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Our amazing Belek Submarine Tour is what you exactly need to explore the marine life in a vast and comfortable submarine if you want to add some unique experiences to your vacation.

You will be in a total comfort and still able to observe the depths of sea. What kind of tour can provide you with that chance?

If you are already excited, let us give you about this activity more information in the following paragraphs.

What is included?

Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
Safety Briefing
Full Insurance

What is not included?

Personal Spendings

What to bring with you?
Comfortable Shoes

Beginning of Belek Submarine Tour

To make a perfect start for Belek Submarine Tour, we will pick you up from your hotel in Belek by our fully-equipped and modern vehicles.

Then, we will take a road trip to the harbor from which our submarine boat will depart.

When we get to there, you will be welcomed warmly by the professional and friendly staff of the organization.


Next, you will get on the submarine boat called NEMO. Then, the thrilling journey under the surface will begin!

NEMO Submarine Boat’s Amazing Design

Before talking about the dive, we would like to give information about the interior design of NEMO Submarine Boat.

We bet you love it!

NEMO is a product of high-tech. As a result, it has perfect equipment to set the pressure.

Also, its sizes are perfect for moving in it comfortably. And the best thing is In the boat, there is a restaurant from which you can buy foods and drinks.

In a nutshell, this ride to depths will be perfect.

The Dive

We will head to Sıçan Adası (translated as the Mice Island) in which the diving spot is accessible.

Before diving, you will learn about the safety procedures, things to do and not to do during the dive and rules in general.

When you and our crew is ready to go, we will dive into the deep blue waters.

Approximately for 2 hours, you will be in the sea. You will be able to look out of windows and see how fast the fishes and other sea animals move.

You will also see sea plants and corals, too, if you are lucky enough! Thus, don’t forget to take amazing photos!

When the time is up, we will get to the surface and sail back to the port.

End of Belek Submarine Tour

To end Belek Submarine Tour perfectly, we will pick you up from the port.

Then, we will drop you off to your hotel in Belek. And our amazing program will end successfully!

If you like the content, contact us and book it!

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