Daily Ephesus Tour from Istanbul

Early in the morning, we take a flight to Izmir. Alternatively, you can take a night before bus to Kuşadası. Our destination will be the great city of Ephesus. Ephesus is an ancient city that dates back to the times when the Bible was being written. Its richness in history makes it one of the most visited cities in Turkey. It’s also one of the seven churches that Apostle John addresses in the book of Revelation.

This Greco-Roman city has seen the rise and fall of several civilizations and the architecture found here best describes what the Greco-Roman period was like. You will get the chance to visit the Marble Street which got its name from the fact that it was decorated with magnificent marble slabs. The street runs from Celsus library all the way to Artemision.

We will also visit Odeon which is an ancient building in Ephesus dating back to the 2nd century AD. It’s a semicircular theater where political meetings and concerts were held on feast days. We will then visit the council house (Bouleterion) which was an assembly house for legislature in the old days. From here, we will visit Hadrian and Serapis temples. The temple of Hadrian was dedicated to Emperor Hadrian while the Serapis temple was dedicated to an Egyptian god, Serapis.

We will also visit Agora before going to the Library of Celsius. This library is one of the most beautiful things you will see in Ephesus and was constructed in 117 AD. The tomb of Julius Celsus Polemaenus who was Asia Minor’s Roman governor is also found here. We then visit the Great theater of Ephesus and it’s in this theater that Saint Paul was judged.

The famous Double church or Church of Mary is also found in this great city. It is believed that one side of the aisle was dedicated to Virgin Mary while the other was for John the apostle hence the name ‘Double Church’. We will also see the Arcadian Way which was the main street during the Roman era named after Emperor Arcadius. In the old times, Ephesus city had three main entrance gates and the Gate of Magnesia was one of them and you will see it.

Before having our lunch at Selçuk, we will visit Mount Solmissos where we will see the House of Virgin Mary. After lunch, we will visit Isabey Mosque which happens to be the oldest of its kind. This mosque is a perfect demonstration of Seljuk Turkish architecture. It was constructed in 1374 by a Syrian architecture.

And before we call it a day, you will have the opportunity to visit the Temple of Artemis. Also known as the Artemison, this temple is not only large but also among the Seven Wonders of the World. It’s also a magnificent structure that was destroyed and rebuild severally using the remains of other older temples. In ancient times, the temple served as a place of worship by the Greeks to their goddess, Artemis.

From there, you will be free to take a flight back to Istanbul or a night bus.

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