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    1. Stop: Goreme Panorama
    2. Stop: Derinkuyu Underground City
    3. Stop: Ihlara Valley
    4. Stop: Lunch in Belisirma Village
    5. Stop: Star Wars Panorama
    6. Stop: Selimiye Monastery
    7. Stop: Pigeon Valley
    8. Stop: Onyx Demonstration

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    Green Tour in Cappadocia

    The Highlights of Green Tour

    Cappadocia Green Tour gives you a chance to explore the deepest underground city of Cappadocia, Derinkuyu and lets you enjoy the beauty of the less visited areas like the beautiful Ihlara Valley in Cappacodia and the Selime Monastery which is the largest rock-cut monastery with a church.

    One of the most wonderful highlights of Green Tour in Cappadocia is Goreme Panorama, a magnificent landscape formed out of solidified lava streams, stone and ashes from the Neocene period.

    The Underground City of Derinkuyu

    The Underground City of Derinkuyu features all the common amenities you would find in other underground complexes including stables, wine, oil presses, refectories, chapels, storage rooms and cellars. It is believed that the underground city was used in the past by local people as a natural deep freeze and later by the Romans as a shelter to protect themselves against Arabian invasions.

    Ihlara Valley

    Ihlara Valley is formed as a result of the volcanic actions of Mount Hasan located beside it. Several eruptions followed which led to the formation of an 80-meter deep canyon. The 14 km long valley is honeycombed with rock-cut dwellings and churches from the ancient times. You can find hundreds of antic churches caved inside the volcanic rocks in the Ihlara Valley.  Belisirma is a restaurant located next to the Melendiz Stream and serves delicious Turkish food varieties. You can have a memorable lunch here.

    Selime Monastery – The Monastic Life of Cappadocia

    Yaprakhisar is another unique place where you can see the finest examples of conical fairy chimneys. The place is similar to the film set of Star Wars, it is called tar Wars Movie Set’. Selime Monastery is another film-set like the place. At first glance, the monastery appears like a castle but as you see the churches, shelters, chapels, storages, bedrooms and big cathedrals, you realize that it is a monastery. Here, you can find a great deal of information about the monastic life of Cappadocia.

    The Pigeon Valley

    As you enter the Pigeon Valley, you meet pigeons right on the top. Pigeons are very important to the people of Cappadocia and thousands of houses have been carved into the rock in the valley. You can explore the conical formations that resulted from volcanic eruptions which took place millions of years back.

    Onyx Demonstration

    Cappadocia has onyx mines with the highest quality onyx that you can enjoy at the Onyx Demonstration. Beautiful jewellery items, chess sets, vases and other artefacts and decorative pieces are crafted by local artisans. Here, at the demonstration, you can watch they cut the hard stone, shape and polish it. You also see a variety of attractive onyx items.

    You can also buy valuable, traditional items like stone, silver and gold jewellery, meerschaum pipes and hand-made copperware. Turkish woven silver bands and Hittite-style jewellery are some of the local specialities you can consider. The prices are amazingly cheap.

    This Green Tour in Cappadocia gives you a chance to explore some of the most beautiful natural formations in the world. Enjoy your favourite activities like trekking in Ihlara Valley in Cappadocia or study and explore the rocks formed out of volcanoes on this Cappadocia Green Tour that is sure to leave you stunned with its beauty.

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