A holiday is no holiday without travelling to one of your dream destinations. I mean, this is the only time of the year when everyone takes a break from work and school to be with their families, friends and to have fun. So why not take advantage of the few days left and make the best out of them by travelling to the first capital of Ottoman? We are talking about taking an excursion to the renowned Green Bursa city from Istanbul.

To get to Bursa, you can take a ferryboat at Istanbul which takes approximately 1h and 45 minutes. Thanks to the fast ferry boats via Yalova, you get the chance to have a view of the magnificent countryside. From Yalova, you will then be driven to Bursa where you will have a chance to taste the famous iskender kebap or rather the Kebap of Alexander the Great for lunch.

Once you are in Bursa, there are numerous options to explore and fun things to do whether you are alone, with you family or your better half. Whether it’s shopping, hiking, enjoying the culture of the locals or visiting historic sights, and land marks, Green Bursa has them all. You only have to choose what you like. How cool is that?

If you love adventure for instance, you can take a teleferik (cable car) all the way up to Uludağ, the legendary Mount Olympus and see what awaits you there. It’s fast enough and convenient as well, as it will save you more time to explore other plces in Bursa. Chances such as these are rare and it’s only best to make use of them you know. Uludağ is perfect for skiing, hiking and other sports activities both during winter and summer. It’s also enriched with flora and fauna thus making it a beautiful national park.

But just in case the teleferik does not operate due to foul weather or long queues, you can as well drive to the 600 years old Inkaya plane tree and take a coffee break on the way to Uludağ.

For history and religion matters, you can pay a visit to the Ulucami (Grand Mosque) or the Green Mosque and learn a few things. The Grande Mosque is the largest in the city and is also a major landmark of early Ottoman architecture. The Green Mosque on the other hand is more famous for its adornments than its architecture and was one of the most important structures during the Ottoman period. The Green mausoleum is also a beautiful sight portraying Ottoman timber work and you could also climb up using a marble stair.

Now for you that love shopping, the old Silk Market in the Covered Bazaar will suit your needs. You can shop for high quality silk garments and scarves at fair prices.

And after a long day full of exciting and memorable experiences, you will be offered transport in the evening back to Istanbul, then to your hotel.

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