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Cappadocia Turkish Bath, one of the most popular options among the things to do in Cappadocia, has the capacity of relaxing your body, mind and soul at the same time.

As all significant old empires, from Ancient Greeks to Ottomans, have adopted this type of traditional bath culture for getting cleaned, healed and eased; and you can see why by enrolling in our Turkish Hammam session.

Besides from being relaxing, Turkish Bath will provide numerous benefits to you such as a clear and young skin, more efficient blood circulation, healthy level of blood pressure, reduction of breathing problems and strong immune system.

It can also be called “the health from the steam”.

Thus, this chance should not be missed when you have it. Especially, if you have an exhausting Cappadocia tour and your body is aching because of hiking, walking, wandering around or climbing all the day; let the pain go away thanks to theTurkish Bath program.

What is included?

Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
Scrub Massage
Foam Massage
Oil Massage

What is not included?

Other Massages
Personal Spendings

What to bring with you?

Money for personal expenses

The Beginning of the Cappadocia Turkish Bath Session

First of all, before the exact start of your Cappadocia Turkish Bath session, we will pick you up from the hotel you stay, and drop you to the Hammam.

The interior design of this place is very luxurious and authentic; and it resembles the glamour in Ottoman style of decoration. Thus, you will probably feel yourself as a sultan.

And also, the place is carved from a giant piece of rock; therefore, you will be enjoying such a unique Turkish bath in Cappadocia, combining the outstanding features of Cappadocia and traditional Turkish culture.

In the sauna room which is full of steam, you will sit and sweat as much as possible to get your body ready the main part of the session.

This part will end when the pores on your skin enlarge enough, and you will enter the section in where the main part of your Turkish bath experience will begin.

During the Turkish Hammam Session

At the next step in your Cappadocia Turkish Bath session, you will enter a room which have a warm stone at the center.

You will lie down on this stone at the prone position, and when you are ready, the professional staff of the Turkish Bath will start pouring hot water on your back.

While doing that, he/she will also be scrubbing every inch of you for a deep cleaning.

Imagine this as an extensive body peeling:

You will get rid of the top of your skin layer which is dirty; and also, your cell turnover will speed up.

It means that you will have a smoother and brighter skin; and surely, you will feel as light as cotton after this part.

Then, the second step comes: The foam massage.

Inside of a mass of foam, you will get more cleaner with the companion of amazing scents.

After the foam massage, you will get an aromatherapy oil massage, which will be probably the best part of the session.

Professional masseuse will take care of your body; with natural oils, you will be massaged.

With the healing touch of the masseuse, your body and mind will be relieved. Also, your skin will get soften.

The End of  Hammam Session

After you release the aches, stress, tiredness and negative energy, you will get dressed in the related section of the Hammam, and leave the place.

A vehicle will be waiting for you to pick you up and bring you to the hotel.

When you arrive and lie down on your bed you will feel how much good you feel thanks to Cappadocia Turkish Bath session.

To sum up, to feel as a brand-new person, enroll in the related program and enjoy the outcome.

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