam” locates in. After dropping you in there, the professional staff will take care of you and start your Antalya Turkish Bath program.

The Turkish Bath

Welcome to the authentic, luxurious and “hot” interior of the hammam, this is the place where everything begins, and will last for 2 hours!

If you are stranger to the concept, you should know that there are different sections to complete the whole experience.

For example, the warm-air room, the hot-air room, the cooler rooms and changing rooms can be counted; and all of them reflects the orientalism with the decoration to please your eyes. Feel free to feel the ancient and traditional vibes which are mixed with modernity!

The Sauna

To start your Turkish Bath session, you will wear linen body cloth and enter the sauna, and sweat as much as possible, which will be not that hard when the heat of the room is considered.

It is around 40 and 50 °C. Basically, this step is made for preparing your body by enlarging the pores, softening your skin and easing the peeling.

In this marble room, you can wash your body with bathing alcoves and hot or cold water.

When the time is up, you will enter to a “less-hot” room to get scrubbed by the professional staff, by using an exfoliating mitt.

This will make your body get relieved, since you will get rid of a lot of dead skin. Also, it is very beneficial to improve your blood circulation.

The Foam Massage

One of the loveliest moments, you will be washed by the staff in the next step; moreover, you will be inside of a group of soap foam.

In company with the nice scents and a massage, you will feel that you are getting relieved more and more in every minute.

Thus, enjoy this part and do not hesitate to play with the foams if you want.

Aromatherapy Oil Massage

Surely, for ending the session strikingly, the best part comes before it:

The aromatherapy oil massage. In this part, the professional masseur will massage all over your body by using natural oils which smell and feel so good that you will feel like a brand-new person during the session.

For 25 minutes, get ready to return to your babyhood: You will have a fresher body, soul and mind!

Light as a piece of cotton, you will be ready to end your Antalya Turkish Bath experience (even if you do not want to do), and that is why, we will pick you up again by our fully-equipped car and take you to your hotel.

As a recommendation, have a deep sleep when you get to your room to multiply the joy of the day.

To sum up, if you are interested in this daily program which will help you to get rid of the stress for a while, you can book it online.

For gathering more information about this or other tour programs, you can always contact us.

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Reviews About Antalya Turkish Bath

5.00 based on 17 reviews
26 July 2020

I was in the hamam for the first time. Authentic place, everything is very decent. Liked it, I recommend it.

2 September 2020

Reasonable prices and excellent service – that’s what made our desicion on our trip to this hamam from other trips that we had before. We all really liked it, thank you very much.

18 October 2021

Geweldig. Op tijd opgehaald. Voor het eerst in hamam, maar heerlijke ervaring. Ga ik zeker nog eens doen. Kleinschalig en heel vriendelijk personeel.

20 June 2022

Was a lovely experience and my therapist was very sweet. Best massage I’ve ever had thank you. My husband loved it too . he is first time he’s had a hamam. Great value for money too!

28 July 2022

We booked this for the first day of our honeymoon,
The driver collected us from our hotel, after booking online via the website we received confirmation via email and the driver arrived on time.
was immaculately clean, the staff were very professional and friendly.
The massages were amazing, we’ve felt great afterwards, very relaxed.
It was the perfect way to start our honeymoon.
Thank you very much. We will be back.

24 August 2022

The staff was excellent. We had a Turkish bath, with scrub, followed by a massage. I highly recommend it. If my travels takes me to Turkey again. I will definitely enjoy Turkish bath again. Thank you excursion market

7 September 2022

Everything was perfect. The massage was amazing, best massage I’ve ever had. Turkish bath was fun and by skin felt lovely after exfoliation and the the massage. Would have gone again if I had a chance before coming back home to uk. Definitely recommend

5 October 2022

We have been to several Turkish baths but this was one of the best and we will definitely visit again. We were very relaxed, can’t wait to go again

6 November 2022

Best massage ever! Very relaxing and clean. Great treatments. Highly recommended. I Had a fantastic experience. Thanks.

19 November 2022

Totally loved my first ever Turkish bath and would definitely recommend the staff are really friendly and professional

17 January 2023

Great relaxing massage before flight home. Staff very professional and pleasant. Would recommend! Thank you Excursion Market ❤️

6 February 2023

A really upmarket place all very clean and nice. The experience was great as it was my first Turkish bath and massage. Would highly recommend.

22 February 2023

We went to the Turkish bath experience with my 60 years old mother, we enjoyed it very much. Everything inside is neat and clean. Quite professional, soap massage was great. I would definitely recommend

11 March 2023

Brilliant from start to finish loved every minute felt totally relaxed and full of vigour when completed well done to the team who work there had a before sun one and then an after sun at end of holiday fantastic visit

17 March 2023

The whole place is clean and calming. an hours full body massage it was incredible. Will definitely be going back whilst I’m here.

2 April 2023

A great way to start your vacation. The service is great from start to finish. The staff are very friendly, laugh a lot in the Turkish bath and then spend some relaxing time in the massage rooms. I have purchased this tour 4 times and have never been disappointed.

9 April 2023

it’s an incredible value for the price. we received a truly unique and unforgettable experience that left us feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and refreshed. Additionally, the staff is incredibly friendly, knowledgeable, and dedicated to ensuring that our experience is nothing short of perfect. thank you excursionmarket will definetly book with you again

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