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Bodrum Ephesus Pamukkale tour is a 2-day content-rich tour program from Bodrum to Ephesus and Pamukkale; and it is a perfect option for the travelers who like to explore the cultural and historical background of the places that they go, since there are many things to learn in Ephesus and Pamukkale.

By considering the fact that both of these names are on the list of World Heritages, made by UNESCO, you can guess the significance of them for the world history.

Thus, to be able to expand your mind by gaining knowledge about the mythology and the ancient civilizations while observing the unarguable beauty of the places that we will visit, you should join us for 2 days.

In the next paragraphs, you will find the detailed program which will convince you completely.

What is included?

Ephesus & Pamukkale Entrance Fees
Second Day Breakfast
Hotel Accomodation (Located in Pamukkale)
Free Hotel Transfer
First Day Lunch
First Day Dinner
Guiding Service
Full Insurance

What is not included?

House of Virgin Mary Entrance Fee
Cleopatra’s Pool Entrance Fee
Personal Expenditure
First Day Breakfast
Second Day Lunch

What to bring with you?

Swimming Costumes
Sun Cream
Sun Glasses
Comfortable Clothing
Comfortable Shoes
Overnight Bag

Ephesus and Pamukkale Tour from Bodrum 

After a perfect preparation session, there will be no misfortune during the entire tour time; thus, you should keep the following items in your mind.

Firstly, you must bring your passport with you.

Secondly, you should put your hat, sun cream, sunglasses, swimsuit, towel, camera, extra clothes, some snacks and a bottle of water in your bag.

Thirdly, since the tour has a lot of walking, it is not suitable for the guests with walking difficulties.

And lastly, before coming, you should wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

To start our Bodrum Ephesus Pamukkale tour, we will pick you up from your hotel in Bodrum by our fully-equipped, comfortable and modern tour bus in the morning.

When you get on it, you will meet our licensed and professional guide who will provide information about the places that you will see in the extent of the tour.

A Break

After a while on the roads, we will have a break in a local restaurant that is settled near the Bafa Lake, for a delicious, open buffet breakfast.

You either can order from the restaurant or eating the foods that you have brought with you. Then, we will leave the place with our full stomachs and energy bars.

The Turkish Delight Factory

As soon as we arrive to Selcuk, a district of Izmir in where Ephesus locates, too, we will visit a famous Turkish Delight factory.

In there, not only different types of delights with various flavors, but also, traditional Turkish desserts will be.

You will able to watch how the delights are made and taste some of them. Also, before leaving, you can purchase to sweeten your memories.

The Remains of Artemis Temple

Again, in Selcuk, we will head to the Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Built in 6th century BC, the temple has been dedicated to the goddess of moon, hunt, virginity (and more) Artemis.

While learning about Artemis and the story of the temple thanks to our guide, you will be able to view and photograph of the remains of the temple.

Then, we will leave the place to visit one of the main travelling points of Bodrum Ephesus Pamukkale tour.

The Ancient City of Ephesus

One of the most outstanding stops of the Ephesus Pamukkale tour, the ancient city of Ephesus will be the next place that we will visit.

In there, you will get amazed when you recognize that the place is very large, and well-protected up to this current time.

The streets, columns, marbles, gates, altars, temples, basilicas and more of Ephesus hide the mysteries of the ancient souls in that matchless texture; and while observing their white beauty, you will have a chance for learning their significance through the history, thanks to our guide.

More specifically, the impressive parts of Ephesus such as Library of Celsus, the grand theatre, the Temple of Hadrian will be waiting for you to explore them.

House of Virgin Mary

After leaving the ancient site, we will head to the next stop of our Bodrum Ephesus Pamukkale tour:

House of Virgin Mary. Made of cut-rocks, as its name signifies, the place has hosted the life of Mary; more precisely, the last days of her life, according to the claims.

By learning the story of Mary and the house, you will expand your cultural accumulation; then, we will take the roads again to get some rest.

The Lunch & The Hotel

After leaving Selcuk completely, we will have a lunch break in a local restaurant.

Then, we will get to the hotel that we will stay which locates in Pamukkale (in Denizli province) after a couple of hours on the roads. When we arrive to the hotel, you will be able get some rest or explore around after a appetizing dinner in the hotel.

Next day, we will enjoy a tasty buffet breakfast that is provided by the hotel. Then, we will leave that sympatric facility to feast our eyes with the white beauty of Pamukkale.


Means “Cotton Castle”, Pamukkale will welcome all of us with its entire uniqueness.

Through thousands of years, it has been shaped by the chemical reactions and the thermal waters, and then, has become one of the world heritages.

Thus, we will enjoy the Pamukkale from beginning to end.

For 4 hours, we will walk on the Pamukkale mountain which is covered with travertines and terraces and thermal waters; we will explore the ancient city of Hierapolis which locates at the peak of the mountain and full of the marks of Romans and Byzantines; and we will be able to diving into the hot waters of Cleopatra Pool (with an extra fee).

Briefly, some of the main things to do in Turkey will be completed in that 4-hour period.

During the whole time, our tour guide will be providing information about the places to you.

We will leave the last stop of Bodrum Ephesus Pamukkale tour behind, and have a lunch break.

After pleasing our eyes and mouth with the help of the tasty dishes of the Turkish cuisine, we will depart from Pamukkale to Bodrum.

The End

Nearly 4,5 hours later (some short breaks will be given, for sure) on the roads, we will arrive to Bodrum; and we will take you to your hotel. Then, our Ephesus Pamukkale tour will come to an end successfully.

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