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Istanbul, a city spanning two continents, is known for its rich history, vibrant culture and stunning architectural marvels. The Bosphorus and Golden Horn Boat Tour with Audio Guide stands is one of the best ways to discover this charming city.

This tour offers tourists the opportunity to see, for a small fee, some of Istanbul’s most iconic sights, including the Golden Horn, Galata Tower, Dolmabahce Palace and more. With a handy audio guide available in multiple languages, this 2-hour tour promises an unforgettable journey through Istanbul’s breathtaking waterways.

What is included?

Walk along the Bosphorus (approximately 2 hours)
Audio Guide

What is not included?

Personal expenses

What to bring with you?

Comfortable shoes
Warm clothing
Money for personal expenses

Visited places:

  • Golden Horn
  • Galata Tower
  • Dolmabahce Palace
  • Ortakoy
  • Bosphorus Bridge
  • Rumeli Hisari
  • Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge
  • Anatolian Fortress
  • Beylerbeyi Palace
  • Maiden’s Tower


The collection point is located near Sultanahmet Square. Our managers will provide you with exact the location! When placing an order, in the “Note” section, indicate the time slot you have chosen: 12:00, 15:30 or 18:30.

Golden Horn: Historic Waterway

Once the ship sets sail, the tour begins with a cruise on the Golden Horn, a natural harbor that has played a pivotal role in Istanbul’s colorful history. Admire the picturesque scenery of the ancient waterway with its bustling activity, charming waterfronts, and beautiful Ottoman-era architecture.

Galata Tower: Istanbul from Above

The boat then approaches the famous Galata Tower, a medieval stone tower that offers panoramic views of Istanbul’s vast cityscape. Gaze at the city’s rooftops, minarets and domes from this spectacular vantage point, gaining a unique look at the city’s magical skyline.

Dolmabahce Palace: Luxury on the Waterfront

Further along the route, the boat passes the majestic Dolmabahce Palace, an architectural masterpiece displaying the luxury of the Ottoman era. This magnificent waterfront palace, with its grandeur and European influence, will leave you in awe as you glide past its impressive façade.

Ortakoy: Quirky and Charming Neighborhood

As the boat approaches the Ortakoy area, prepare to be enchanted by its unique charm and vibrant atmosphere. Explore the busy streets lined with cafes, boutiques and the stunning Ortakoy Mosque, a true gem of Ottoman Baroque architecture.

Bosphorus Bridge: A Modern Miracle

Take a look at the marvel of engineering – the Bosphorus Bridge, an iconic landmark that connects Europe and Asia. Capture the moment your boat passes under this suspension bridge, symbolizing Istanbul’s unique geographic location and cultural confluence.

Rumeli Hisari: A Fortress Frozen in Time

Continue your journey along the Bosphorus as the boat passes Rumeli Hisari, an impressive fortress full of history. Understand its strategic importance and admire its well-preserved walls, providing a glimpse into Istanbul’s past and the battles that once took place here.

Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge: A Bridge Between Continents

During the tour, the boat passes under the imposing Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, another testament to Istanbul’s ability to connect Europe and Asia. With a symbolic meaning, it adds another exciting moment to this unforgettable experience.

Anatolian Fortress: Guardian of Istanbul

Perched on a hill overlooking the Bosphorus, the ancient Anatolian Fortress stands proudly guarding the waters of Istanbul. Appreciate the formidable walls of the fortress and enjoy panoramic views of the city as the boat glides past this historic gem.

Beylerbeyi Palace: Royal Residence

Beylerbeyi Palace, surrounded by lush gardens, provides a glimpse into the luxurious life of the Ottoman sultans. Pass by this architectural masterpiece, known for its intricate decorations and exquisite interiors, and imagine the days when it was a favorite haunt of the Ottoman elite.

Maiden’s Tower: Mythical Wonder

The tour ends with a visit to the charming Maiden Tower, the symbol of Istanbul. Legend has it that once a princess was imprisoned here, hence the intriguing name. Admire the tower’s unique structure and fascinating stories as the boat sails around its enchanting presence.

Bosphorus and Golden Horn Boat Tour with Audio Guide is a truly exciting way to get to know Istanbul. Within 2 hours, visitors can see the stunning sights of the city, including the Golden Horn, Galata Tower, Dolmabahce Palace and many more. Equipped with an audio guide, tourists can immerse themselves in the history and tales of these iconic landmarks. Whether you are a history enthusiast, architecture lover or just looking for a unique adventure, this boat trip promises to leave you in awe of the amazing beauty and heritage of Istanbul.

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