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Bodrum Parasailing

Bodrum Parasailing is one of the most searched activity by the tourists who will spend their time in lovely Bodrum, and also, who loves exciting activities which present a real adrenaline boost!

Since Bodrum Parasailing offers the chance of observing and admiring the beauty of Bodrum from the sky, it perfectly combines what people seek.

If you are one of them and want to ornament your vacation in Bodrum with a thrilling adventure, we would like to introduce parasailing in Bodrum which is less “frightening” than parachuting or paragliding, yet, as fun as they are.

If you want to learn more about it and feel excited, you can keep reading to get the details: we will share everything you need to know. Then, you will get even more ready to fly at the end of this article!

What is included?

Parasailing for single, double or triple
Life jackets and safety equipment

What is not included?

Individual Spending
From/to hotel transfer service

What to bring with you?

Sun Cream
Sun Glasses
Comfortable Clothing
Comfortable Shoes

Get Prepared for Bodrum Parasailing

Before mentioning about how this exciting journey (yes, Bodrum Parasailing) will be like, we would like to share some information about the things you should consider before booking and how to prepare your bag perfectly.

  • Firstly, this activity is not suitable for ones with acrophobia (fear or phobia of heights) and children under 12 years old of age. Also, if you are pregnant or have a health-related issue, you should not join in this activity.
  • Secondly, you should be aware of the fact that it can be used up to 3 people at the same time; yet, the total weight must be under the limit.
  • And lastly, before coming to Gumbet Beach, in which the event will begin, you should put your swimsuit, towel, hat, sunglasses and sun cream.

Before the Tour

At the beginning of Bodrum Parasailing, you will learn about the process and wear the required equipment with the help of the professional instructors of the event. Then, as a solo adventurer, a couple or a group of 3 people, you will sit on the spot which is connected with a parachute. When you are ready, the speed boat to which the parachute is attached will start moving on the surface of the sea and you will start arising.

During Bodrum Parasailing

When you start arising and reach to a certain meter of height, the fun will begin! Simply, you will be floating at the sky and observing the beauty of the twisty shores, turquoise waters, dynamic crowd and amazing lands of Bodrum.

Also, fresh air will be your company and breathing in it will help reduce your stress (if you have) and enjoy parasailing in Bodrum even more!

The hybrid of green and blue, floating at the sky fearlessly, feeling the warmth of the sun all over your skin and filling your soul up with adrenaline will truly make your holiday in Bodrum precious and unforgettable.

Also, you can benefit from the professional photography service which will immortalize all of the things you see and do during Bodrum Parasailing. By paying for this exclusive service, you will be able to prove your bravery!

To sum up, Bodrum Parasailing will be a breathtaking even for you and your beloved ones.

If you want to experience this amazing activity, we will help you: you can easily book it online as well other Bodrum excursions we arrange. Also, you can contact us 7/24.

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