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Thanks to our amazing Belek Turkish Bath program, you will cleanse your body and soul, have a deep cleaning, get rid of the dead layers of your body and most importantly, feel relaxed and lightened!

During this cultural and traditional excursion, you will feel like a brand-new person with vivid cells and improved blood circulation, too. In other words, you will be healthier!

Now, if you wonder how it can be possible, we would like to introduce our beauty and health provider, Belek Hammam tour!

What is included?

Visit to the salt room
Visit to the sauna and steam room
Peeling with Kese (specially gloves)
Full body foam massage
Full body oil massage (30 min)
Transfer from / to the hotel

What is not included?

Personal expenses
All beverages
Additional services

What to bring with you?


Beginning of Belek Turkish Bath Program

Firstly, to begin our Belek Turkish Bath program, we will pick you up from your hotel in Belek at the pre-arranged hour.

Then, we will take a short and comfortable road trip to the 5-star Hammam facility.

In there, professional crew of the facility will welcome you warmly and lead you to the entrance.

Then, you will follow their instructions and get ready for the first part.


To prepare your body, you will first have some time in a hot-air room which resembles a sauna.

You will sit there and relax for a while until your body gets soften and pores on your skin enlarge.

This session is necessary  to have the most efficiency from the following parts!

When the time is up, you will leave sauna and enter a marble room.

Foam Massage & “Kese”

In the marble room, you will lie down on your belly, on a heated marble rock block.

Then, a professional staff will come there and start rubbing your body with a mitten.

This part is called “kese”; it is a traditional thing and made to help getting rid of dead layers of your body.

Also, it improves the blood circulation. In other words, it helps you defeating cellulites from your body and have a more elastic and shining skin.

Under the foams, you will relaxed and feel younger!

Oil Massage

Next, the best part will come: The oil massage…

After cleaning your body, you will get ready for the joy of relaxing.

Again, professional staff will be there for you to provide you with an amazing massage.

During this session, natural oils and special massage techniques will be used to make an ultimate relaxation for you.

Thus, lie down and enjoy the treat!

The End of Hammam Session

When the every part of Belek Turkish Bath session ends, you will wear your clothes again and we will pick you up from the facility.

Then, we will take you to your hotel and the relaxing journey will be over!

If you like the content, contact us and book the program!

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