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Our 5-star Belek Pirate Ship Boat Trip, one of the best boat trips along entire Belek coasts, will meet all of your expectations of a lovely summer vacation!

During this full day program, an exciting adventure on the surface of Mediterranean Sea, fun shows and delightful wonders of nature await you!

Moreover, you’ll be in a grand pirate ship that is decorated with superb materials which will make you feel as if you are a real pirate!

Don’t miss the chance of having a fantastic day during which you can sunbathe, swim and snorkel in crystal-clean waters and spend your spare time with beloved ones at the best way!

What is included?

Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
Guiding Service
Full Insurance

What is not included?

Personal Spendings

What to bring with you?

Sun Glasses
Comfortable Shoes

Amazing Route of Belek Pirate Ship Boat Trip Crowned with Phaselis Bay

Just like our boat, the route of Belek Pirate Ship Boat Trip is perfect: We will take you to incredible bays and shores where baby blue waters mix to pure sandy or rocky lines. But one stop among all deserves the attention: World-wide famous Phaselis Bay…

In the morning, after picking you up from your hotel and taking to the harbor, our unique pirate ship will leave Kemer harbor. Then, we’ll start sailing to Phaselis Bay, observing stunning views and enjoying perfect landscapes surrounding our grand boat.

Even this part of the voyage will make you feel excited and inspired: To turn this inspiration into something good, you can take artistic photos of the surroundings.

We bet you’ll have amazing photos at the end!

Phaselis Bay: Where Nature’s Blessings and History Meet Perfectly

Upon arrival in Phaselis, we will anchor so that you can swim in its phenomenal swimming spots surrounded by beautiful bays, and explore its cultural heritage.

If your priority is swimming, we’d like to tell that you’ll be in one of the best swimming spots of Antalya, which bays are always both calm and beautiful.

Families with kids especially appreciate this lovely place due to having shallow shores that make possible to swim for little children, too.

So, as a whole family, you can swim and enjoy the waters as much as you want!

Inhale the Ancient Worlds’ Scent

Ones who are fond of their intellect and cultural accumulation are advised to visit the Ancient City of Phaselis.

If you are one of them, before or after swimming in Phaselis Bay’s pure waters, you can buy a ticket and visit this monumental port city which dates back to 693 BC.

In the ancient city, you can visit the aqueduct, which is a fine example of ancient Roman architecture.

There are also Roman baths and the remains of an old theater that is quite worth-visiting.

According to the archeologists and historians, this city was once a major trade center and had 3 separate ports for transporting goods all around the world.

It actually played a very important role in Turkish history and deserves all of your attention. In other words, you definitely should visit this ancient city and exhale its historical scent in.

Delightful Lunch on the Deck

In Phaselis Bay, you will be treated by a delicious Turkish lunch, which is included in the tour price. While eating the dishes on your plate, you’ll understand why Turkish cuisine is globally famous!

Moreover, you’ll gain the energy back which you need to keep enjoying this dynamic boat trip.

After the lunch, our ship will sail again.

Perfect Pirate Ship Sailing Along in a Perfect Sea

Since the host, amazing pirate ship of our Belek Pirate Ship Boat Trip, is one of the best ones in the coast, you’ll enjoy every moment you have in there.

You can sit or lie down on your sunbed and enjoy the sea breeze touching all over your face, and sun’s warmth and waves’ white foams decorating the sea view.

All the scenes you’ll see during the voyage will be worth-taking-photos.

In such a perfect sea, while enjoying the view, we’ll sail to the other stop called Mehmet Ali Buku. This stop is another swimming point with calm waters both suitable for swimming and snorkeling.

We bet you’ll love there, especially if you take snorkeling equipment: The life under the surface of Mediterranean has a fascinating atmosphere.

Moreover, due to the weak currents, and vastness of this underwater life, you’ll always find something catching your attention, and observe it perfectly!

In short, the places that we’ll visit are magnificent both in and out!

Cruise to Alaca Bay Where Pirates Love

We love diversity in swimming stops since we think pirates that we host on our deck love exploring the sea and bays.

So, we’d like to take them to the best places that decorate the sea and coasts of Belek during Belek Pirate Ship Boat Trip.

As being one of those pirates, get ready to explore another natural wonder which will leave you speechless!

Alaca Bay, where green and blue colors harmoniously coexist, is somewhere you will adore, because it is full of amazing sceneries, crystal-clear waters and captivating atmosphere.

It’ll give you the peace that you want and need, and ultimate relaxation. Thus, we recommend you to close your eyes, listen to the birds’ tweets, waves’ rattles and breeze’s whistle.

Of course, while doing these, don’t forget to dive into refreshing waters!

Journey in a Pirate Ship with Us

After completing our route of Belek Pirate Ship Boat Trip, we’ll get back to the harbor and say goodbye to you, proudly knowing you’ve just ended the best cruise of your life which is held in an amazing pirate ship!

Then, we’ll pick you up again and take you to your hotel back. When you get to your room, you’ll have enough time to get some rest, check the photos and videos of the day and miss us!

To sum up, if you like the content of Belek Pirate Ship Boat Trip, you can book it online easily or contact us for further information!

You’ll never regret your decision, since we have the best crew whose members are professionals and very friendly: See yourself!

You can take a look at Belek home page for more tour options in Belek.

(PS: The route might change on the tour day!)

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Reviews About Pirate Ship Boat Trip from Belek

5.00 based on 2 reviews
21 July 2020

Tired of happiness, surfing, swimming, walking on the sand, so I decided not to get bored and try the pirate life, fun, to powerlessness by the end of the day, and how nice it is to run again in silence on the sand in the morning.

23 July 2020

about the pirate word, it is only the design :)) Well, we are not pirates :)) Seriously, I really liked this trip. All day we rode along the bays, swam in the clear sea, saw the ancient city of Phaselis. I love history very much, so visiting Phaselis was extremely interesting for me. In the old days Phaselis was a large port city, it was interesting to see what remains of the city today.
The travel agency organized a transfer, lunch and there was also a English guide. I recommend to visit.

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