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Signing up for our Bosphorus Cruise in Istanbul is the way to observe the uniqueness of Istanbul, which makes it one of the most preferred “conquest points” in Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman eras: The matchless geographical location of Istanbul…

Yes, it was the result of being a link between two continents, Asia and Europe.

In order to describe this voyage shortly and truly, we can simply say that during 2,5 hours on the surface of Marmara Sea, you will be observing the delicate bridge between two continents of the world.

And this all-natural bridge, Istanbul, is a shelter to historical and cultural background of Turkey; that is why, you will be observing many of the significant buildings in it.

Before giving more details about the advantages of our “Bosphorus tour Istanbul” and the entire program, we highly suggest you to get your camera ready to capture many photos: Because you will not be able to stop taking photos of the amazing shores of Istanbul!

What is included?

Hotel pick-up and drop-off services from centrally located hotels by A/C transportations
English Speaking Professional Guide

What is not included?

Personal Spendings

The Advantages of Bosphorus Cruise in Istanbul

Imagine that you are in Istanbul and ready explore the unforgettable, authentic vibes and energy of this cultural center of Turkey.

Where would you start?

-In Istanbul, there are so many places, buildings and streets to see that even spending weeks will not be enough to explore there completely.

Yet, in a couple of hours, you can see the outstanding parts of it; moreover, from the sea! And this is even not the half of all the advantages that Istanbul cruise has…

Especially if you have a limited time and you do not waste your time in the traffic to get to some visit points, you can come aboard and have a seat.

Then, for 2,5 hours on the turquoise waters, you will have a chance to observe the historical buildings that rise above the ground with their entire glamour!

Thus, we can say that you will utilize your time very effectively if you join in Bosphorus Cruise in Istanbul.

Since the trip will be in the sea, you will have a chance to get rid of the crowd, cars, uproar and noise of Istanbul. By breathing the fresh and iodic air, you will have an exclusive trip!

If you think you will have a chance only to observe, we would like to surprise you: You will also listen and learn, since we have a professional and licensed English-speaking guide!

All the buildings and structures you will see while the boat is passing by them have a story to tell and our guide will be their voices!

You will not have to deal with the transportation to the harbor from which our boat will depart: We will pick you up from your hotel by our modern, comfortable and fully-equipped vehicles and get to the harbor!

The Program of Bosphorus Boat Cruise

Now, let us give you the names of the significant places that you will have a chance to observe during our relaxing, fun, entertaining and informative Istanbul Bosphorus boat trip.

If you want, you can “Google” them and get impressed already, even before joining us!

We will move along the European side of Istanbul and see:

Galata Tower (the medieval stone tower with a panoramic Istanbul view)

Dolmabahce Palace (one of the most glamorous palaces in the world which was a residence for Ottoman sultans)

Çırağan Palace (was built by Sultan Abdulaziz in 1867 as a palace, and it is the 14th most expensive hotel in the world today)

Ortaköy Mosque (is also known as Grand Imperial Mosque of Sultan Abdülmecid, has a perfect location and architecture)

and the Fortress of Rumelihisari (is located at the narrowest point of Bosphorus with its striking structure)

Along the Asian side of Istanbul, we will see:

Kucuksu Palace (is a delightful example of neo-baroque style of architectural art)

Anatolian Fortress (Anadoluhisari) (was constructed in 14th century)

Kuleli Military High School (the oldest military school in Turkey)

Also, during our enjoyable Bosphorus Cruise in Istanbul, you will be able to see the cornerstones of the Turkish architecture such as:

Beylerbeyi Palace (the residence of Ottoman sultans which they used in summer)

Maiden’s Tower (is also known as Tower of Leandros, this tower is on a little islet and full of amazing stories)

In a nutshell, to please your eyes, and expand your cultural accumulation by learning new and impressive facts about Istanbul and its amazing gifts that stand along the beautiful Bosphorus, you should be one of our guests!

Especially if you have a limited time in Istanbul, this tour is the most suitable one among all Istanbul excursions and Istanbul boat tours we arrange. To get more information about any of them, you can contact us 7/24; we will gladly help you.

(PS: The route might change on the tour day!)

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