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By enrolling in our Bodrum Dolphin Show, you will be able to diversify your holiday in Bodrum with a matchless joy and happiness, thanks to the pleasure of watching the beautiful performance of the dolphins.

As an individual, as a couple, as a group of friends or as a family, you are invited for an endless fun; and since the laughter gets higher when it is shared, we highly recommend you to bring the ones that you love to multiply the warm emotions!

If you are already interested, you should keep reading for learning the details of the program.

What is included?

Dolphin Show
Full Insurance
Entrance Fee

What is not included?

Food & Drinks
Hotel Transfer
Other Personal Spendings
Swimming With The Dolphins

What to bring with you?


Dolphin Park in Bodrum

Since we do not want you to forget to bring the things that you may need and want before coming to the facility, in this section, we will remind you some of the items that you should consider.

Firstly, before meeting us, we recommend you to wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

And secondly, you should definitely bring your camera with you.

To start our program of Bodrum Dolphin Show, we will pick you and your belongings up from the hotel that you stay in Bodrum at the pre-arranged hour.

Then we will drive until we get to the aquarium in where the performance will take place.

The Facility

After arriving to the facility, you will be welcomed warmly by the professional and licensed guide of the facility who will provide information about the sections of the aquarium and the mammals that you will have a chance to observe.

Interesting facts about the dolphins and sea lions, the routines of their care and the details about the show will also be given during the guided tour of Bodrum Dolphin Show.

The Show

The most exciting part will begin when you take a seat like the other participants and the dolphins come out.

For 1-hour duration, you will be able to observe their impressive talents such as jumping through the hoops, playing with the colorful balls and twisting their bodies to dance; therefore, you can already guess the amount of the fun that you will have!

As a result, in this part, we suggest you to prepare your camera for taking photos as much as possible to immortalize those unique scenes of the pure cuteness and intelligence.

During the afternoon, Bodrum Dolphin Show will end; then, we will pick you up from the exit of the facility by our vehicle to take you to your hotel back.

After arriving there, our tour will end; yet, you can plan new things with us for the further dates!

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