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One of the most beautiful things to do in Turkey is a diving tour. Amazing adventure under the water, our Belek Diving Tour offers you unforgettable hours!

Regardless of being professional diver or totally inexperienced one, diving in Belek will leave you with:

  • golden memories,
  • amazing feelings,
  • and delightful sceneries!

And you will love every second of this journey.
If you don’t’ know Mediterranean Sea is one of the best diving seas in the world, you are about to learn it now. Warm and slow currents make the sea ideal for diving and habitat for various plants and animals; and as a lucky tourist, you have a chance of embracing all of them.
Get ready to dive into the depths and explore unique dimensions…

What is included?

Free Hotel Transfer
Diving Equipments
Training Service
Full Insurance
2 Dives

What is not included?

Personal Spendings
DVD And Photos

What to bring with you?

Sun Glasses
Comfortable Shoes

Everyone Can Dive with Our Belek Diving Tour Program

As we mentioned above, Belek Diving Tour is suitable for everyone who are healthy and can meet required safety procedures determined by professionals. In other words, you don’t need any type of license or even experience.

As soon as you get used to your equipment, which is included in the price, we will sail to a nearby diving point.

No worries: Our instructors will always be there for you!

If you are experienced, however, and have a certificate such as PADI, CMAS or DAN, you can enjoy more challenging diving sessions with our experienced divers.

In any case, our journey will begin at our dive center, where we will evaluate your diving ability.

The diving sessions last about 25-30 minutes. And during breaks, you can swim, and sunbathe on the boat.

A delicious lunch will also be arranged for you. Before these parts, of course, we’ll teach everything you should know.

Equipment and Training Part

The diving center is suitable for every level of divers.

If this is your first dive, we will teach you the basics so you can practice diving within a special area.

If you have dived before and are look for more exciting adventures, we will take you to the depths. These places will be worth-seeing and exploring!

Considering yourself as a professional diver? Well then, there is a chance of exploring some of the local caves, underwater canyons, or visiting incredible creatures of marine life. Our expert diving team will be there for you, showing you amazing things and making sure you end this exhilarating experience with perfect memories.

And since all our equipment is qualified and all of our diving instructors are certified professionals, you will be safe no matter which level you have.

So, don’t feel any anxiety and get relaxed to enjoy the blue sea freely!

Best Diving Experience in Belek with a Delightful Route

Our Belek Diving Tour is the best with its rich content and you’ll never regret for joining us!

First of all, we’ll start the day by taking you from your hotel to the port of Kemer.

You’ll love the boat that was designed to please both your eyes and body, providing you with a sense of security too. Then, we will start sailing along the coast.

Since our diving spots are located close to each other, we’ll not spend more than 40 minutes in the boat.

Diving spots we will visit will be worth-seeing: A wide-range of variety of fishes, reefs, underwater caves and rocks await you on the route. Actually, the entire area is very popular with its marine life. Even on a typical dive, you will see hundreds of different colorful tropical fish.

The area is also home to sea turtles, rays, and even dolphins. Unique corals and various marine plants are also found in abundance under these waters.

Thus, we strongly recommend you to open your eyes widely and get your camera ready!

In short, diving in Belek with us will put you in a magical underwater world and it is true value of money! If you agree so, book this trip online easily or contact us for further information!

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Reviews About Scuba Diving Tour from Belek

5.00 based on 1 review
16 June 2020

I am a certified diver, this is my hobby and I try to dive whenever possible. This time I was in Belek and bought a diving tour on this site. Everything is very clearly organized. As elsewhere, there are two dives offered – according to the rules. The equipment is provided, everything is reliable. I recommend.

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